Deception 15 February 2020 Update


In Deception 15 February 2020 Update, Kusum comes to room and finds jewellery missing. She informs Dr. Anand’s mum. Dr. Anand’s mum taunts her. Kusum says Naren’s family will answer us. She tells everyone that Pooja’s jewellery is missing. Neelima says we were costly clothes than your jewellery’s value. Naren asks them to keep quiet and says he will check every room personally.

As Deception 15 February 2020 Update continues, Kusum tell everyone that someone had stolen Pooja’s jewellery. Neelima says what we will do with your cheap jewellery and says our clothes are more costly than your jewellery. Supriya says I will talk. Neelima says we would have accused Pooja for adding something in food, but we acted matured. Harsha asks her to leave it and taunts Kusum and Pooja. Naren asks them to stop it and says he will check everyone’s room. He checks everyone’s room. Pooja asks Anuj to go and check if everything is fine there. Anuj asks her not to worry.

Naren says jewellery is not in those rooms and says he will check all rooms. Harish asks if he will check their room also. Naren says yes. Rahul asks you want to check our rooms and says you didn’t check your room. Anuj comes there. Guru ji says you should be careful with words. Naren says anyone of you can check my room. Mehendi girl asks Pooja about her would be husband’s name. Pooja says A. Anuj comes back to Pooja. Pooja asks if everything is fine.

Rahul and Guru ji checks in Naren’s room and gets the jewellery. Anuj tells Pooja that Naren’s room is being check. Pooja gets up. Mehendi designer couldn’t write A on her hand. Anuj tries to stop her and holds her hand. Pooja’s mehendi gets ruined.

Naren is shocked. Kusum looks at the jewellery and asks Naren why did he break the jewellery. Supriya says Naren can’t do this. Dr. Anand’s mum tells that she has identified Naren to the man who was with Pooja that night under the umbrella and asks why he is after Pooja. Shilpa defends Naren and accuses her for spoiling their functions. Dr. Anand’s mum says may be he burnt her shagun chunari and also mixed something in food. Harish says I accept that whatever happened was wrong and asks her not to blame Naren.

Rahul asks him to call Police. Harish asks him to stop talking nonsense and says what is Police work here. Rahul says this is not new if Police comes here. Kusum says jewellery is found in Naren’s room. Naren says he wants Pooja’s marriage to happen nicely and asks Satish if he thinks he has done this. Satish nods no.

Dr. Anand’s mum asks what is the proof that you haven’t done this. Pooja comes and says proof is infront of you. She says everyone knows here that Naren can’t do anything wrong and says I don’t know who have done this, but Naren is not the one, and I don’t have to think it again. Dr. Anand’s mum says she is having mehendi of someone and defending someone else. Pooja says Naren don’t need proofs. Kusum asks Anuj to take her.

Dr. Anand’s mum tells that she wants to know if she will be her bahu and asks her to give statement against Naren else she will break the marriage. Pooja asks her to believe that Naren can’t do this. Dr. Anand’s mum tells that only your statement can save your marriage. Pooja says she can’t give statement against honesty. Dr. Anand’s mum breaks the marriage and says she don’t want bahu who has someone in her heart and tells Satish that she don’t want his niece. Pooja is shocked. Kusum is teary eyed.

Satish apologizes to Dr. Anand’s mum. Dr. Anand’s mum says that she couldn’t handle mehendi of her son and is about to go. Naren asks her not to break the marriage and says he is ready to do anything. Dr. Anand’s mum asks him to marry his poojaran. Everyone is shocked. Dr. Anand’s mum says she drank poison for you and is standing as witness for you. She says you shall have such wife. Pooja cries. Kusum cries.

Guru ji says this happens in marriage, I am sure that Dr. Anand will convince his parents. Naren says he will find out the culprit. Satish says he don’t want tamasha as marriage is after 2 days. Pooja cries. Jogiya song plays….

Pooja stops Guru ji and asks why you are trying to ruin Naren’s name again and again. She says you have mixed something in kheer and now stolen the jewellery and kept in Naren’s room. She asks why is he jealous of Naren. Guru ji says we are sanyasi and says it is others’ weakness to get jealous. Pooja says you can’t harm Pooja. Guru ji says you are thinking me wrong and tells her that Naren’s enemies are not less and signs at Neelima and Rahul.

Pooja says your games will not work infront of me. Guru ji asks what you will do, marriage and security too. Rahul tells Neelima that who have done this if not Guru ji. He says Mayank. Neelima says love makes person do such things and says Pooja will look beautiful without jewellery and laughs.

Naren brings Supriya’s jewellery and says you will wear this. Pooja says she will not wear this and asks him to take it back. Naren throws jewellery on bed and asks what she wants to proof. He holds her closely and asks why don’t you leave me if you don’t want to see me, why do you become solution for my problems. Pooja says you are returning favors with jewellery. Naren holds her again and asks why she is behaving strange. Pooja says our lives are changing in 2 days and says how can we stay at same place still. Naren says he will not let anything change.

Deception 15 February 2020 Update ends when Pooja says I can’t explain you this again and again and says next time, my husband will make you understand. Naren asks why she is taking Anand’s name. Pooja says he is my reality now and I don’t want you to come inbetween us. Naren says I don’t want your permission or you. He goes. Jogiya plays…..Pooja cries.

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