Daily Devotional Today 22 November 2022 And Prayer


Daily Devotional Today 22 November 2022 And Prayer
Daily Devotional Today 22 November 2022 And Prayer

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Topic: A Den of Robbers

Scripture: Luke 19: 45-47

It was not unusual to have people at the temple selling animals as sacrificial offerings. Because the people needed a specific coinage to purchase the animals, there were people who exchanged the money they brought for the coins they needed. Sometimes they were not always honest in their dealings. But Jesus is making a point that the purpose of the temple was prayer and praise of God.

The leaders of the community were not happy with his teaching in the temple because so many of the people listened to him and they were envious of Jesus. From his earliest years, the comment most often used in the Gospels to describe his teaching was that he taught with authority. The chief priests and the Pharisees kept trying to challenge him, but each time they failed.

With this action of driving out those who were selling the animals and exchanging the money, Jesus was challenging the authority of the chief priests who specified the required sacrifices. It probably seems strange to have these readings at this time of year when they occur during Holy Week in Luke’s Gospel I know it does to me.

But when I think about it, authority can be challenged any time of year, and it’s good to reflect on where authority comes from. Jesus tells Pilate that he would have no authority if it hadn’t come from God. Sometimes we are the ones who give another authority by electing our leaders and other officials.

At times, we give authority to someone who has no business having authority over us. God’s laws always supersede human laws, and human laws supersede the desires of a friend. Jesus has authority over the temple that is greater than that of the Jewish leaders. We need to reflect on who has legitimate authority over us.

Prayer For Today
Almighty God, your authority covers all of us and is primary. All law comes first from you. As we work to live lives worthy of you, may we respect all legitimate authority. Amen.

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