Daily Bible Verse and Prayer Today 1 June 2022


Daily Bible Verse and Prayer 1 June  2022 Today
Daily Bible Verse and Prayer Today 1 June 2022 – Wednesday Bible Verse and Prayer

Read Daily Bible Verse and Prayer 1st June 2022

Today Bible Verse: For the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.
John 6:33

Prayer for Today: Dear Father in heaven, in your Word we trust, in your Word of eternal life, given us in Jesus Christ our Savior. We build on this Word of life in these days when it seems that everything is losing strength and value, and yet there is so much longing in people’s hearts.

You will not let our hope be disappointed. What you have spoken must be fulfilled. What is promised in Jesus Christ must come into being, not only for a few but for the whole world, for which he died and was raised from the dead. Be with us.

Keep us so fully alive that our lives reflect all the goodness we are allowed to experience and we overcome all the evil which tries to attack us. We thank you for calling us to life and for renewing us again and again. May your name be praised among us forever.

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