Gangaa 19 April 2020 Update


Gangaa 19 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts as Madhvi brings coffee for Niranjan. A new judge is taking charge from tomorrow and he has got the responsibility to update him about every case in the court. He asks her about Ganga’s class. she shares that he wasn’t well so he left early. Maybe he ate too much.

Next morning, Pulkit is studying. Ganga comes to dry her towel. She asks him what he is studying. He is already stressed out so tells her not to disturb him. she feels pity for him. Sagar points out that she too will have to study. She denies. My head is too small. How will all this stay there? It will burst. Sagar laughs but Pulkit tells them to be quiet. Madhvi reminds Sagar that he has to go to collect his hall ticket. He runs off to take bath. Madhvi next informs Ganga about her homework. She has to write ABC 100 times. I have written it for you once. You just have to copy it. Ganga is worried thinking how she will do so much work.

Maid is as usual massaging Amma ji’s back half heartedly. Amma ji tells her to be a little soft. Maid complains to her that she does all the cleaning work, household chores every day so her hands cannot be soft. Amma ji recalls Ganga massaging her back softly. Maid excuses herself and Amma ji tells her to send Ganga. It is so much fun when that girl massages my back.

Maid tells Ganga that Amma ji is calling her. Amma ji wants to finish her work first but Maid tells her not to anger Amma ji. Ganga comes to Amma ji’s room. Amma ji gives her the task of making lep with natural herbs. Massage my back with this as I am in a lot of pain. Say something religious along with it. She calls out for Madhvi to bring oil for her.

Sagar comes home after collecting his and Pulkit’s hall ticket. He wants to play with Ganga but she tells him about the homework given by Master ji. She gives him the bottle of oil to give to Dadi. Amma ji is very happy after meeting Sagar. She goes to the kitchen to get something made by Maharaj ji for Sagar. Sagar checks Ganga’s homework but she has written it all wrong (opposite as in mirror style writing). Master ji will punish you now. Write it all again. She panics. It will take lot of time. I cannot leave Amma ji’s work midway or she will get upset. Babu too had told me not to upset Amma ji. He decides to write it for her (to save her from everyone). She gets happy.

Pulkit is super confused while he studies history. Sagar comes running there and sits down to do Ganga’s homework. Pulkit stops him from doing it. Your writing is different. The teacher can find out that Ganga has not written it. Ganga should do it on her own. It is 3:20 already. Master ji will come in 40 minutes.

It is 3:30 pm. Ganga is doing Amma ji’s massage. It will be good if he finishes my work before Master ji comes or he will scold me. Amma ji falls asleep so Ganga gets up to go but Amma ji wakes up again. Who will make the garland for puja if you go away? I told you beforehand that my work should not be disturbed because of your studies. Ganga sits down to make garland.

It is 3:45 pm. Sagar and Pulkit are waiting for Ganga. She comes there just then. She finds out that Sagar has not done her homework till now. What will happen now? Pulkit suggests her to start right away. maybe you will be able to complete it by the time he comes. Ganga writes it all wrong again. Master ji will surely scold / beat me today. I said that I don’t want to study but no one pays heed to my words. Sagar requests her to try atleast. She gives up again. pulkit points out to the watch. Ganga wont complete it even if she tries now. Ganga is scared of what Master ji will do to her today. it is 3:50 pm.

Gangaa 19 April 2020 Update: Sagar asks his brother to think of an excuse of sending Master ji back to his house for today too. It will be good if he too retreats just like Ganga is writing everything backwards. Pulkit gets an idea. Let’s reverse everything for him so he can see Ganga’s wrong handwriting right.

The kids are confused so Pulkit takes them with him. He does something with the table fan. Sagar and Ganga notice Master ji reaching downstairs. A few kids (Pulkit’s friends) signal thumbs up to Sagar. Sagar informs the same to Pulkit who tells him to signal back in a similar manner. Sagar does as he is told. Master ji goes inside after parking his scooter while the kids take his scooter away when he is gone.

Master ji calls out for Madhvi or Amma ji. Ganga tells Pulkit to hurry up. Madhvi greets Master ji. She is impressed with him for being punctual. How are you now? He is feeling better today. Pulkit fixes the fan. He gives the wall clock to Sagar to put it back in its place. Madhvi and Master ji are heading upstairs. Meanwhile, the kids set everything as per their plan. Pulkit hides the scissors and the cutter behind his back when Madhvi and Master ji come there. Madhvi sends Sagar and Pulkit to their room so Ganga can study properly. Both the boys leave. Ganga is tensed.

Pulkit’s friends park the scooter back in its place.

Master ji begins today’s class. He asks Ganga for her notebook. Maid brings snacks for him today as well. He is tempted but then recalls the yesterday’s incident. He politely refuses to eat them. Boil 3-4 potatoes and mix black salt in it. She nods and leaves. Master ji checks Ganga’s notebook. The brothers are peeking from outside. They signal Ganga that it is time. Ganga acts all innocent. I have written ABCD. He says its all written opposite. She is scared that he will now shout on her and punish her. He raises his voice a little when Ganga insists that she has written it correctly.

Pulkit and Sagar come there just then. They greet Tiwari ji. Master ji asks for their opinion on Ganga’s writing. Pulkit says it is ABCD. Master ji is taken aback. Don’t you see anything wrong? Its all written backwards. Master ji is boggled but the kids stay put. Pulkit hints that maybe he is seeing everything backwards. Now you would say that the clock is going backwards (which indeed is true!). Master ji looks at it amazed. Pulkit next shows him the people walking in the street downstairs. Do you see them walking backwards?

Gangaa 19 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Master ji looks on speechlessly as he finds it true (it is true). Master ji removes his specs to check it but everyone is going backwards. The kids enjoy watching him thus. Pulkit brings the table fan as Master ji is sweating profusely. He has already changed the on and off setting. It is already showing on so the Master ji has to press the off button. He feels that maybe the heat got in his head. Sagar is also wearing his shoes wrongly.

Master ji wonders why he is seeing everything wrong. Sagar suggests him to get his eyes checked. Maybe your number has increased. Madhvi brings boiled potatoes for him. the kids get tensed. Master ji tells him to stay put at her place. You will see everything opposite / backwards if you come here. I am feeling dizzy. I am not feeling good today as well. We will continue the studies tomorrow. He runs downstairs. Madhvi is confused. He said he was alright. What happened to him now? She asks this to the kids as well.

Master ji was about to stumble down the stairs but saves himself in the nick of time. The doubt has got in his head real deep. He takes a lot of time before finally descending from the stairs. He trips down in the end nonetheless. He lands up right in front of Amma ji’s feet. She asks him about his health and is surprised to hear his vague answers. She suggests him to see her Vaid ji. He wants to go but she wants to read out Sati Anusuiya’s story to him. He politely denies and then runs out of the house. Amma ji confused. He is a weird man. He dint even show much interest yesterday. He is just giving me random excuses.

Master ji starts his scooter but it goes in reverse instead. He is all the more panic stricken. The kids enjoy the sight. Master ji finds everyone walking backwards. He too starts walking backwards under its effect and collides with Niranjan and Raghav ji. Niranjan asks him why he is walking backwards. Master ji replies that the scooter, people, everyone / everything is going backwards only, including you too! They find him weird whereas he calls the entire world weird. He leaves while walking backwards only. Niranjan is concerned for him.

Niranjan asks Madhvi about Tiwari ji. Amma ji talks against Tiwari ji. Niranjan is also in doubt as Tiwari ji made excuses on both the days. Raghav ji suggests him to say no to Tiwari ji. We cannot depend on him. Niranjan gets thinking. The kids high five! They decide to eat those boiled potatoes now.

Sagar praises his brother for his marvellous idea. Pulkit calls Ganga a genius, a printing press. He gives her a piece of potato to write her name on. He guides her and she writes it backwards. Pulkit covers it with ink and puts an impression of the same on Sagar’s hand.

Sagar too writes his name on a slice and Pulkit again adds ink over it. This time he puts an impression on Ganga’s hand. The kids are surprised to see the name all perfect in the impression. Ganga says lets write our lessons on potatoes only. Sagar and Pulkit laugh uncontrollably. Ganga too joins them. Ganga and Sagar do a high five.

Amma ji and Ganga are returning from their morning snan when they notice Pishi Ma and Sudha coming from the opposite side. Amma ji tells Ganga to call the ascetic. She next gives the wet clothes to Ganga to go and dry them. Ganga leaves. Amma ji goes inside with the ascetic. She pretends to notice Pishi ma and Sudha when they too come to Chaturvedi House. Pishi Ma appreciates her for the donations that she makes to the needy / ascetics.

Amma ji calls it a ritual / dharma of Chaturvedi House. The house is under my command. Nothing can move from its place without my permission. My son and DIL always seek my permission before doing anything. Amma ji keeps some money with the stuff that Madhvi donates to the ascetic. She next seeks his blessings. Sudha watches everything quietly / not so happily. Amma ji praises Madhvi (indirectly praising herself for the one whom everyone listens to). They go inside.

Sagar greets his Dadi and takes batashe for himself. He asks for Ganga’s share too. Amma ji has no option but to give him some for Ganga as she cannot show anything in front of Sudha and Pishi Ma. Sagar pulls her cheeks happily and then heads to his room. Amma ji says he loves me a lot. He has mixed well with Ganga as they both are of the same age. Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to make tea for all of them and the ladies head to Amma ji’s room.

Niranjan clears Master ji’s dues and gives the same to Raghav ji. Tell him that he doesn’t have to come here from tomorrow. We will look for a new one now. Sagar runs upstairs excitedly. Prabha enters just then and is excited to see that everyone is having breakfast. She turns to go and meet Amma ji. Maharaj ji teases Prabha about where she will have breakfast (here or kitchen or anywhere else). She retorts that she doesn’t come here to eat. She goes to meet Amma ji. Madhvi tells Ganga to call Sagar and Pulkit.

Sagar is talking to Shruti. He wants some notes from her as he was absent one day. I will come to your house to collect them. Pulkit agrees to drop him off. Sagar picks up his shoes. Ganga comes there to tell them that their mom is calling them. Sagar shares that Master ji is not going to come to teach her anymore. She is glad that God has listened to her. Pulkit points out that this is actually wrong. You should study. Sagar too tells her the same.

gangaa insists that she doesn’t like studying. I enjoy playing, roaming around, plucking fruits from the trees, listening to Babu and watching Bahu ji (Madhvi) doing her work. He asks her if she also enjoys it when Dadi scolds her. what are you more scared of – Dadi’s anger or Master ji’s punishment? Ganga chooses the latter option without even thinking for a second. The brothers leave.

Master ji is talking to Raghav ji outside Chaturvedi House. Niranjan observes them. Raghav ji tells Niranjan that Master ji is requesting him a lot. The earning is less while his family is big. The expenses are more. Where do you find home tutors nowadays anyways? Niranjan agrees to give him one last chance. master ji nods his head gratefully. Raghav ji passes the message to Tiwari ji. He leaves with Niranjan for the court.

Amma ji gives Sudha 25k cash for the widow ashram. Prabha watches everything from outside. Sudha thanks her for the same. a lot many widow sisters will be benefitted by this. Pishi Ma compliments Amma ji for being so lucky. You son never interferes in your work. You can donate whenever you want to and as much amount as you want to. Amma ji says who will stop me. I still run this house. Niranjan leaves all the decisions on me. Niranjan cried so much that day when I had given up on food and water. Sudha points out that she still couldn’t stop the Master from coming to the house to teach Ganga. Agreed, that Niranjan is not sending Ganga to school but still the Master is coming to your house to teach that girl. So in this case, neither you nor your son decided anything. Gangaa 19 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Ganga is playing inside the house when Master ji walks inside. She stops in her tracks as she notices him. He looks pointedly at her.

Pishi ma and Sudha get up to go. Sudha yet again repeats that Niranjan not at fault. Ganga is the problem! Be careful of her. Hope she doesn’t become the reason behind your spat with your son and DIL. Keep a tight vigil on her or I can see all the wrong consequences. Amma ji gets thinking. Prabha enjoys the whole thing. Pishi Ma leaves with Sudha.

Master ji walks around Ganga holding the scale in his hand. Maid brings snacks for him but he angrily shouts at her to take them all away. She mutters that maybe he is all full today. He turns his attention to Ganga again. He sits down near her but she moves away. He has understood that it was a plan of all three kids. I almost lost my job because of you. You will be punished for it. You will have to write all the alphabets in 30 minutes time only, that too in front of me. If you don’t do it then I will complain to Mata ji.

In her room, Amma ji paces worriedly as she thinks of Sudha’s words. Prabha watches her thus. She greets Amma ji. They took a hefty amount and even gave a lecture in return! I too have noticed that Niranjan ji is not paying as much heed to you as he earlier used to. He has started retorting to you now. Amma ji calls out for the maid. Bring breakfast for Prabha. She is getting late. Till when will she stay at someone else’s place, leaving her place like that? Madhvi comes there with Maharaj ji. She had brought something to eat / drink for Pishi Ma and Sudha. What happened? Amma ji walks out of the room. Madhvi asks Prabha about it. did something happen? Prabha keeps quiet so Madhvi too leaves from there. Prabha smiles. Madhvi tries asking Amma ji but she stands outside all quietly.

Ganga is trying to write ABCD. She keeps stealing glances of Master ji on and off. She recalls Sagar telling him that she has written everything wrong. She thinks of Master ji’s threat and remembers the school master back in her college. What should I do now God? I don’t know what to write. Master ji will surely punish me. I will be finished. He will also complain to Amma ji. Tell me what to do. She suddenly holds her stomach and starts shouting at the top of her voice. Master ji is concerned. Everyone else comes there too except Amma ji. Sudha’s words echo in her head. Ganga lies to Madhvi that she has a terrible stomach ache. They feel that she might have eaten something wrong. Amma ji stops Madhvi from calling the doc. She tells the ladies to bring Ganga to her room. I will check her.

Prabha, Madhvi and Maid bring Ganga to Amma ji’s room. Later, she sends everyone out of the room. Madhvi is concerned but Amma ji sticks to her ground. I will take care of Ganga. Ganga continues her drama. Amma ji sits down next to her on the ground. Ganga touches a different place when Amma ji asks her about the exact point where it is paining. Amma ji knows that Ganga is lying. Swear in the name of God then I will agree.

Gangaa 19 April 2020 Update ends as Ganga gets up immediately. Amma ji says I know you did all this to save yourself from studies. You are not at all interested in studies. Ganga confesses that she got scared of Master ji. This is why I lied. Amma ji nods. Madhvi knocks at the door. Amma ji tells her neither to call doc nor Niranjan. She says something regarding Ganga’s Master to Madhvi.Ganga is tensed that her secret will be out before Bahu ji now. What will happen now?