Daily Devotional Sunday 26 June 2022: Inspirational Message And Prayer


Daily Devotional Sunday 26 June 2022
Daily Devotional Sunday 26 June 2022: Inspirational Message And Prayer

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Topic: By Their Fruits

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Scripture: Mathew 7:15-17

Daily Devotional Sunday 26 June 2022 Message

We need to be on the lookout for those who would lead people away from God by pretending that they are leading them to God. We have seen this happen several times in very public and tragic ways, but it can happen in less public ways as well.

The world was horrified when they learned of the mass murder/suicide of over 900 people, one third of them minors in Guyana in 1978, and again of the destruction of the compound in Waco, Texas where over 70 people died. Both of these tragedies occurred because the leaders of the cult claimed to either be a god or be God’s messenger or Messiah.

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There have been many other cults operating with less destructive results. Preying on loners or immigrants, the leaders promise security here and eternal life if only you follow them. They don’t say that you are following God, but you are following them because they are the only ones who know the way! By their fruits you will know them.

These people ask blind obedience, work to separate people from their families and friends, and often demand a certain percentage of income. This doesn’t sound like Jesus to me. Paul never demanded obedience to himself, in fact, he said just the opposite to the Corinthians.

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John the Baptist said that he wasn’t the one and pointed to Jesus. We have been warned by Jesus to look at those who claim to be prophets carefully and judge by their fruits. If they are more interested in leading us to themselves instead of to Jesus, we must beware.

Prayer For Today: Lord, you do send prophets in every age to help us know how to live in that age. Help us to know who is from you and who is not. Guide us to your truth. Amen.

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