Deception 11 January 2020 Update on Zee World


Deception 11 January 2020 Update –  Rahul coming to Naren’s room and says we shall call Mayank for ice party. Naren says he don’t want anyone in his room and asks him to leave. Neelima tells Harish that Supriya is innocent and asks why did she get girl at home. Harish says Supriya checked her background and asks her not to worry. He then tells Supriya that Pooja can start her work after 2 days. Supriya says okay as today is Thursday.

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Neelima hears them and asks Pooja to take tray in Naren’s room. Pooja thinks why everyone is worried about Thursday. Supriya and Harish stand shocked. Pooja goes to Naren’s room and is scared. She sees Naren resting on ice bed and looks on shocked. Naren is doing dhyaan. Pooka slips due to ice and falls down. Naren opens his eyes hearing her shout and wears his shirt. He asks who are you and who let you come inside. He goes to talk to Supriya.

Anuj is sitting near the tea stall. His friend comes and asks him to come. Naren asks Supriya who sent her in his room. Supriya says she has sent her and asks him to listen to her. She tells that she can’t leave Harish alone at this age when he goes on trips, so that’s why she kept helper at home. She asks Pooja to come near her. Pooja shyly comes near her. Neelima tells him that she is Pooja, their old pandit’s daughter and now an orphan. Naren says she is for your work, I don’t need anyone in my room. He says if you don’t have time for me, then I am fine alone. Neelima hears him. Naren goes to his room.

Kusum thinks where is Anuj? He didn’t go to class yesterday. His friend asks Anuj to distribute cards. Anuj says he don’t want to play. His friend asks him to help him. Kusum sees Anuj holding cards and asks if he wants to become gambler. She takes him home.

Neelima asks Pooja if she worked before and asks if the salary is fixed. Supriya says they haven’t fixed her salary yet. Neelima says she will fix her salary. She asks her to go and bring coffee for them. Supriya asks why you are behaving this way. Neelima says when you are behaving as jethani and not as sister then I can behave like dewrani. She says you would have told me and I would have got better girl than her. Pooja brings coffee.

Supriya tells Harish that they shall send Pooja back to Dehradun for some days as Neelima is doubting her. Harish says no and says they have just 3 months. He asks Pooja to take Naren’s food. Pooja says if he gets angry then…Harish says you came here to befriend him and asks her to do whatever she wants. Servant brings Naren’s food.

Deception 11 January 2020 Update  ends as Pooja comes to Naren’s room and reads the letter kept by Naren. He tells that he is keeping 20000 Rs. for that orphan girl. He comes and sees her and is shocked. He asks her to go and take money with her. Pooja says money is not everything and asks him to give respect to her. She asks him to have food and tell her if he needs anything. Malanga Re plays….Naren does poetry.