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Lies of the Heart 19 April 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 19 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode shows Samrat looking at Shaurya talking rudely with his tauji. Samrat locks Shaurya in room his punishment. Tauji takes the opportunity and tells Shaurya that Samrat has never been locked in room and would understand only When he himself will be locked in room.

In morning Samrat tells Urmi to prepare his breakfast fast as he has to go for extremely important meeting and can’t be late. Urmi goes down and Shaurya locks Samrat in bathroom.

Samrat keeps banging door but downstairs every one thinks it’s Mandira doing mischief.

Sam is still bath room and no one opens the door…Urmi hears the noise and goes up to see whats the prob…urmi asks is the noise coming from sam room…

Tauji winks at shaurya……urmi says it sam voice……mom says why is sam shouting this way…urmi opnes the door and sam comes running out..he asks who locked the door…..

He points towdrs urmi did she lock….she says why will i lock u…little one says i lockdd the door…..al make fun of sam…sam says to urmj did u teach the small one…urmi says why do u ask me this…tauji says u wld have done to give punishmnt to sam……

Mom says how can u do this and teach that kiddo all this…..kanchan says no, sam u taught sharuya so he will learn frm you..mom scolds kanchan…..sam asks urmi to get out…sam says to all people get out let me get ready to go… tauji laughs at urmi and gies off…

Lies of the Heart 19 April 2020 Update on Zee World

At urmi home..mom tells dadi gaurav is nt interested in marriage..why compel him…dadi says lets get him married to some anpad..mom says no i cant agree..dadi says let us sit…..mon says to dadi make sure u dont get a wrong girl..

Tauji meets urmi at hall..says i enjoyed sam being struck… later mom istigates samrat dad against tauji…(jobless mom..)…

Tauji makes urmi understand the reality….he gives a rose to urmi at the end and leaves…mom comes and talks to sam dad…dad talks abt urmi .mom says dont talk abt her do bigg…dad says what enemity u have with her…


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