3 May 2022 Morning and Evening Prayer Today


3 May 2022 Morning and Evening Prayer Today
3 May 2022 Morning and Evening Prayer Today

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. Ephesians 6:18, NLT

Below are Prayers for 3 May 2022 Morning and Evening Prayer Today

See Morning Prayer:

We bow at Your feet, O God, this morning to ask of You the help we shall need for our day. We cannot tell what we shall meet, what burdens may be laid upon us, through what conflicts we may have to pass.

But You know all that this day holds for us. Your eye sees every step of its path. Like little children, therefore, we put our hands in Yours, asking that You will lead us in the way in which we should go.

We wish it to be a day that shall honor You. We desire to live sweetly, patiently, and unselfishly. But in ourselves, we shall not be able to live up to our own ideals — to do the things we want to do. We cast our weakness on Your strength, asking You for the help we shall need at every step.

We desire that this shall be a day of usefulness. We would do all our tasks well, leaving nothing undone that we ought to do. Help us to be honest, true, skillful, alert, and to do all things faithfully; not for human eyes — but for Your eye. We desire also to be helpful to others during this day.

Give us much of the spirit of kindness, thoughtfulness, and helpfulness — so that every life which ours touches, may receive some blessing. May our words be encouraging words, making life easier for others, or making them stronger to meet it.

If there are sick people, or troubled and tempted ones, whom You would have us help today — may You lead us to them and put into our heart the right thought of kindness, into our lips the right words to speak, into our hands the touch which may strengthen and heal.

Thanking You for the goodness of the last night, and asking You for the forgiveness of all our sins, we now give ourselves to You, to be used by You today as You will. In Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

3 May 2022 Morning and Evening Prayer Today

See Evening Prayer:

Father, as we creep to Your feet, at the close of the day, we beseech You to bless us. The day has not been made white with obedience, as we meant to make it when we set out in the morning. We wanted . . .
to do only Your will,
to be gentle and kindly in all our thought, feeling, and speech,
to keep a sweet temper,
and to live unselfishly.

We fell far below our intention. We were asleep, when we ought to have been waking and watching. Forgive us all this weakness, for You know how frail we are. Have mercy upon us and bless us, as we bow now at Your feet, and grant us Your peace at the ending of the day.

Father, there are many we would pray for. Remember each one of our own household. We cannot tell You the deepest needs of each. Indeed we do not know ourselves, what our realest needs are. Ofttimes the things we want and think we need — would only do us hurt if we had them. What seems to us a loaf of bread — is only a stone, and would not feed us if we had it.

Ofttimes the things we would like to have taken out of our life, thinking that they are hindering us — are just the things we need to bless us. We know not what we should pray for. Hence we ask simply that You will bless us. Take each one of us into Your tender care, and do with us whatever will be the best for us.

Hide us away now under Your sheltering wings during the darkness. You have promised to give blessings to Your beloved in their sleep. May we arise in the morning strong for the new day.

We ask for these favors, with hearts grateful for past mercies and full of hope and confidence for the future, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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