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Our Daily Manna Today 31 August 2021 ODM Devotional – The Suez Blockage! Satan You Are A Liar!

Our Daily Manna Today 31 August 2021 ODM Devotional – I Am An Eagle And Not A Grasshopper!
Our Daily Manna 31 August 2021 ODM Devotional Message By Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe

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TOPIC: The Suez Blockage! Satan You Are A Liar!

BASIC SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 8:1-10

Our Daily Manna Today 31 August 2021 ODM Devotional Message:

The world woke up in late March 2021, to hear that the popular and very important SUEZ CANAL through which about 10%-20% of the world’s goods are transported, was blocked by a 400 meter-long SHIP (and as high as the EIFFEL TOWER in Paris). The SUEZ CANAL was completed in 1869, as the fastest and shortest route between the East and West.

The importance of the canal stems first and foremost from its location; it is the only place that directly connects the waters of Europe with the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the countries of the Asia-Pacific.

Without the Suez, shipments traveling between those parts of the world would have to traverse the entire continent of Africa, adding hefty costs and substantially extending their journey times. A solution to that problem appeared elusive for centuries, until the precious 120-mile SUEZ waterway (canal) was constructed to run through Egypt and into the Red Sea. It was built over the course of a decade in the mid- 19th century — a feat only possible because the Mediterranean and Red Sea were found to be roughly level in altitude.

Don’t forget that more than 80% of global trade by volume is moved by sea, and any disruption could add billions of dollars to supply chain costs. Crude oil prices jumped up, tankers and container ships were backed up and suppliers of everything from oil, food, to televisions, etc, were contemplating sending their cargo around the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa), potentially adding a week to shipping times, as well as significant extra costs (delay of goods and services)! Wow!

Thank God that blockade ended within 10 days and the huge ship named “EVER GIVEN” floated again after much international effort, but the Holy Ghost is reminding you that just as this ship mistakenly (caused by human error) blocked the route of survival for billions of souls in the world, Satan can also set up mechanisms that can also BLOCK A FLOW OF YOUR GOODNESS AND MERCY (GOD-SENT BLESSINGS) to your address (your life)!

Satan is a bad SAILOR and he is a BLOCKER! He blocked the heavenly connection between DANIEL and HEAVEN for 21 days! He is a DELAY MANUFACTURER! He is a specialist in SLOWING YOU DOWN! But Isaiah 8: 1 says: “Then the Lord said to me, ‘Take for yourself a large tablet and write on it in ordinary letters: Swift is the booty, speedy is the prey.”

2 Kings 9:20 says: “The watchman reported, ‘He came even to them, and he did not return; and the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi, for he drives furiously.” This is talking about THE SPEED OF JEHU (DIVINE SPEED)! Satan is in trouble! Oh!

See again Isaiah 8: 3 – “And I went unto the prophetess; and she conceived, and bare a son. Then said Jehovah unto me, ‘Call his name Maher-shalal-hash-baz.” Maher-shalal-hash-baz means SPEED!That shall be your story! Pray now!

Use today’s devotional to declare to him: ENOUGH IS IS ENOUGH; EVERY BLOCKADE MUST END! Pray seriously now!

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1. Take any song of worship as led.
2. In your own words, pray about today’s word as you are led now.
3. I refuse to be DELAYED or BLOCKED! Satan, hear the word of the LORD: Maher-shalal-hash-baz shall be the name of my destiny; I shall bring forth swiftly because the eagle anointing is on me! I shall run and not be weary.
5. Pray about today seriously as led now.

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Our Daily Manna Today 31 August 2021 ODM Devotional Message. Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe (author of ODM) is a dynamic man of God with strong prophetic, healing, preaching and teaching ministries. Since he met the Lord and got born again on February 3rd 1976, as a student at the prestigious government college Ughelli, Delta State of Nigeria, he has been preaching the word in Creeks, Villages and Cities with signs following.

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