Deception 22 January 2020 Update on Zee World



Deception 22 January 2020 Update on Zee World.

Naren gets shock seeing Chandani’s daughter and asks why did you caged your own daughter for money. Chandani says I have hidden this fact since she has taken birth and says it is the worst thing for her, and she did this due to her helplessness. She tells that people comes to rang mahal to see color and not to see a mum. She says this is truth of our lives. Naren holds the little girl’s hand and sees her burn. He hugs her. Malanga Re plays….He asks her name. She tells Gudiya.

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Naren asks her to come with him. Chandani asks where are you taking her. Naren takes her to hall and asks when did she get burn mark. She says with crackers. Naren asks didn’t you learn at school about the safety measures. Gudiya says she don’t go to school. Chandani asks why he is making fun on them and says she don’t go to school. She says she is a bad mum. She says many NGO people come here and sympathizes with us, gets pics clicked and leave. She asks Naren with which relation, he is showing sympathy and asks him to return to his world.

Naaren holds the little girl’s hand. The woman Mohini who have added some drugs in Naren’s drink brings the drink for him. Chandani throws it and says we had added drugs for you to ruin you, but you seems to be a good guy. Naren looks on.

Pooja and mayank return home. Supriya asks about Naren. Pooja tells that he is at farm and will come soon. Mayank tells that he was tired so he came. Supriya asks Mayank to come as Harsha asked her to send some stuff. Pooja worries for Naren and thinks where did he go? She asks Gopal if Rahul returned home. Gopal says no. Pooja thinks if Naren is with Rahul and is about to call him, just then she sees Naren coming home. She tries to talk to him. Naren goes to his room and locks himself. Pooja hopes he is not worried about anything. Naren feels bad about the girl and punishes himself recalling Chandani’s words. Mayank comes and says good morning. Pooja says you are getting better. She says she will bring Naren.

Mayank says we will go farm together. Pooja looks at him. He says okay, as you wish. Pooja goes to Naren’s room and couldn’t see him. She lifts his shirt and gets perfume smell. She recalls Chandani and sees Naren going on his bike. She follows him in auto and sees Naren buying flowers and kumkum. She is shocked. She follows him and comes to Rang gali. She calls Naren and asks what you are doing here, come with me. Naren asks why you are following me.

Deception 22 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Pooja asks him to think of his family. Naren goes inside ignoring her. Pooja thinks what is going on in his mind. Naren comes to Chandani. Chandani asks you? She asks why did you come here? Pooja tries to peep inside through window. Naren shows the kumkum bottle and says he came here for make relation. Pooja is shocked. Chandani is surprised.

Chandani asks what is this joke? Naren says we are not of the age to joke. He says he didn’t come here to show fake sympathy and says this is the answer to your question. He tells her that many relations are made in this world and says he wants to make a relation which will have trust in it. He says he wants to become Guru of Gudiya and want to teach her and give his learning which he got from his mum. Chandani is touched by his gesture and nods. Mohini brings Gudiya there. Naren asks Gudiya if you will make me your teacher. Gudiya nods. Naren says I will take your class from today itself and asks them to make her ready. Chandani is in tears.

Neelima tells Supriya that she will not give gym room to Harsha and asks her to sort out her problem. Harsha and Rakesh come to stay in the house. Harsha tells that she will live her childhood fully and asks Servant to keep her stuff in her old room. Supriya asks her to have breakfast and tea first. Harsha asks about Naren. Supriya asks Rakesh to sit.

Chandani brings Gudiya after getting her ready and says from today you are her Guru. Naren asks Gudiya to come with her. Pooja hides hearing him opening the door. Chandani asks where you are taking her. Naren asks her to trust him. They go with Naren. Pooja is tensed and follows them. He takes Gudiya to nearby temple. Malanga Re plays….He makes Gudiya pray infront of God and applies tilak on her forehead. Chandani, Mohini and others are touched and happy. Pooja looks on cluelessly.

Naren asking Gudiya to give puja flower to her mum. She gives to Chandani. Chandani gets emotional and hugs her. Everyone gets teary eyes. Pooja looks on. Chandani says I got many names in this street, and for the first time I got respect. She thanks him. Rahul wakes up at other kotha and asks the pr*stitute why did people gather here. Pooja sees him and clicks his photo with the pr*stitute. She thinks so he brought Naren here. Rahul sees Pooja and gets tensed.

Supriya asks Harsha to stay in the outhouse and asks how you will manage in 2 rooms. Harsha says so you means outside the house. Supriya says I thought it has 3 rooms and nobody will have any problem. Harsha agrees and understands Neelima is behind it. Rakesh asks where is Mayank? Supriya says he is in Naren’s farm and tells that Pooja is making them work in farm. Rakesh says Mayank will learn hard work this way.

Rahul is leaving. Pooja calls him and says what did you think that you will ruin Naren’s character. Rahul asks how you will stop me and says Naren has spend night here. Pooja says Naren had returned home yesterday itself and says you have spent night here. She warns him to stay in his limits and shows his pic, else she will expose him. Neelima calls Rahul and asks him to come home. Rahul tells that he is in ghat with Naren. Neelima asks him to come. Pooja says you can’t harm Naren. Deception 22 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Naren teaches kids. Other kids also come there. Naren teaches them. Pooja sees him teaching kids and smiles….song plays…She thinks his intention is good, but how can kids study in this environment. She thinks Harish will not support him and thinks to get his school shifted to some other place. She calls him and says you are doing a good work, and says such people are found rarely and people like us couldn’t understand your intentions.

Naren asks her to help him. Pooja asks him to take classes in his farm and says kids will study well. Naren asks what is wrong here? Pooja says don’t think me wrong, how can kids study in this environment. Naren says you have problem with the dance, and says even you danced during Bua ji’s birthday. He asks her to return if she don’t want to stay.

Anuj brings breakfast for Rachel and asks her to get ready for dance class. Kusum asks her when she will give rent. Rachel says Anuj will talk to you. Anuj takes her outside and tells that she will give rent at month last. He thinks from where to get 5000 Rs.

Mayank talks to Bholu and thinks he doesn’t know why he is missing Pooja. He thinks something is different in Pooja. He tells that he can’t talk infront of her. Kids come and asks other kids to come and play. Gudiya is still sitting. Naren tells Gudiya that they will study for sometime and then she can play. Pooja tells that that’s why she said that children shall study in farm house.

Naren says when you see this place with wrong perspective, you will see it wrong. He says you think this place wrong and that’s why you have hidden your face. Pooja asks him to think about Supriya and Harish. Naren calls her coward and asks her to go, if she really wants to help him, then remove the fear veil. She goes. Chandani tries to stop her, but Mohini stops her. Pooja walks out and thinks of Kusum’s warning and Naren’s words.

Deception 22 January 2020 Update – Just then she sees Satish coming there in rickshaw. She wonders what Mama is doing here? Satish is going to Rang Mahal and gets Kusum’s call. He says he will deliver Sitar and come. Pooja follows him. Chandani opens the door and greets Satish. Satish also talks to her nicely and says he has repaired her sitar. Chandani calls him inside. Pooja thinks what will Mama think of Naren if he sees him inside.