Gangaa 1 February 2020 Update


Gangaa 1 February 2020 Update – Pratab clutches the collar of lawyer and tells him he brought some papers, Shiv must be proved wrong in any way. The envelope with photo fell off, Pratab picks it up but doesn’t open it saying his work must be done in time.

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Gangaa 1 February 2020 Update: The next morning, Gangaa gets ready in front of mirror and prays for Parvati’s photo. Shiv watches her and thinks he is calm that Gangaa is fine now. Gangaa speaks to Parvati that she knows she never came to take her place, but today her fast won’t be complete without Parvati; she has the first right over Shiv. Shiv thinks Gangaa respects Parvati so much, she never gets jealous of Parvati. Sagar watches them from behind as Shiv wipes his tears and move on.
At Math, Shiv asks Muneem about the envelope. Shiv says the envelope is not in the office and scolds Muneem for being irresponsible. He demands that photo back at any cost and takes him to office to look for it.

Riya watches Jhumki eating on a couch. The laundry man arrives, Jhumki tells Dai Maa about her clothes saying Riya would get them. Dai Maa brings the clothes of Jhumki, she goes to take rest in her room. The laundry man finds a file in Jhumki’s clothes and places it on a side table.

Sagar comes to speak to Shiv who was looking for the envelope. Sagar says he has read the will of his father, they must file the complaint as soon as possible. He figures Shiv was tensed. Shiv says he lost one of Sagar’s precious things, the photograph which he had kept in a drawer here. Sagar leaves Shiv’s hand with a jerk. Shiv understands the photo was precious for him.

Sagar says he didn’t do it deliberately. Shiv says he realizes what that photo means in his life, and asks for some other photo. Sagar says no, he has no other photo. Shiv says he will get a photo made for his wife and daughter and leaves it to Muneem. Sagar recalls she was really pretty, large eyes, long hair and childish smile. He asks if his Ganga’s photo can be sketched. Shiv hears the name. Sagar smiles saying it’s a strange co-incidence; both their wife’s names are Ganga.

Muneem ji leaves. Sagar asks if he is still shocked, their wife’s have same names but different fates. Shiv has his Ganga, but my Ganga…. Shiv hugs Sagar assuring he would surely get his Ganga.
Gangaa was cleaning the house and speaks to Savitri about inviting Parvati for the fast. She says she wants to place Parvati’s share of Pooja in her thaal as well, she needs to go to market.

Jhumki wish Gangaa fell down on floor and breaks her hands and feet. Shiv and Sagar comes home, Gangaa covers her face at once. Shiv forbids her work so much, she is already sick; what if she slips and fell off. Gangaa says all these works are completed by a daughter in law. Shiv turns to leave, Gangaa slips over the floor. Shiv comes to hold her up, and both fell down together. Everyone gather around, Shiv scolds Gangaa sure she must have a foot strain. He insists to check for it.

Sagar watches Shiv twist Ganga’s foot. Gangaa was worried that everyone is watching them, Shiv realizes this and stands up at once. Jhumki and Savitri wonder why they have been unable to part Shiv and Gangaa apart in anyway. She tells Gangaa why she poured so much detergent on the floor. Shiv tells Gangaa to go and change her saree. He informs Savitri he is going with Sagar.

Gangaa demands to go with Shiv, she has to buy a few things of Pooja from market. Shiv promises to wait outside. Sagar smiles watching this and thinks he would have loved his Gangaa as much as Shiv loves his. He wish to meet Gangaa as soon as possible. Ganga’s veil comes out but Sagar couldn’t see her face as Shiv stood between them.

Riya takes care of all the Pooja arrangements. The servant hands Riya the file of Jhumki. The maid breaks a vase, Riya was scolding her. There, Jhumki comes downstairs worried about her lost file. Jhumki asks Riya about the paper and asks where she got this? She takes the file and thanks Riya by hugging her. Riya thinks why Jhumki was so sweet with her, she wonders what’s so important in the file and think about discovering the secret.

Shiv tells Gangaa to buy anything, they are waiting in the shop nearby. Later, they must drop them and take the car home. He gets Sagar their best tea in town. Sagar gets a phone call. Shiv watches Gangaa like a pair of bangles but they were very expensive. Sagar joins Shiv who was watching Gangaa do the shopping.

There, Riya comes to Jhumki’s room and look for the file. She finds the file and was upset about Jhumki’s betrayal and false pretending. She thinks Jhumki must be punished for this lie.

After Gangaa had left, Shiv goes to buy the bangles. Riya comes to Savitri and tells her that Jhumki isn’t pregnant. She is making a fool of them all. Savitri calls Jhumki. She asks if what Riya is saying is right, that she isn’t pregnant. Jhumki looks towards them out of shock, then cries banging her head with the bed. Jhumki demands Riya to bring the report. Riya says she would. Savitri sends her to get the report, and deters Jhumki for being the worst. Riya returns saying she didn’t find the report.

Shiv drops the pack of bangles and watches a car rolling over the bangles. It hits Shiv but he wGangaa comes to Shiv and asks to go home. Shiv allows her to take the car, he would go some other way.

Riya tells Jhumki that her lie won’t turn into a truth. Jhumki thinks she is the principal of the school Riya studies. She recalls having chewed her reports and called the doctor to come home and assure her family she is pregnant. She announces to Savitri and Riya she is ready to take a testimony, Savitri forbids Jhumki for giving away orders. She leaves the room. Riya asks Jhumki how she can lie so easily, Jhumki wonders why she would take the testimony if she turns out to be a liar.

In the Pooja, Riya thinks Jhumki won’t be able to hide her lie for long. Dai maa asks Jhumki what she is holding in hand, Jhumki says its Pratab’s photo. She would pray watching his photo. She comes to Savitri, Savitri says she wants Shiv can’t reach this Pooja and sit with Ganga. Gangaa comes to Dai Maa and asks her inform Shiv its important for him to reach the Pooja.

Shiv was sitting in the room in Math remembering Sagar’s words. He agrees to Sagar that Gangaa has gained a place in his life and heart along with Parvati, he didn’t realize when it all happened. Dai Maa stood there, Shiv hides the bangles and calls her inside. She tells Shiv about Gangaa waiting for Pooja. Shiv promises to reach right away. He gets a call from Yadav and asks if he must come right now?

Savitri instructs all the women to look at their husband’s faces in the water in thaal. The men come inside to stand in front of their wives. Gangaa looks around for Shiv and turns to go outside. Savitri asks Gangaa if she didn’t tell Shiv, Gangaa says she has sent Dai Maa as well but would now go by herself. Savitri says this Pooja is a testimony of wife, husband must arrive by himself and a wife can’t go behind him to call him. If Shiv doesn’t reach home, her fast would continue until Shiv arrives.

Gangaa says she would wait for Shiv, as Parvati is also fasting along with her today.
Jhumki comes to Savitri and whispers Shiv won’t come so soon, and was sure this fast will suffocate Ganga’s love story and life both. Shiv can’t prefer anyone over Parvati. Gangaa sits on the floor with her thaal and says Shiv must come for her and for Parvati.

Radhika comes to the hall, Jhumki asks her to unveil Pratab’s photo for her to see in the thaal. Gangaa was looking Shiv’s way. Jhumki tells Radhika to bring Shiv’s photo to Ganga, atleast she might break her fast as she might fall unconscious otherwise. Gangaa nods at Radhika assuring it won’t happen.

Sagar comes home then. Kushal welcomes him. Gangaa thinks if it’s Shiv and cheers, waiting to see his shadow in the water. Sagar walks towards Ganga, Gangaa thinks this fast would be complete only when a wife watches her husband’s shadow in the water. She wish to see Shiv directly, then decides to abide by the ritual. She opens her eyes and watches Shiv in the thaal. Shiv had moved behind Sagar. Sagar moved aside, while Shiv stood in front of Ganga.

Savitri was shocked to see him. Shiv apologizes for being late. Gangaa performs the rituals. Shiv asks why she is duplicating the rituals, Gangaa says for him once from Parvati and once from her. Shiv smiles watching her boastfully. He gifts her with the bangles. Gangaa cheers opening the pack, Savitri and Jhumki were curt. Kushal hands Riya an anklet. Kushal asks Shiv to make Gangaa wear the bangles, Jhumki qualifies Gangaa can wear by herself. Shiv asks Gangaa for the bangles, he would make her wear them.

Sagar gets teary eyed watching this. Shiv says these bangles are best suited in Ganga’s arms. Muneem ji comes to inform he found a girl Sagar able to save the bangles. Sagar comes to take Shiv aside, and asks why he put his life at stake for the sake of bangles. Shiv says Gangaa loved these and it was the last pair.

Sagar says he has begun to love Ganga, he told him no one can take his first wife’s place but Gangaa has already taken Parvati’s place. True relations are very pure, they deepen without one realizing. His Gangaa made friends with Parvati and won her place in his heart, Shiv is not alone anymore. Parvati and Gangaa are both together, and the bangles in his hands are a verdict to it.