Daily Prayers Today 11 November 2022 For Morning & Evening Prayers

Daily Prayers Today 11 November 2022 For Morning & Evening Prayers
Daily Prayers Today 11 November 2022 For Morning & Evening Prayers

Daily Prayers Today 11 November 2022 For Morning & Evening Prayers

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. Ephesians 6:18, NLT

Below are Prayer for Today 11 November 2022, Morning and Evening Prayers

O God, who makes the outgoings of the morning and the evening to rejoice — we thank You that we have gladness this morning. You have not made our night one of anguish and sorrow — but one of peace and comfort. It is because You kept us, that we have been so richly blessed. We lift our hearts to You this morning with thanksgiving, for the light and joy of a new day. Bless us as we go forth to our work. Bless our labors. Help us to be diligent. Let us not tire of the drudgeries which belong to our daily rounds. Help us to do all our tasks cheerfully.

Teach us how to do our common work for You. It will be easier for us if we can do it all for You. The burdens will not be so hard to bear, if we are bearing them for You. The drudgeries will be no more dreary, if we do them for You. Teach us to live all our life for You. Then we shall truly honor You.

Give us grace to make us kind and helpful to all we meet today. Sometimes we grow impatient, or fail to be courteous, or become irritable — in the vexing experiences of life. Other people are not always agreeable. Sometimes we must endure rudeness. O God, keep us loving and gentle, whatever the experiences are which we must endure. Enable us always to keep sweet in our spirits. We desire to honor You in our every act and word and disposition this day. Bless us with Your love. Fill us with Your Spirit. Then we shall be like Jesus, whatever others may be to us.

Make us true blessings wherever we go. Keep us from stumbling. Grant Your grace to all whom we love. And to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — we will give glory. Amen.

Daily Prayers Today 11 November 2022 For Morning & Evening Prayers

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You alone, O Lord, make us to dwell in safety. We lie down at night under the shadow of Your wings, and our sleep is sweet — because You sustain us. We ask You now for another night of rest and comfort. As the sun has gone down, leaving darkness over us, we are reminded of our need of You. We have no power to keep or to care for ourselves. Be our protection this night. Let no evil assail us, let no plague come near our dwelling, let nothing alarm us.

As the stars have come out at the going down of the sun — we are reminded of the promises of Your grace, which come out when the sun of prosperity or of human gladness sets above us. We would never see the stars, but for night — and we thank You for the many uplifting, comforting words in the Scripture, which we would never have seen, but for our trouble and sorrow. We have gotten many a precious meaning in Scripture, in time of trial, which we never saw before. Make Your word more and more a treasure house of reserved goodness, which You will give to us as we have need.

Grant to us an evening blessing. Sanctify our home life. May our love for each other grow more tender every day. Help us to find the best in each other. Help us each to give to the other the best that is in us. Preserve us from impatience, from lack of sweet courtesy — and give us grace to be kind the one to the other. May we learn from Jesus Christ, how to love at home. Enable us to be helpful to each other, making each other better, richer in life, braver, stronger.

In Your great mercy, O God, forgive us all our sins, and bring us at last into Your heavenly kingdom, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer. Amen.

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