Daily Devotional Today 24 July 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer


Daily Devotional Today 24 July 2022
Daily Devotional Today 24 July 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic: Manna In The Desert

Scripture: Exodus 16: 4-6

We are so like the Israelites. Just when we get what we want, we decide that we want more. The Israelites have been saved from slavery and then God brought them through the sea, and now they’re complaining again. God again provided what they need, but they do have to follow some rules.

They were only to gather what they needed for the day and on the sixth day they collected enough for the Sabbath. What they gathered was measured so that each had what they needed and no one had more. They were instructed not to save some for the next day and, of course, there were those who didn’t follow instructions and what they saved became foul.

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On the sixth day, they could prepare enough for the next day so that the Sabbath could be a holy day dedicated to Yahweh. Fifty years ago, there was little work done on the Sabbath, now it seems like just another day.

My mother used to talk about my grandmother who would prepare all the vegetables on Saturday for the Sunday dinner. That way she didn’t have to do unnecessary work on Sunday. There was no card playing or dancing; there was church in the morning and again at night.

She kept the Sabbath holy. God provides what we need and expects us to use his gifts prudently. Today, if there is a report of a storm coming, people rush to the stores and stock up on more food than they can use to the point where others are left wanting. We can learn two lessons here, first God will take care of us and greed is sinful, the second is that the Sabbath is meant to be kept holy.

Prayer For Today
Loving God, you save us from ourselves, you give us what we need; may we make sure that we keep a Sabbath holy, a time to praise you and thank you for what you have done for us. Amen. Daily Devotional Today 24 July 2022

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