Deception 30th March 2020 Update


Deception 30th March 2020 Update begins when Supriya tells Naren that she won’t let him go alone with Pooja in her mental condition. Naina is having food at Satish’s house. Satish says she will stay with us for some days. Naina says in Pooja’s room. Rahul takes out his frustration and says we will get mad because of these mad people. Surbhi says we are here to ruin their happiness and asks him to relax.

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Naren takes Pooja to hall. Pooja says mela seeing the decoration at home. She says your mela is not happening. Just then everyone comes. A song plays junoon….Pooja dances with Naren. Rahul comes wearing cartoon costume and signs a man. Pooja asks Naren to wear joker’s costume. Naren says costume is not ready. Rahul says it is ready in your room. Surbhi asks Pooja to try bangles. The goon asks her to come with him and says he will give her yellow bangles. Pooja goes with him. Rahul thinks kalyug ravan have kidnapped his sita and thinks how you will save your sita, ram ji.

Naren hears Pooja voice, He comes to the hall and asks where is Pooja. They all get worried for her. Goon tells Pooja that the bangle is in the car and tries to make her get inside car decky. Pooja fights with him, but he hits on her head and she faints.

makes Pooja fall in the car decky and locks it. Naren is worried for Pooja when he don’t find her. Mayank tells that Pooja is nowhere. Neelima says anything can happen with the mad girl. Naren asks the shop keepers to leave the house right away. Harish sees bangles stall without the seller and asks who is he? The man comes and says I am its owner. He tells when I was reaching here, someone attacked me and snatched all my stuff. Rahul hides. Man says he was talking to Police, someone attacked him and made him unconscious. Naren says it was someone’s conspiracy to kidnapped Pooja. Neelima says Naren’s life will be spent in taking care of Pooja now.

After sometime, the kidnapper car is stopped and the goon indisguise of a police man seals Pooja’s mouth with tape and says your owner is waiting for you. Pooja is shocked. Naren is worried. Harish says we will find Pooja.

Rahul calls Mr. Kapoor and says Sita is kidnapped. Mr. Kapoor says Sita will go with me to foreign. He is indisguise of a muslim man with sherwani and turban. He thanks him. The goons tell Pooja that they will take her to Police station. Mr. Kapoor comes there indisguise and acts to fight with the goons. Goons escape. Pooja gets down from the jeep. Mr. Kapoor asks her to come and says I will drop you home. Pooja asks how do you know I am Pooja. How do you know my name. Mr. Kapoor says I am Mama ji’s friend and knows you. Pooja asks him to take her to Mama’s house. Mr. Kapoor says he is taking her there. Naren is searching her in his car. Mr. Kapoor asks Pooja to give her hand in his hand and says Naren can’t catch you. Pooja gives her hand. Mr. Kapoor kisses on her hand. Pooja takes her hand back.

Naina thinks she will snatch Pooja’s everything and also her place. Mr. Kapoor stops the car and tells Pooja that he will bring water for her. Some men sitting there see her. Mr. Kapoor thinks they will board flight to America soon, and Naren will end up searching you. Naren is searching Pooja there and don’t see Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor buys water bottle for her and sits in car. Naren sees his face, but couldn’t identify because of beard. He thinks if Pooja went to Dehradun. He calls Satish and asks if Pooja came there. Naina says no and says she is servant. Naren asks her to tell Satish to call him and also that Pooja is missing.

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Naina says she will tell him. Satish comes and takes his phone. Naina calls him and asks where you are going? He sees strawberries and eats it. Satish asks if there is any work. Naina says she wants to have strawberries now. Naren asks the men who saw Pooja and they tell him that she went in a white car with some aged man.

Naina asks Satish to make her have strawberries with his hand. He makes her eat it. Naina thinks he didn’t know that his niece is missing. Mr. Kapoor brings Pooja somewhere and says your mama wants to take you to fancy dress competition and we came here to get costume for the same. Pooja gets excited and says wow, I will become madhuri dixit. Mr. Kapoor smiles. Pooja looks at his beard and asks if this is fake. Mr. Kapoor wears it and says you are naughty. Naren comes to Mr. Kapoor’s car, but there were not there. Pooja comes out of shop wearing burqa. Mr. Kapoor sees naren and makes her wear veil, and asks her not to lift it. Naren enquires with the people on road. Just then he hears Pooja asking other burqa clad women if they are also in the fancy dress competition. He turns and sees Mr. Kapoor and Pooja in burqa.

muslim people holding Naren thinking he is teasing a muslim woman. Mr. Kapoor sits in car along with Pooja. Naren shouts Pooja. Pooja hears his voice and gets down from the car. She comes to him. Mr. Kapoor escapes from there. Harish and Mayank come there and tell the people that Pooja is their relative. Pooja tells them that the uncle was good, and kissed her hand also. Naren gets furious and tells her that she shall not have let him kiss her hand and scolds her. Pooja runs on road and falls down. Naren makes her wear chappal and lifts her. Pooja says she don’t want to go with him and wants to go to her mama’s house.

Mr. Kapoor calls Rahul and informs him that Naren took Pooja with him. He threatens Rahul. Harish calls satish and informs him that they found Pooja. Satish is shocked and says nobody called me. Harish says Naren said he called you and some servant picked the call. Satish says I understood who had picked the call.

Naren brings Pooja home and asks Supriya to take her to room. He tells her that old man had kidnapped her and also kissed on her hand. Supriya asks her to come. Pooja refuses and tells that uncle was good, and was taking her to Mama’s house. Naren says that man was bad. Pooja says no and pushes Supriya. Naren raises hand on her, but stops. Harish asks what is wrong with you Naren. Harsha helps Supriya get up. Pooja cries. Naina damages Pooja’s bangles. Satish comes there and asks why she has hidden from him that Naren called him. Naina says it was a small matter, and tells that when you gave me this room, all the things belongs to me. Harsha asks Naren to go and convince Pooja. Naren comes to room and asks Pooja what is she doing. Pooja tells him that she will run away from there, and will go to Mama’s house. Naren says Mama will come when he has time and locks her in room. She knocks on the door and says nobody loves me.

Naren says until you listens to me, I will not open the door. Pooja asks him to open the door and says she will beat him. Harish and Supriya come there and asks what is he doing? Naren asks if he shall let Pooja go with stranger. Harsha asks them to let Naren handle her. Pooja cries sitting closely to door. Naren also cries. Saiyya plays…Surbhi says don’t know why their love is so mad. Rahul says this is what you are saying and says you had committed murder in love. Naren feels bad recalling Pooja’s words.

Rahul and Surbhi see Naren in distress. Rahul tells her that Naren’s patience is giving up and tells that they shall scare Pooja. They switches off lights of Pooja’s room. Pooja cries. Rahul applies some white powder on Surbhi’s face and says what will happen if ghosts come in darkness. Pooja tries to go through window and tries to open it, when Surbhi scares her like ghost. Naren feels pain in his stomach and faints.

poojagets scared as Surbhi scares her as ghost. She falls down the stairs and gets unconscious. Rahul and Surbhi smiles. Naren wakes up in car and recalls locking Pooja in their room. He rushes back to home and sees Harsha caring for Pooja. Pooja gets scared seeing him.

Deception 30th March 2020 Update: Harish asks where were you? Mayank asks Naren to come out. Harsha pacify scared Pooja. Naina tells Satish and Anuj that she wouldn’t have let Pooja stay in that house if she was her sister. Satish says we will solve our family problems. Anuj says I will not leave Pooja there and asks Naina to help him with the lawyer.