Deception 14 January 2020 Update on Zee World


Deception 14 January 2020 Update starts as Rahul gives clue to Pooja that Mayank was the man who tried to misbehave with her in the farm house, though indirectly. Pooja thinks Mayank did wrong with her. Kusum calls Vyas Industries and asks about Pooja. Receptionist says Pooja doesn’t work in the office, but stays in their home.

Kusum thinks why did she lie to us. Mayank also empties his wallet and put in the charity box. He prays to God to help Naren find the answers. A devotee asks Naren if he got his answers. Naren asks if he will find answers in Bhakti, Shastra etc………Rahul tells Pooja that normal man will not speak like this and says he will make her talk to psychiatrist. Pooja asks why you are telling me this? Rahul says he is tired of convincing everyone, and asks her to convince Supriya to get psychiatrist help for Naren.

A devotee asks Naren to try to get answers with honesty and says you will get answers. Rahul gives call to Pooja. Doctor tells her that Naren is not normal and is lost in his own world. He says these people are harmful to themselves and asks her to get him admitted in the hospital. Rahul asks her to eat something. Pooja says even Naren didn’t have anything. Rahul says it is impossible to convince him. Naren asks baby goat’s mum to eat, but it don’t.

Mayank comes and asks Naren to eat. Naren refuses and goes. Mayank asks goat to eat desi puris. Pooja comes and feeds puris to goat. Mayank gets angry. Naren says let her feed goat and smiles. Jai Ram Siya Ram plays…….Naren sees the people chanting Jai Ram….He asks the devotee/pandit, how to get answers. He says you have to leave everything and get involved in God’s bhakti fully forgetting everyone. Naren looks at him.

Mayank asks Pooja to return and says he can’t see Naren upset. Pooja says Naren have no objection if I stay here. Mayank searches for Naren. Hardik is praying in the temple. Neelima says Rahul didn’t go for the first time. Hardik says he is worried for Naren and asks her to keep fast with him. Neelima refuses. Hardik asks her to do atleast God’s Parikrama. Neelima is standing still. Hardik asks her to do parikrama. Pooja and Mayank search Naren, but couldn’t find him.

Deception 14 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Naren thinks about the devotee’s words. Naren wears clothes like the devotee and gets absorbed in the bhakti and plays dhol closing his eyes. Mayank, Pooja and Rahul are shocked to see him. Malanga Re plays…….

Rahul takes Naren’s video/pics while he is dancing in his bhakti.. Mayank sees his barefeet and clears the stone from his way. Naren opens his eyes and smiles hardly.Pooja thinks what Doctor and Rahul told to her. She is shocked. Neelima sees the pics and gets happy. She thinks wow..I can’t believe this, this photo will change Vyas family destiny and whatever I didn’t get, my son will get. She thinks Supriya….your son is gone from your hand.

Pooja is standing in shock. Rahul tells her that this is so frustrating and that Naren needs medical treatment. He says Harish is tensed and that it is not easy to handle business alone. He says he got call from office and can’t go leaving Naren alone. Pooja says she is with him and asks him to go for Harish. Rahul asks her to call him if needed and gives his extra phone. He then smiles and goes. Naren is dancing still.

Kusum call at Harish’s house to talk to Pooja. Neelima takes the call and asks who is she? Kusum says she is Pooja’s mami. Neelima scolds her and says Pooja is an orphan. Kusum thinks why did Pooja lie? Neelima thinks if she is Mami of Pooja and thinks to make the photo reach Harish and Supriya. Mayank asks Pooja to go away and reminds her how she left from farm house. Pooja thinks about Rahul’s words that Mayank was with Naren when he went to get taxi for her. She gets doubtful about him.

Anuj is talking on phone and asks someone to meet. Kusum thinks Pooja is spoiling my son. Mayank comes to Naren and asks him to have something, says you didn’t have anything since morning. Naren is lost in thoughts…..He sees Pooja making goat having leaves. He sees the devotees eating food and goes. Malanga Re plays…….Mayank is angry at Pooja. Harsha tells Supriya that they shall call Naren back and tells Mayank told her that his condition is bad. Harish says I scolded him and he is showing ego. Harsha asks him to convince him to come.

Neelima says we need a permanent solution. Harsha says I have a permanent solution to make him alright and says get him married. Harish and Supriya are shocked. Harsha says he will be fine if he is burdened with responsibilities. He will refuse, but we have to convince him. Let him come, I will talk to him about marriage. Harish says he gets angry hearing about marriage. Harsha says she is searching girl for him and will get him married this year. Neelima thinks why did they get tensed hearing about Naren’s marriage.

Announcement is made asking everyone to rest till they begin their journey again. Naren talks to goat and asks it to have water else he will not drink water. Pooja smiles. Goat drinks water. Pooja sees a scorpion going towards Naren and runs towards him to save him. Meanwhile scorpion bites Naren. Pooja throws it. Mayank ties handkerchief. The people there tells that scorpion is poisonous and he shall see the doctor. Naren walks off. Deception 14 January 2020 Update 

Pooja thinks about Doctor’s words that Naren needs psychiatrist treatment. She thinks to take him home before he hurts himself more. Neelima tells Harish and Supriya that marriage can change Naren and asks them to convince themselves before they convince Naren. She says we shall get Naren’s treatment done before his marriage.

Harish asks what treatment. Neelima says he is not normal. Supriya says he is fine and asks her not to think wrong. Neelima says she is Naren’s chachi and mausi also, and wants him to live normal life like Rahul and Mayank. She says who will give daughter to him. Harish asks why she is insisting to get treatment for him. Neelima says she talked to Doctor and he asked her to admit him in care centre and start the treatment. Supriya says he is normal. Neelima shows Naren’s pic to them and asks to take a decision after seeing them.

Harish and Supriya are shocked to see Naren like sanyasi. Neelima says she was shocked when she saw Naren in such clothes and says people will think him mad. Naren is walking and falls down unconscious. Rahul tells Harish and Supriya that they tried, but Naren didn’t listen to them. He says Naren is doing strange things and says I fear that he will become sanyasi in his madness.

Deception 14 January 2020 Update ends as Harish is tensed and thinks about his father becoming sanyasi while his wife asking him not to leave their children. Neelima tells Harish that she can understand his fear and asks him to take a strong decision. She says it is better for you to send Naren for treatment, rather than seeing him going for sanyas.