Deception 21 April 2020 Update


Deception 21 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts as Pooja ask Anuj to accept her as his sister. She asks when did he grow moustaches. Anuj says when Naren can have many faces, why can ‘t I have moustache. Naren says next time, we will grow moustaches together. He gets a call and tells Pooja that they have to go and will return after the rally. Anuj hears them and thinks to follow, but Rachel stops him. Naren brings Pooja to some decorated place, and says he has kept gift for her at back seat.

Pooja says even I can surprise you. Naren asks what did you think where we went. Pooja tells him that she trusts him and asks him to change driver’s name on mobile. She says I am yours. Saiyya plays. Anuj gets worried for Pooja. He comes to know that Naren has hired a person and thinks something is wrong. Pooja comes to Naren.

Naren looks at her and asks if she never got angry on him when he insulted her. He asks aren’t you get scared then I will change again. Pooja says where there is love, there is no fear. They are about to get close. Hardik calls her and asks where is she? Pooja says Naren wanted to spend sometime with her and brought her to farmhouse near Dehradun. He says ok and asks her not to go to Rally.

Pooja says she has to go and will keep him updated. Anuj couldn’t find about the man and thinks what he will do. Pooja tells Naren that Hardik was worried for her and asks her not to go to your rally. Naren asks why did you reply and tells her that he don’t want her to come tomorrow citing danger. He tells romantic lines and is about to kiss her. He says can’t we start afresh. Pooja says my heart trusts you and I know you will never break my trust. Nirjana song plays…He is about to get closer. His phone rings. Pooja gives his phone.

Deception 21 April 2020 Update: Naren says today you are giving my phone without spying. Pooja says when we are starting afresh, why to have old habits. She says she trusts him fully. Naren looks at the caller in his phone. Pooja says you are my belief and trust, and hugs him. Naren recalls telling the man to kill Pooja and says she will come after tonight. He gets touched with her words and moves back. Piya albela plays…..

Naren asking Pooja not to trust him. Pooja says she has loved him and your good and bad is mine now. She gets romantic while he feels bad. Song plays….She kisses on his cheeks. He takes her to bed. They consummate their marriage. Naren wakes up and takes her broken bangles. He recalls her words and hurts his hand. He thinks I have to stop Tikambar. Pooja comes to him and says it is a big day for you today, lets go to Mama ji’s house, I want to wish you whole heartedly.

Rahul tells Neelima that he has to marry Naina to break Naren and Pooja’s marriage. He says holika dahan will happen here. Naina tells that once Rahul marries her, then she will kill him and send to Mayank. Then next turn is of Naren. She says I have a surprise for you Pooja.

Pooja gets ready and thinks about romantic moments with Naren. Rachel compliments her beauty. Pooja asks Kusum if she can decorate the house. Kusum says why not? She thinks Pooja is acting as if he is going to war. Naren tries to message Tigambar, but his phone gets off. Pooja comes there. Naren says you will not come with me to rally. Pooja says we are one and no danger can touch me when you are with me. Naren hugs her and asks her not to come. Pooja says I will not agree without coming with you and asks him to get ready as everyone is waiting for rising star.

Naren calls Tigambar, but he is not picking the call. Chandrika comes to Satish’s house. Kusum insults her. Satish says I called her so that she can do tilak of Naren. Rachel tells chandrika that Naren took Pooja somewhere yesterday. Pooja hugs her shyly. Chandrika thinks what is Naren ‘s plan.

Pooja comes to Naren and hears him talking to Danish and asking him to increase security and says he don’t want anything to happen with Pooja. Pooja hugs him. Naren says why you loves me so much. Pooja says there is no answer for something and tells that today if she dies then also have no regrets. Naren hugs her and thinks I won’t let anything happen to you. Pooja says Maa came. Naren asks her to tie ghungroo to his hand. Pooja ties it and smiles. She hugs him. Naren thinks I won’t let anything happen to you.

Deception 21 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Kusum does Naren and Pooja’s aarti before they go to Rally. Satish blesses them. Naren tells Satish that Pooja will not come with me to Rally and asks him to make her understand. Pooja says she will not stop and will get her pics clicked with him. Satish says she will not agree. Rachel asks him to take her. Pooja says she will get ready. Naren thinks I don’t deserve your trust.

They go on a rally. People cheers for Naren. Naren gets Tigambar’s message. Naren asks Danish why did that gun man reached here when I stopped him and asks him to stop him. Gun man is shown. Anuj is behind them. Pooja senses something bad and says this chance must not come again. Naren says you shouldn’t have come with me. Pooja says she will get her pics clicked with him on stage. Hardik gets message and shows to Chandrika. Chandrika says we shall go to Rally. Naren asks Pooja to hold his hand. Shooter aims gun at Pooja. They go to stage.

Harish and others watch on TV. Harish says Naren made me proud today. He asks Rahul if he is not happy. Rahul says bhai and I are one, we are happy. Naren thinks to call shooter and goes inside. Shooter gets Naren’s call. Naren says plan is cancelled. Shooter couldn’t hear him and tells that everything is happening according to plan. Naren comes to Pooja and says we have to leave from here immediately.

Rahul says Pooja’s destiny is good. Harish says once Naren becomes Politician, he will kick her out.

Shooter is about to shoot Pooja as they are leaving. Anuj asks Shooter to shoot Naren and offers double money. Pooja sees shooter aiming gun at Naren, calls his name and runs to rescue him. She pushes him and the bullet hits Pooja. Naren is shocked. Harish says from where did this bullet is shot? Supriya shouts Naren. Naren and Chandrika hold Pooja. Supriya gets worried for Naren. Harish says nothing will happen to him. Narene holds her. Pooja gets unconscious. Anuj sees her condition an d removes turban and fake beard shockingly. Naren lifts her and runs to take her to ambulance.

In the hospital, Naren cries keeping his head on Chandrika’s lap. Harish comes there and asks what happened? Naren tells him that the bullet was aimed at me, but Pooja took it on her. He cries and says if anything happens to her then I will not forgive myself. Harish is shocked.

Deception 21 April 2020 Update: Chandrika prays for Pooja. Doctor comes and tells that the bullet touched Pooja’s shoulder, she is out of danger now. Supriya calls Harish and asks about Naren. Harish says he is fine, and Pooja was hit by the bullet. Naren sees shooter there and goes to ask him. He asks who told you to shoot and says plan was cancelled. Shooter says when I called to confirmed, your secretary confirmed it. Naren is shocked.