Daily Devotional Today 9 June 2022 : Inspirational Message And Prayer


Daily Devotional Today 9 June 2022
Daily Devotional Today 9 June 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic: Is The Holy Spirit Working In Your Life?

Scripture: Acts 2:1-4

Daily Devotional Today 9 June 2022 Message

Answering this question implies that you look for the Holy Spirit’s action in your life! So, take a few minutes and think about the past week or two. What opportunities have you had to help someone? What gifts of yours have been called upon? Did a friend or relative need a shoulder to lean on? Have you had to make any serious decisions lately?

What moments of sheer joy have you experienced? Did you receive an answer to prayer? These are all examples of places where the Holy Spirit is present. We don’t always recognize the Spirit. The disciples of Jesus had an experience of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost that changed not only their lives but ours as well. Without their witness and the witness of those that came after them, we would never have known about the saving act of Jesus.

We would still be fearful of suffering death believing that that was the end, that there was nothing and no one waiting for us in the afterlife. We will probably never have so profound an experience of the Spirit as they did, but that doesn’t mean that the Holy Spirit isn’t present in our lives.

When we share our experiences of God, when we open ourselves to others we are also witnesses that can give others hope. Where is the Holy Spirit present in your life? The Spirit is present; all we need to do is look.

Prayer For Today
Come Holy Spirit, fill us with the joy and understanding with which you gifted your disciples on Pentecost and came to us at Baptism. Help us to appreciate this gift and give us the courage of the apostles to testify to our faith. Amen.

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