Deception 18 January 2020 Update on Zee World


Deception 18 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Supriya asks why she is silent and calls them double standard people. Harish and pooja looks on. Neelima says he didn’t do anything and don’t need any slap. Naren says you said right and goes. Neelima asks Rahul to come. Supriya recalls promising Pooja and her mami. Pooja cries. Supriya tells pooja that she couldn’t identify her sad face and asks why did she hide truth from her. Pooja says I am very sad and didn’t know what to do. Supriya asks her never to hide things from her.

Mayank tells Rakesh and Harsha that he didn’t expect that Rahul can’t do anything like that. He tells Naren did right by slapping Rahul. Harsha says he is like your Nana. Mayank says it is not good to misbehave with a girl. Rakesh says he is concerned about Hardik. Neelima provokes Hardik and tells that she is not surprised and knows that Harish did this to sideline Rahul from MD position. Rahul tells that he did this as I am Hardik’s son and not Harish’s son. She asks him if he will be silent now itself. Rahul says he will not spare Pooja.

Pooja thinks Naren fought with his family for her. She thinks about Kusum’s words and thinks how to keep up with the promise. Naren comes home and brings the Police. Rakesh asks if this Police is with you. Naren says Police came to arrest Rahul as he did a mistake and needs to be punished. Neelima asks if he is out of the mind and asks Harish to send the Police. Hardik asks her to calm down and says I will bring Rahul. Neelima says it is a small thing. Naren asks if misbehaving with a servant is a small thing. Inspector says no. Naren asks him to arrest Rahul and punish him. Neelima asks do you have warrant with you. Inspector asks pooja to lodge Police complaint. Naren asks pooja to file complaint and not to be scared of anyone.

Neelima asks Supriya to stop Rahul’s arrest and says they care for Servant than family members. Harish says he has misbehaved with Pooja and wants to make this matter go like a joke. Inspector asks them to end their conversation and asks Pooja to file a complaint there itself. Rahul comes there. Neelima asks him to apologize to Pooja and everyone and end the matter. Rahul bends down infront of Pooja and apologizes to her. He says you never gave me any signal or tried to come closer to me, you just asked for genuine help and I have taken advantage and misbehaved with you. He apologizes to her.

Pooja recalls Rahul touching and holding her waist and then rubbing cake on her face. She recalls Supriya’s care for her. Naren asks Inspector to arrest him. Hardik tells pooja that his son should be jailed for his mistake, but he can’t see his son in jail and asks her to forgive him. He apologizes to her. Naren looks on.

Deception 18 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Hardik apologize to Pooja. Pooja asks him not to apologize to her and assures him that she will not file the complaint. Naren is shocked. Inspector asks are you sure? Pooja nods her head. Naren is upset. Rakesh tells Inspector that they will solve the matter at home and asks Mayank to drop Inspector till door. Inspector goes. Hardik thanks Pooja for forgiving Rahul. Pooja says I haven’t forgiven him, saved him from the punishment for sake of you all.

Neelima cries and takes Rahul inside. Rahul eyes her angrily before going. Pooja tells Naren that her anger is justified and asks him to listen to her once. Naren says he don’t want to talk and says whatever you have done is wrong. Pooja says if Rahul had gone to jail then what happened to Neelima and Hardik. Naren asks her to guarantee that Rahul will not do this again with any girl or servant and says I can’t force you as even you have right to take decision. Pooja says you stood with me like a friend.

Naren says I don’t do friendship with coward people. She asks him to come home. Naren says I will not go to place where justice is a game of rich. He asks servant mishra ji to add medicine in the food for animals. Pooja thinks what to do and asks Naren how this shed is broken, it was fine in the morning. Naren runs to shed and tries to make the roof top of the shed. Pooja smiles seeing his goodness. She helps him while the song plays Jogiya.

Harish tells that Pooja have shown her greatness by not filing Police complain and says it is now our duty to punish Rahul. Neelima says Naren have done a big drama. Harish says I don’t want to argue with you and declares that Rahul will not be part of Vyas group of Industries and says he is not permitted to stay in this house.

Pooja asks Naren not to leave home. Naren says I remember my contract and says I am not leaving home. Pooja blames herself. Naren asks her not to give importance to herself and asks her to help Supriya. Neelima says what is this? Harish says this decision is final. Neelima says Rahul will not leave the house, else I will also go with him. Rahul says 1 min….mom. Naren thinks what Harish told about Rahul misbehaving with Pooja and gets restless.

He opens some book and imagines his Dada ji teaching him (small naren) that in every woman, there is a mother and asking him to respect all women as it is equivalent to do puja. He hugs his dada. Malanga Re plays….He sees his dada gone. He tells Dada ji your teachings, values are humiliated in this house. Rahul tells Neelima that he will go, and have been misguided. He asks her to let him bear the punishment. Neelima says no.

Anuj talks to Rachel and says you can’t back off. Rachel says she is changing her place and asks him to pay more than 5000. Anuj thinks from where to get the money. He hears neighbor telling Kusum that she kept paying guest and getting 5- 7 thousand. Anuj gets an idea.

Rahul packs his bag and asks Neelima to let him go. Neelima says no. He leaves. Harish asks Hardik to get ready for the meeting. Pooja returns home. Neelima blames her and says nobody can save you from me now, I won’t let you stay in this house, so pack your bl….dy bags and leave. She pushes her. Supriya holds Pooja from falling down. Supriya asks what you are doing? Neelima says you are talking now for a servant and haven’t talk when my son was leaving. She says I know you and says you looks innocent, but is clever from heart.

She says you have trapped jiju with your innocent face, everyone know that Harish Vyas’s alliance came for me, but you went with tea and he chose you. She says I have to marry his loser brother. She says you tried to act to be good infront of everyone. Supriya is shocked. Harsh says Harish had chosen Supriya and wanted to marry her only. Neelima gets angry and throws the show piece.

Supriya gets a call and talks to pandit ji. She tells Harish that Pandit ji asks everyone to gather for Bau ji’s barsi. Neelima insults Supriya and tells that she will not attend any barsi or function. She asks her to do barsi with her family. Harsha says it is Bau ji’s barsi. Neelima says it is enough now.

Naren looks at his Dada ji’s pic and says they don’t respect your adarsh then why do they celebrate your barsi. He says I can’t attend your barsi where your values and teachings is forgotten by everyone. Supriya tells Pooja that Neelima is angry with her and says I wish everything get fine for a day, so that we can attend barsi today. Harish says when family members are not interested to attend Bau ji’s barsi then why to keep barsi. Pooja thinks to do something so that everyone comes together.

Harish cancels the barsi of his father. He gets a call from Mr. Singh and asks Supriya to give him pen and paper. He tells that he got a big deal and asks Supriya to give a day to Neelima so that she can reconsider her decision and tells that till then he will not tell anything to Pandit ji about Barsi. Pooja thinks Naren is like Harish and can’t see anyone’s sadness. She thinks to unite all family members and says she got an idea.

Naren thinks about his Dada ji’s teachings and goes to the cliff. Pooja comes there and sees Naren standing near the cliff looking at the river. Pooja shouts Naren Babu and asks him to stop. Naren is about to jump in the river. Pooja sees Gauri, Bholu and thinks only they can save Naren now. She sends goats there. Naren’s mind gets diverted by goats’ sound. Pooja comes there now. Naren cares for the goats. Pooja says Naren Babu. Naren asks her to leave him alone.

Anuj comes to Rachel’s hostel and asks her to come with him for a PG room. She agrees. Naren checks the bill. Pooja thinks why his mood is off and recalls Naren building the shed. She makes the shed falls down with the help of Bamboo and tells Naren that the shed fell down again. Naren asks how did this happen and asks Mishra ji. Pooja asks him to do with calm mind and says everything will be fine. She helps him while he makes rooftop again. He makes the shed roof and asks Mishra ji to do the rest of work. Deception 18 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Pooja breaks the wooden railing and tells Naren. Naren tries to repair it. Pooja talks to goat and ask it to share some idea to calm down his anger. She sees water pots and empties it. She tells Naren that water is over. Mayank comes and wonders why she is doing this. He offers to help Naren and asks do you remember that we used to think that Nanu used to loved you much, and we didn’t love him like you. He says if he will feel good if you don’t attend his barsi. Naren looks on. Pooja smiles. She comes near the horse and says if Naren agree then Supriya will be happy. Harsha tells Supriya that Naren will attend the barsi.

While Naren is busy in his farm. Rahul comes there and says I know I did a mistake and Tau ji kicked me out of company and home. He asks him not to make him far from him. Naren asks did you follow Dada ji’s teachings and goes.

Kusum gets a call and tells that she will clean Pooja’s room for the PG. She then thinks if Anuj went to meet Rachel and thinks this is happening because of Pooja. She scolds him. Just then she sees Rachel coming there and saying hello. Kusum asks who is she? Rahul apologizes to Pooja and asks her to forgive him or punish him. Pooja asks him to apologize to Naren.

She gets kusum’s call and thinks what to answer her. She comes to Naren and asks him to have food. Naren asks her to let him finish work first and asks her to give nail. Pooja gives nail. Naren repairs the shed. Pooja recalls Kusum’s warning asking her not to roam after Naren. He jumps down and is about to fall down on Pooja, but handles himself. He then have food.

Harish comes there, sees Naren having food and asks what you are making him do. Pooja says she is helping him and trying to calm her mind. Harish says you would have involved him in office work. Pooja says just like you don’t like farm, he don’t like office. Harish says you are called here with a mission. Pooja says that’s why I saying a father to back off and his friend.

Deception 18 January 2020 Update ends when Harish says enough Pooja and asks him not to take advantage of his helplessness and asks her not to forget her limit and gives last warning. Pooja looks on and thinks about Kusum’s conditions. Naren tells her that he is keeping Dada ji’s barsi and asks her to help him if she wants. Pooja thinks if helping Naren is crossing her limit?