Deception 10 May 2020 Update


Deception 10 May 2020 Update on Zee World

The Episode starts with Mr. Goenka calling off the marriage and asks his wife Sarita to come. Dada ji, Naren, Rahul and others try to stop him. Harish tells Naren that his smartness has ruined everything today and asks if he felt good seeing Dada ji begging infront of them. Naren says when own family members don’t care then why to blame others. Harish tells Pooja that she didn’t keep his word. Pooja says Meghna is the respect of the house.

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Naren says Meghna is our respect and I have sworn to protect every daughter of the house. In the hospital, Kunal tries to go to meet Meghna in the ICU, but Shivani stops him and asks him to be careful.

Harish asks Naren to understand and says if this new reached everyone then his political career will end. Naren says he don’t care about his career and tells that if he can’t protect Meghna, then he can’t protect people. Harish tells that nobody shall interfere in the case, and says let police handle everything. Naren tells Supriya that he will leave the house with Pooja. He tells sorry to Pooja and says he didn’t ask her before. Pooja says if he had asked then she wouldn’t have feel proud.

Dada ji says Naren is not alone in the fight and tells that they all are with him. Neelima asks Rahul what happened to him. Rahul asks her not to say anything. Harish says it is a rape case and it is not easy to answer questions. Pooja says they will answer.

Inspector Shivani comes there and says criminal is clever and used protection while doing crime, but even smartest criminal leaves proofs. Naren asks her to tell on whom she doubts? Shivani says on you? Pooja says what nonsense? You can’t blame my husband. Shivani says I just shared my doubt, and says suspect can be anybody. Harish asks what she wants to say? Shivani says every man of the house is my suspect. Naren asks why he is doubting on then.

Shivani says she got sherwani button. She shows the button and says everyone is having same buttons in their sherwanis. She asks men of the house to stand in line and asks women to side. Pooja says you can’t do this. Dada ji asks them to agree. Kunal insists to meet Meghna. Constable says even you are in our doubt. Shivani checks Naren and says if video is made then it will be viral. She checks Naren’s button. Pooja asks Shivani to tell that his shirt buttons are intact so that the video gets more viral.

Someone comes and tells that Media came here. Naren is about to go, but Shivani stops him. Pooja says I will go and answer them. Mr. Goenka tells Sarita that he has sent media to trouble them. Sarita asks if he planned Meghna’s rape. Mr. Goenka says no and tells that he had planned to kidnap Meghna, but she was raped by someone else.

Deception 10 May 2020 Update on Zee World

Pooja meets media and tells them that injustice will not happen with daughter of the house. Shivani tells that the crime happened between 3-5 and tells that only family members can come at that time. Dada ji sees Rahul hiding his sherwani with his sleeve and asks him to show. Everyone gets shocked seeing button missing. Dada ji slaps Rahul and asks what did you do? You have raped Meghna. Rahul says I didn’t do anything, I don’t know where my button fell. Naren beats Rahul and asks if he didn’t get shame.

Neelima asks Surbhi to stop him. Surbhi says a daughter’s father shall be punished for doing this heinous crime. Rahul tells that he is innocent. Shivani asks Naren to stop beating him and arrests him. Rahul tells them that he was with Pooja outside. He asks Naren to trust him and says he regards Meghna as their loved ones and he didn’t do anything. Pooja comes there and says Rahul is saying truth.

Rahul telling Naren that he can’t think of doing such thing with Meghna and says he regards her as his family. Pooja comes and tells that Rahul is saying truth and tells that he went with her to get varmala between 3-5 pm. Shivani says ok, I believe that he was with you and asks from where the button came in Meghna’s clothes. Pooja recalls Rahul’s sherwani button breaking infront of her in car. Rahul tells Naren that he is innocent and asks him to believe him. Surbhi asks Pooja how she can believe Rahul and says he can do anything.

Neelima shouts Surbhi. Pooja asks Shivani to check CCTV footage and says he was with me in the car. Shivani says bahu ho to aisi and tells that Rahul can’t go out. She says she will come in the morning with proofs. Rahul sits down on Pooja’s feet and says I am innocent. Pooja makes him stand. Neelima scolds Hardik and says Rahul should have been fatherless. She scolds him for not supporting Rahul. Surbhi comes and asks how she can tell this. Neelima scolds Surbhi and Hardik. She asks Surbhi to support Rahul even if he is guilty.

Satish tells Kusum that they should have gone home, but she insisted to go in Naren’s car. Anuj comes there. Naren comes to know that his room is sealed as the crime happened there. Meghna thinks her life is ruined and beautiful day has become ugly. She tells that she wants to give her statement in Pooja’s presence.

Mr. Goenka’s men protest outside Vyas house and calls him, says they are doing as planned. Rahul tells that it is proved in CCTV footage that he is innocent. Shivani says Rahul is innocent, but someone is guilty. She asks Naren where and when he will confess? Naren gets angry. Shivani gets call and she tells that Victim got consciousness. Naren says we shall meet her. Shivani says you can’t meet before we record her statement. She asks Pooja to come with her and says she is victim for us. Pooja says she is Meghna. Shivani says she is victim for us.

Supriya sees Meghna’s stuff and sings lori. She feels bad. Harish comes to her. Supriya asks if he don’t feel her pain. Harish says no and tells that it is not easy to bear the humiliation and don’t know she will take whose statement. Kunal tries to come to her room, but Shivani stops him. Pooja runs to Meghna and hugs her. Shivani says shall we record her statement? Meghna cries. Dada ji prays to God and feels bad for Meghna. Harsha still have grudges against her and asks him to send Meghna back. Dada ji prays to God to show the light.

Pooja asks Meghna to tell whatever she remembers and asks her not to get scared. Meghna tells her something which shocks Pooja. Naren apologizes to Rahul. Rahul says if I would have been at your place then reacted same way. Naren says I should have wait. Rahul says atleast we both brothers are together. Danish brings ice packs and asks Naren to apply on his face.

Surbhi and Dada ji see them and get happy. Naren tells Rahul that once Meghna tells the culprit’s name, he will not leave him. Neelima thinks Pooja’s family is taking advantage of the situation. She tells Kusum that she has become foreigner after coming from cruise tour. Kunal comes there and shouts at Naren. He tries to beat him, but family members stop him. Naren asks what happened? Shivani says only Pooja can reveal the truth.

Pooja comes there and hugs Naren crying. Dada ji asks her to tell. Shivani asks him to tell. Pooja tells that Meghna told that whoever has done that with Meghna, had citrus perfume. Naren is shocked. Rahul says who uses this fragrance. Neelima says thank god, Rahul is saved. They ask Pooja to tell. Pooja asks them to keep quiet and says Citrus fragrance perfume is used by Naren. Everyone is shocked. Pooja sits shattered. Shivani smiles.

Harish asking what nonsense? Shivani says she can’t see, but smell. Naren says Meghna can’t tell this. He tells that Shivani is trying out to take out enmity on him and tells that she must have threatened Meghna. Pooja says Meghna told infront of me. A fb is shown, Meghna tells Pooja that the rapist threw things on her and then. Shivani asks if she remember something. Meghna says he had applied citrus fragrance. Shivani asks who uses it in your house. Pooja says Naren. Fb ends. Rahul says what nonsense? He makes Naren get up.

Dada ji says a bad accusation on Naren. Neelima says I won’t be surprised if Naren is the real criminal. She says blood and family effect. Harish asks her not to tell this again. Rahul tells that Naren can’t do this. Surbhi tells Pooja that Naren can’t do this. Anuj says nobody trusts Shivani’s investigation. Naren says I trust on Pooja’s statement and asks if one statement breaks her trust on him. Shivani says it was victim’s statement.

Naren asks Pooja to answer. Pooja asks can this one statement break my trust? Shivani says law needs proofs. Naren says everyone knows that what Meghna means to me. Shivani says I came here to get the criminal and you are on top of my list. She says she will change her doubt into reality, and says lets go to Police station, as your family can’t see you beaten here. Harish says you can’t arrest him. Shivani says she will take him.

Pooja says that anybody can use citrus fragrance. Shivani says she came with homework. She asks Hardik, Danish and Anuj, if Naren was with them. Hardik says yes. Naren says yes, I was with them. Shivani says all CCTV cameras were closed from 2-6 pm. Pooja tells Shivani that Naren has many enemies and it can be opposition trick. Shivani says so much trust and says says what else he has hidden from you. She asks Naren if he was with them or if there was other meeting in resort’s other wing. Hardik, Danish and Anuj are shocked. Shivani asks Hardik to go and bring the phone. Hardik goes. Naren gets tensed.

Shivani tells Pooja that her husband backward countdown begins. Media comes to Meghna and asks if Naren Vyas raped her. Mr. Goenka gives money to reporters to question her. Shivani talks to the client. Client tells that Naren left from the meeting at 4 pm. Naren gets angry looking at Shivani, when she asks him if he came at that time and raped Meghna. Pooja asks Naren to tell where was he? She asks Supriya to ask him. Harish tells Naren that they know that he is innocent and asks him to tell where he was in that hour.

Suddenly Surbhi feels labour pain. Shivani asks Neelima to take her inside and asks Hardik to stay back. Neelima takes her inside and says I will become Aaya. Surbhi sees citrus fragrance perfume and thinks Rahul is the rapist. Neelima pushes her on bed to stop her. Surbhi falls down on bed and gets unconscious.

Shivani asks Naren to be loud and clear. Naren says he was in other wing of resort. Shivani says it was sealed and asks how did you do the meeting. Kunal says he has spoiled Meghna’s life and is about to beat him. Pooja stops him and says Naren shall be given chance to clarify. Shivani says his silence is acceptance of crime. Pooja gives him promise and asks him to tell. Naren pushes her and tells that he didn’t do anything with Meghna, but can’t tell her where he went for an hour.

Pooja says I don’t need your clarification, but Police wants. Harish asks Naren to tell. Shivani takes Naren to room and says we will get the proofs from there. She tells that she needs perfume bottle. Shivani takes him out and pushes him on floor. She asks where is the bottle? Surbhi comes there holding glass pieces.

Deception 10 May 2020 Update ends as Kusum asks how is she? Neelima says she will take her inside. Shivani says she must want to tell something important. Surbhi asks Rahul if he wants to hide his sin by hiding perfume bottle in their room. She tells Dada ji that Rahul is guilty. Pooja is shocked and clueless.