Daily Devotional Today 1 June 2022 : Inspirational Message And Prayer


Daily Devotional Today 1 June 2022
Daily Devotional Today 1 June 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic: The Foolishness of God

Scripture: 1corinthians 1:22-25

Daily Devotional Today 1 June 2022 Message

Many people cannot get past the idea of a God who would send his son into the world to die. It seems like foolishness. The say that if there is a God, why does he allow such bad things to happen. There’s probably nothing after death so why bother doing anything that you don’t want to do. Besides, if we needed saving, couldn’t God have done it in another way.

As Paul writes, however, the foolishness of God is wiser than men. God gave us the gift of free will that has often led to the majority of the violence and pain that we suffer as well as the need of a Savior in the first place. While it is true that salvation could have happened another way, how would we know of it? How would we know of God’s plan for us? How would we know of God’s goodness?

There is so much that we have to thank God for in sending Jesus to us, to know how God wants us to live, how to be happy in this world as well as in the next. We know that we are saved so that we can live without fear, that death has no power over us. As this Easter season comes closer to an end, let rejoice that God is foolish.

Prayer For Today
Gracious and omnipotent God, it is in your strength that we take comfort. You are our strength and our shield against the power of Satan, who still tries to turn us towards him and away from you. We give you thanks and praise. Amen.

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