Deception 12 March 2020 Update


Deception 12 March 2020 Update on Zee World Series

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The episode starts when Naren tells Mayank that we may have to bury someone on the way. Surbhi says you need to be careful. Mayank asks what is happening? Naren says we can have some fun in the marriage. Pooja says ofcourse. Naren compliments on her beauty and asks her to sit on the front seat with him.

Pooja agrees and comes to the venue with him. Pooja likes the arrangements done by Naren at short span of time. Naren asks her to enjoy her brother’s marriage and says time is precious. She hears organizer talking to Naren and says everything is planned. Satish asks Anuj to smile. Anuj says but mum is not here. Pooja says Mami will come and will do the rasam. Satish asks her to do sister’s nek. Pooja does some rituals. Naren looks at the watch and says just 1 hour more. Surbhi and Mayank come to the venue.

Mayank says I am not your driver, you can thank me atleast. Surbhi asks him to see his face, and says he looks like a driver. Mayank says he has to protect his bhai. Naren calls someone and asks if shagun coconut is ready. Pooja tells Anuj that Mami will come. Organizer brings the coconut. Pooja checks it and signs him to keep it. Naren calls her and says it is not necessary that all wires are connected with you. Mayank tells Surbhi that newspaper headlines was rocking. Surbhi gets tensed and asks if Naren knows and what did he say? Mayank says he got happy.

Pooja asks Anuj to smile once and says bride is beautiful. Naren comes and points gun at her forehead. Satish calls Naren Babu. Pooja and Naren talk to each other. Pooja asks him to pull the trigger of the gun. Naren says your wish will be fulfilled. Pooja says my pleasure and closes her eyes. Everyone is shocked. Naren shoots in air and makes the flower petals falls on her. Odhe Piya plays…..Pooja smiles.

Others have a mixed reaction. Pooja says if danger is so exciting then fear might go. Naren says there are more exciting things. Rachel’s parents bring her there. Satish asks Pooja why nobody from Vyas family came. Pooja says they might be busy. Pandit ji asks Pooja to do the nek done by the mum. Pooja says mum will do the nek of Rachel. Kusum comes and makes Rachel wear the chunari. She says she came so that neighbors don’t talk anything. Satish says you came here and it is enough for Anuj.

Pooja sees Naren holding the coconut and smiling. She takes him far from there and asks what his smile wants to convey. She asks him to keep enmity far today. Naren says you were burying your fear two days back and asks her to enjoy the marriage and not to waste it on him. Pooja asks what is going on in your mind. Naren says I am not cunning like you. He says you have saved my family’s name, but tried to kill me. Deception 12 March 2020 Update. I am getting your brother’s marriage done to return your favour. He says he can kill them all with the bomb blast and shows the remote. He asks her not to think his threat as false and says that’s why he sent his family far. Pooja says I don’t have anything to say now and says she will be happy to die from his hand.

Naren tells Pooja that there is a gift from his side too. He says I can return your family’s life if I get answer from you and tells that bomb is hidden in the coconut. He asks why she returned in his life, what to snatch from him. He says you will not be freed until you tells me. Pooja says hold me like this, I didn’t ask you to leave me. Naren says it is not a joke.

Harish comes to attend the wedding. Anuj and Rachel stand for the rounds and exchange garlands. Pandit ji asks them to take the rounds. Pooja says sorry, your questions have to wait some what longer. Naren says a sister will give a best gift to her brother and taunts her. Pooja says she is going to the mandap and hopes that this will be not their last meeting. Anuj and Rachel gets married. Pandit ji declares that the marriage is completed. Naren is holding the remote of the bomb. Pooja thinks you can’t give pain to me or my family. She hears the noise and panics. She sees crackers and smiles. Naren couldn’t explode the bomb and gets upset.

Pooja does Rachel’s aarti and asks her to put her hand impressions on the wall. Rachel leaves her hand impression on the wall. Satish blesses her. Naren comes there. Pooja says you are here? Naren says he brought gift for the newly weds. He gives car keys for them. Pooja goes out. Naren says he will not give her explanation for his doings. Pooja smiles as he leaves.

Pooja comes to Vyas Mansion. Naren says I don’t want your sympathy. Pooja asks since when he is talking like this. Naren says since the time his love ruined him. He lit the fire. Pooja asks if he will burn himself. Naren says you have won, why to upset your mood. He asks can I celebrate with you and says drinks will be of your choice. Surbhi comes there, smirks and keeps the drinks. She thinks Pooja will tell everything today.

Pooja is about to take a glass, but Naren gives her other glass. Pooja asks what is his intention. Naren says he wants her support once again. Pooja drinks it. Surbhi looks at the album and sees Naren’s pic. She thinks your true face will take me near him. Pooja keeps the glass back and says today even wind is different today. Hooton pe bas tere naam hai plays…They dance together. Surbhi imagines dancing with Naren, but Mayank is there.

Rahul tells neelima that she would have managed the gang. Neelima says she wants him back and wants to make him head of the company.. she says we shall take a back seat until we find her weakness. Rahul says don’t take tension of Pooja’s weakness.

Deception 12 March 2020 Update ends as Naren and Pooja talk romantically. Pooja says she has nobody to read it. Naren says if you permit me, can I read it. Pooja says she permits him. Naren asks why she tried to take his life and asks what do you wants? Pooja says someone is bothered about my wish. She goes and stands near the wall. Naren says open the secrets, may be I can help you. Pooja says this heart loved nobody except him. Naren gets angry.