Deception 12 January 2020 Update on Zee World


Deception 12 January 2020 Update – Pooja thinks it was good that she scolded Naren and thinks all Dehradun guys are afraid of her, and thinks of Mama ji’s words that whatever she does, she have to be honest with her work. Kusum scolds Anuj and says you have become gambler. Satish comes and asks why you are scolding him. Kusum says he was playing cricket since morning and asks him to go to room and study.

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Anuj says why didn’t you tell truth to him, and says I hope you loves Di also like this. Pooja thinks Anuj didn’t call her and calls him. Anuj picks her call. Pooja asks how are you? Anuj says I am fine and asks why did you call me. Pooja asks if Mama is upset. Anuj says nobody is missing you. Pooja says nobody and says I got my answer. Anuj asks her about her first day in the office.

Mayank knocks on Naren’s door. Naren thinks Pooja came and says he don’t want anything. He opens the door asking her to leave, but Mayank is there. Mayank comes inside and asks why he is angry. He says it seems Rahul did something and asks what is his problem. Naren says Maa’s new helper.

Pooja tells Anuj that her boss is unique and strange creature and says she gave him an earful. Anuj says boss is irritating. Pooja says she will make him alright. Mayank says we will get her fired of the job. Naren says it will be wrong then as she is an orphan. Pooja asks Anuj to take care and ends the call.

Supriya brings milk for Pooja. Pooja says aunty…Supriya says so you don’t want to drink and asks her to drink infront of her. Pooja drinks it. Supriya tells Pooja that it was good that she scolded Naren. She says Naren had eaten all food. Pooja asks her about Naren and his friends, his likes and dislikes. Supriya says what to tell about him. He has no friends and no enemies, he just meets and talks to his brothers Mayank and Rahul, may be they can help you.

Deception 12 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Pooja comes to Naren’s room and knocks on the door. She thinks he is a strange man and says she will gift him few clothes. Mayank opens the door and says I am Naren’s cousin Mayank. Pooja says she brought tea for him. He asks her to come inside. She makes tea for Mayank. Mayank says Bhai told me about you and says sorry. He thinks she is not looking like illiterate or orphan.

She asks him about Naren. He says you are more interested in him and lies that he has three girlfriends, drinks and do naagin dance also. Naren comes. Pooja is about to go and collides with him. Naren goes. Pooja thinks he is multi colored man and thinks Mayank was saying wrong story.

Supriya asks Pooja to come and makes her tastes something. Pooja says it is tasty. Supriya says she has invited Naren’s bua and phupha ji for dinner. She makes her eat again. Neelima thinks something is wrong, caring a servant. She comes to Rahul and tells that a girl came in the house who is beautiful and asks him to get info. Rahul says her history and geography will be right infront of you. Rakesh and his wife Harsha come home.

Supriya wishes them for their anniversary. Neelima gifts them. Harsha tells that she comes to her mayka for their love and hugs her brothers. Pooja gets emotional and misses Anuj and Satish. Harsha thanks Supriya for the decoration. Supriya says it was Pooja’s idea. Harsha thanks Pooja and says she is handling Naren well. Rakesh tells Harish that Pooja will handle Naren now. It was good that you called him. Neelima hears him and tells Rahul that she is upset with Hardik.

Deception 12 January 2020 Update ends as Harsha tells that she will bring Naren and says he has to come today. Neelima says he is irked with this girl. Harsha says he will come for me. Mayank tells Pooja that Naren must be speaking to his girlfriends now and says he is very colorful. Pooja looks on. Naren tells poetry. Malanga Re plays…