Family Affairs Update 4 August 2019


Family Affairs Update 4 August 2019 starts when Shanti being sweet to Nimmi and Preeti. She asks them to take care of her, and thinks Kaushalya will get punishment to hide the money. Riya does not get sleep. Bunty gets disturbed and asks whats her problem. Riya asks her to sleep. Bunty teases her. Riya says she feels this home is different now for her, she got habituated to Shivam’s home in one day. Bunty says love got high, you are missing Shivam. Riya says you sleep now, don’t tease me.

Nimmi and Preeti have a talk and miss Shivam. Nimmi says Shivam has changed and not at home, as Riya is not at home. Kaushalya comes to them and Nimmi complains about Shivam. Preeti says I think Shivam went to meet his wife. Nimmi thinks did Shivam really go to see Riya. Kaushalya asks them to sleep now and leaves.

Shivam comes to Riya’s home and tries looking inside the window. Bua comes to Riya and talks to her. She asks Bunty to wake up. Shanti calls Kaushalya and asks her to sit with her, and take care of her. She reminds what Raghav told and asks her to sit till morning and see that she stays fine. Kaushalya takes care of her and Shanti sleeps. The police patrols and stops seeing Shivam standing on the bike and seeing inside the home. The inspector thinks he is some bad guy and asks him what is he doing here. Shivam gets tensed and makes excuses.

Anupam and Sahil join Bua and Bunty to talk to Riya. Suman comes and gives milk to Sahil. The inspector asks Shivam to sit in police jeep and come with them to police station. Shivam leaves on his bike. The inspector shouts. Bua, Anupam, Riya and everyone hear the sound and go to see. The inspector tells Anupam that someone was trying to come inside. Riya says I think its for 5 lakhs. They get worried. Riya says we should do police complaints against Madam X.

Sarla asks Rani to sleep in the balcony and sends her. Prabha sees Rani preparing to sleep in balcony and asks what happened. Rani says Sarla did not give me any room, I will curse her. Shivam comes to Riya and sees her. Kabhi jo badal barse………..plays………… She is stunned seeing him. He says he has come to meet her and says I love you Riya. Riya hugs him. Bunty asks Riya to leave her, she won’t sleep with her now, and asks Riya to sleep. Riya says sorry.

Amit is playing cards with his friends. Rani calls him and says she is waiting for him, she did not even have food. Amit scolds her and ends the call. The men catch Amit. Amit asks for some time, he will clear the money. The man beats him and leaves. Nimmi and Preeti talk. Nimmi teases her about RJ Rohan and asks her to tie rakhi. Preeti says he is not my brother, why will I tie rakhi to him, I have just Shivam as my brother. She gets angry and asks Nimmi to tie Rakhi to Rohan.

Ashok comes home and sees Rani sleeping in balcony. He gets angry on Sarla and she argues with him. Rani says she will serve food and asks Ashok to freshen up. Shivam knocks at the window. Riya sees him and turns, thinking she is imagining him. Shivam wakes her up. She realizes he is really there. He says her husband is here and she asks him to go. He takes her in balcony and they have some romantic moments. He hugs her and they smile. Music plays………..He asks her to come with him back home. She says she also wants to come, but its pagphere ritual. She asks him to go. He says fine, if you say, I will miss you. She says I will miss you too.

Riya hugs him seeing him leave. Riya asks him to wait and goes to bring some food. Rani serves food to Ashok. Ashok get glad and gives her nek. Sarla gets angry and taunts him. Rani says she will serve her inlaws to get good deeds. Ashok asks Rani not to hear Sarla and asks her to serve the curry. He likes the taste and praises Rani. Rani says just she deserves to become Sarla’s bahu and thinks she will see Sarla one day.

Family Affairs Update 4 August 2019 – Anupam and Bua are worried. Bua asks him to check money. Anupam keeps the money under his pillow. They hear some sound and Anupam goes to see. He gives money to Bua and takes her stick. Anupam does not see Riya and goes back. Riya brings the food and makes Shivam have it. They have food together and smile.

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