Family Affairs 25 July 2019 Update


Family Affairs 25 July 2019 Update  – Nimmi teasing Shivam and Riya. Riya leaves being shy. Shivam says no one disturbs married couple. Nimmi laughs and goes. He smiles. Shanti tells Raghav that Sarla should come and then they will do puja. Kaushalya asks Riya to rest and she can cook after the puja. Shanti says Kaushalya is showing her mum in law attitude and I know she will give love and respect to Riya. Raghav asks the girls to help Kaushalya in kitchen. Preeti asks Riya not to do work, she will help Kaushalya.

Bua and Suman argue. Bunty meets Anupam and asks why is he standing like this here. He says he is fed up of Bua and Suman’s fighting, he is having ear pain. Bunty asks him can she tell something, and asks him to send Suman and Bua soon. Sahil says she is right. Anupam says fine, I will talk

in few days. Bunty asks about Riya. Anupam says she is very happy, we will give her new phone when she comes for patphere, then you can talk to her. Bunty and Sahil argue. Anupam says I will buy phones for both of you. Bunty says I m going office and came here to have breakfast.
Rani does puja and greets Ashok and Sarla. Ashok smiles and blesses her. Sarla laughs. Ashok says it will be big thing if you don’t accept Rani. Pari tells Sarla that she is going for work. Amit asks Sarla not to talk to Shanti now. Pari gets ready. Sarla says she will make her mum apologize. Pari waits for Vyom and Vyom tells her that he is reaching in one hour. She meets her ex BF Varun there and says her standard is very high. Varun says he will keep her happy and she shows attitude.

Kaushalya makes tea for Riya. Riya says she likes ginger tea and thanks her. Kaushalya says she will always make ginger in her tea from now on. She says she was 17 or 18 year old when she got married, she used to help her mum at home, she studied till 6th class, Shanti taught me everything. Nimmi and Preeti come and ask for tea. Kaushalya asks them to take tea. They say you don’t love us now. Kaushalya says yes, right. Riya says I will give. Kaushalya says no, they both are very naughty. She asks them to arrange Riya’s items in Shivam’s room. She asks Riya to get ready. Renu comes there and smiles.

Riya greets her and goes. Renu says she will visit her Mausi with Pradeep and come. Kaushalya asks her to come before puja starts. Shanti is worried as Sarla is not receiving call. Amit asks Sarla not to talk to Shanti, and get money from her. He asks her to go for yatra. She scolds him. Prabha asks Rani to teach a lesson to Sarla. Rani says I m sure Sarla will take my home today. She sees Amit and goes to him. Raghav says Sarla is not taking my call too. Shanti says she is still angry.

Shivam and sisters bring the bags to his room. They have a talk and say he is best brother. He says you both are best sisters and hugs them. Riya looks on and smiles. Shivam sees Riya and makes excuses to send the sisters. They leave. Riya and Shivam smile seeing each other. Rani meets Amit and stops him. Amit stops her and shows attitude. She says she can help him and sell her jewelry. He asks her to get it. She says Sarla took her jewelry, this is just fake one. She requests him to take her home. He says you are a problem in my life. She says listen to me. He shuts the door. She cries and says she swears to come inside this house today. She wipes her tears and gets angry.

Riya unpacks her bag and Shivam helps her. She asks where to keep her clothes. He shows the cupboard and says he had made it vacant for her. She stands in window and smiles seeing the lake. He asks did she like the lake view. They have an eyelock. He says this is your room from today, did you like it. She says our room and goes away being shy. He smiles and holds her hand.

Amit argues with Sarla for taking Rani’s jewelry. Someone knocks door. They guess its Rani or Shanti. She says she will tell Shanti that she will not go, till she promises to trouble Riya and Kaushalya. He says tell her that you won’t come till she gives 5 lakhs. Sarla opens the door and they both get shocked seeing police at the door. Sonal looks on shocked too. She says Sarla’s nose will get cut today. Sarla gets tensed and asks what happened. The inspector asks them to come to police station. The neighbors gossip about Sarla. Sarla says don’t take us. The inspector says we have got dowry complaint against you, come with us. They arrest Amit and Sarla. Rani and Prabha look on. Sarla runs there and they stop her.

Prabha tells Rani that she did good. Rani says she did not do anything, I m unable to help them. Prabha asks her not to help them. Sarla says I will tell Raghav, he has contacts in police, listen to me. She calls Shanti. Shanti asks why did she not take call till now, she explained her a lot, why did she not come in puja. Sarla cries loudly and says police is arresting me. Shanti asks what, and tells Raghav to see police is arresting Sarla, I think she killed Rani. Sarla says come and save me, and call ends. Sarla cries and her hands are tried. Shanti cries at home. Raghav asks Shivam to come fast, police came in Sarla’s house. He asks Shanti to be at home and leaves. Family Affairs 25 July 2019 Update

Sonal calls Ashok and tells about Sarla and Amit’s arrest. Ashok talks to inspector and defends Sarla and Amit, they did not demand any dowry. He says Amit is married, but Rani… Sarla and Amit get tensed. The inspector says the bahu is not at home and they both asked for money to get her home, you have come control at home. Sarla says she won’t go and screams.

Sarla and Amit ask Prabha to call Rani. Sarla says Rani is my bahu. Amit says where is my wife. Rani says she will go. Prabha asks her to go inside and sit, let them suffer. Sarla says she won’t go and cries. Rani comes there and asks whats happening. Sarla says she is my bahu, I love her a lot, ask anyone. Sarla hugs Rani and asks why she did this. Rani says she did not do anything.

Rani requests the inspector to leave Sarla and Amit. The inspector says Sarla’s bahu has filed complaint. Rani asks what, how can Amit remarry so soon, who is the bahu now. Amit says what nonsense. The inspector says we got a call, the girl was crying and gave this address. Rani says I m their bahu, Sarla and Amit were taking me home today. Sarla says yes, I was taking her home today. Rani asks Sarla to do her tika and take her home, then police will be sure. Sarla makes faces and agrees. Raghav, Shivam and Kaushalya come there and hear neighbors telling against Sarla. Amit sees them coming. Family Affairs 25 July 2019 Update