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Deception 31 March 2020 Update on Zee World

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The episode starts when Pooja gets scared as Surbhi acts like a ghost. She falls down the stairs and gets unconscious. Rahul and Surbhi smiles. Naren wakes up in car and recalls locking Pooja in their room. He rushes back to home and sees Harsha caring for Pooja. Pooja gets scared seeing him.

Harish asks where were you? Mayank asks Naren to come out. Harsha pacify scared Pooja. Naina tells Satish and Anuj that she wouldn’t have let Pooja stay in that house if she was her sister. Satish says we will solve our family problems. Anuj says I will not leave Pooja there and asks Naina to help him with the lawyer

Mayank tells Naren that the room fuse was off and that’s why Pooja slipped and fell down from the stairs. When they hear her shout, they ran to room and saw her having fever. Naren feels bad and says don’t know why he got hyper.

Satish tells Naina that he understands what she is trying to do. She says she wants love and the wealth. Harsha takes care of Pooja. Naren asks her if Pooja is fine. Harsha says she is fine and asks him to come with her. Naren hesitates, but she takes him. She blind folds her so that Naren can feed her food. A sad song plays…..dil diya galla….

Deception 31 March 2020 Update: Pooja is about to open the blind fold. Naren hides. Harsha opens the blind folds and asks shall I ask Naren to come here. Pooja says no and gets hyper, says she won’t let him come there. Harsha says ok. Naren goes. Mayank tells Naren that they shall have something to cheer the mood. Anuj and Kusum come there, and she tells that they came to know that they have locked Pooja in room all night. Mayank says you was about to send her to mental asylum.

Lawyers come there. Rahul says he called Shakuni mami to take Pooja. Anuj shows the court papers. Naren says you can’t take Pooja. Anuj gets angry. Harish comes and asks if you have gone mad to behave like enemies. He says if Pooja would have been fine, then if she would be happy to see you fighting. Anuj says he can’t leave Pooja on drunkard Naren’s mercy. Harish says fine, Pooja will decide where she wants to say. Kusum says they will take Pooja with them. Anuj agrees. Naren says I don’t agree to this condition. Harish asks Naren to let Pooja decide, and says she will not leave us.

Kusum asks them to call Pooja. Pooja comes and hugs Anuj. She tells him about the big mela in the house. Naren tells her that she shall stay with them. Pooja says she don’t want to stay with him. Kusum tells Lawyers that her daughter don’t want to stay here. Pooja runs to Harsha and says she don’t want to go with her, and says Mami beats me with broom. Naren gets angry. Rahul says injustice on a small girl and gives a broom to Pooja asking her to beat Kusum. Kusum asks what is this misbehavior. Pooja runs after Kusum. Harsha stops Pooja and says she is elder than you. Pooja says she beats me so much and scolds also. Harsha asks Pooja to answer rightly to the lawyers. Lawyers ask Pooja to tell with whom she wants to stay with. Pooja smiles seeing Harsha and Anuj. She gets afraid seeing Naren and kusum. She looks at Naren’s innocent face. Ve Saiyya plays……

Pooja tells that she wants to stay with Bua, as she is good and don’t scold her. She hugs Harsha. Kusum says where she will keep her, she has no home of her house. Supriya says this is Harsha’s own house. Anuj says then Pooja will have to stay with Naren. Lawyer says Naren and Pooja can’t stay in same room. Naren asks what nonsense? Lawyer says she is having danger with you and threatens to send her to daycare. Naren says Pooja will stay with Bua in room. Mayank asks them to leave.

Naren tells Mayank that he wants to focus on Pooja’s recovery. Pooja tells Harsha that she made star fish and asks her to pick her crayons. Harsha says you shall not do this. Naren looks at sindoor and recalls marrying Pooja. Tu mera khuda….plays. Pooja also recalls something seeing the crayon. He packs his stuff and leaves.

Pooja ask Harsha if Supriya is upset with her. Harsha says no and says we shall go and play. Neelima scolds Surbhi and tells that Harsha is with Pooja. Rahul comes there in disguise of a tantrik baba. He tells that Jholi wale baba will come and will kidnap Pooja. Satish packs Naina’s stuff and asks her to leave. Naina says she will not leave Nani’s house easily. Satish says money is ready, and gives her FD of Pooja’s names, shares, bonds and also her mum’s jewellery. Hee asks her to take all and leave them. Naina thinks this gift will become your neck cuff.

Harsha prays for Pooja. Neelima tells Harsha that she shall call her swami ji. Harsha says it is a good idea and goes to talk to him. Neelima says Jholi wale baba will come and take Pooja with him. Rahul wakes up Pooja and puts blanket on her face. He then hides as she shouts. Neelima comes there. Pooja says ghost must have come. Neelima says Jholi wale baba will come and takes small kids. Pooja says she drank milk fully. Neelima says jholi wale baba is Bua’s friend and have brought big bag to kidnap kids. She asks her to go out and see. Once Pooja goes, Rahul comes out and do hifive with Neelima. Pooja sees Harsha with baba and gets shocked. Neelima and Rahul smirks.

Deception 31 March 2020 Update continues: Naren, Supriya and Harish meet Doctor. Doctor says I can’t tell that she will be treated and says her condition will deteriorate further. Supriya asks if their children will also be mad. Doctor says I can’t say. Naren says why we came here then and tells that he has copy of alternate treatments and will treat her. Doctor says you can try. While he is standing out, all the papers falls down on road. Naren feels helpless. Saiyya Ve plays…Harsha asks Baba to give jaadha to Pooja and goes to bring her. Rahul says Bua is gone. Harsha asks her to come.

Pooja gets scared seeing knife in his hand which he gives to Neelima. Harsha tells Pooja that baba will do some magic. Neelima shows her knife which scares her and she pushes Harsha. Harsha falls down from the stairs. Neelima shouts jiji. Pooja is shocked. Naren, Harish and Supriya come back home and see Harsha falling down the stairs.

They take Harsha to room. Neelima blames Pooja. Pooja tells Supriya that this jholi wale baba wanted to take her and is about to beat him. Supriya scolds her and apologizes to Baba. Neelima says her condition is bad. Rahul says this mad woman haven’t left my wife and shows her injured hand. Supriya asks her why did she beat surbhi. Pooja says liar and says she will beat her. Naren asks Pooja to stop it. Supriya asks Pooja to go to her room. Pooja says she will apply medicine to Bua. Naren asks her to let him handle. Supriya says this girl is getting away from our hands because of much attention and angrily asks her to go. Pooja cries and goes.

Rahul says Pooja will go to mental asylum now. Pooja cries in her room and says she didn’t push, don’t know how Bua slipped. Doctor checks Harsha and says her legs can be damaged. He asks them to be alert with Pooja. Pooja tells that she will massage Harsha’s legs and says sorry hugging doll. Surbhi tells that Pooja might take someone’s life. Neelima says they shall get nurse for her. Harsha tells that she slipped and fell down, it was not Pooja’s mistake. Supriya says Neelu is right, we shall keep doctor and nurse at home for Pooja. Naren hears her.

Pooja cries feeling Harsha’s pain. Supriya stops Naren to going to her room and tells that she has decided to call nurse at home. Naren throws her phone and tells that Pooja is in this condition as she took your troubles on her head. Supriya says she didn’t forget and tells him that she won’t let make pagli sit on his lap. Naren is shocked and says a mother is saying this. Neelima asks him to understand her. Naren asks her to say what price he shall give to her. Supriya slaps him.

Naina tells Satish that she is going to Delhi to search her Ram. Satish asks her to go far away from Pooja. Naina goes. Satish thinks may be she was greedy and left as she got money, property everything. Surbhi comes to Rahul and says nice drama is happening in the house. Rahul says Supriya is doing their work. Naren announces that he will leave the house with Pooja. Supriya says you can give her wife’s rights, but she can’t be your wife.

Naren says I will fulfill both relations alone and I have learnt this from you. He apologizes to them on Pooja’s behalf. Harish tells Naren that nobody will leave the house and Supriya not to increase her fear. He guarantees Naren that no nurse will be called and they will handle Pooja together. He asks Supriya to take food for Pooja and asks her to make sure she don’t yearn for mother’s love. Supriya says ok and says she is ready to take up her responsibility. She goes to Pooja’s room. Pooja asks her to punish her, but don’t be upset with her. Supriya asks her to clean the room first. Pooja cleans the room. Naren and Mayank looks at her from outside. Ve Saiyya plays

Deception 31 March 2020 Update on Zee World