Gangaa 20 February 2020 Update


Gangaa 20 February 2020 Update starts when Shiv turns to leave the shed hurtful of his behavior. He says he has been doing this all so that she is confused into her own self and doesn’t get time to miss Krishna. Gangaa was upset and decides she can’t do this all. Shiv returns to save her way with a knife and tells her to get to work. Gangaa turns around to work. Shiv eats apple sitting on a side, while supervising Gangaa’s work. While eating he says it’s really sweet. Gangaa curtly thinks she has been dying of hunger and he is eating apple. She walks towards the kitchen. Shiv smiles behind.

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In the kitchen, she finds nothing to eat. She wonders what to do and drinks a jug full of water. Shiv comes behind to stop her from drinking any water. Gang questions how can he be such stone hearted. Shiv demands her to plead him, he will even feed her with the meal. Gangaa says she would die thirsty but won’t join her hands to him. She leaves the kitchen. Shiv wonders why she has been stubborn. Shiv says even he won’t drink a single drop of water until she has it.
In the shed, Shiv watches Gangaa try to place a wood pillar under the shed roof. Shiv says he would help her only if she says “please”.

Gangaa walks towards him and removes the staircase from under him. She drags it towards her side. Shiv tells her to try this way as well. Gangaa slips from over the stairs, Shiv comes to save her but she held her eyes shut tightly; then realizes herself to be in Shiv’s arms. He says she might have said a ‘please’. She demands him to place her back, Shiv drops her down. Gangaa says it was not to throw her down on floor. Shiv comes to place the wooden pillar under the roof. A workman brings the cow. Shiv watches Gangaa wash her hands and asks her to milk the cow.

Gangaa says she doesn’t know how to do it, Shiv says she would soon learn about it and urges her to try. Gangaa was afraid of the cow as it moves. Shiv laughs wondering if she is milking the cow, or cow is taking the oil from her. The cow turns around towards Gangaa, she runs screaming and comes to clutch Shiv tightly. She then goes hiding behind Shiv and leaves his hand. Shiv laughs at Gangaa then goes to bring the cow back. Gangaa stand in a corner.

Gangaa 20th February 2020 Update continues at night, Gangaa comes in and asks Riya about Kushal, the bulb of her room fused. Riya says Shiv is here, should she call him. Gangaa wasn’t ready to take his help and comes to Jhumki’s room. Jhumki denies sending Pratab for her help. Shiv stops Gangaa saying he is there for her help, she must only say a word please to him. Gangaa leaves silently. She comes to the room and climbs the stool by herself. She gets an electric shock, the bulb breaks in her hand and hurts her hand. Shiv comes to remove the pieces of glass off her hand, tears fell off her eyes. Shiv thinks he wants to help Gangaa but has to hold himself back. He decides not to fell weak, else Gangaa’s life would be saddened again.

Gangaa finds the medicine in the drawer by then, she was struggling with the bottle. Shiv snatches the bottle and asks with whose permission she took this medicine. Gangaa asks if he is a vet, she will pay for it. Shiv says he might help her if she says a word Please. Gangaa’s flinches in pain. Shiv holds her hand saying it seems a piece of glass is still there. Gangaa drags her hand saying he must not effected, as he isn’t a vet so late.

Radhika comes to the room and begins to cry watching Gangaa’s blo*dy hand. Shiv comes to bandage Gangaa’s hand. Radhika asks Gangaa if it is still painful. Gangaa denies. She asks Gangaa to come to her room. Shiv promises to return Gangaa’s happiness back to her soon.

Shiv comes out, Savitri tells Shiv to go to Rami Mama’s wedding as it’s his daughter’s wedding. She warns Shiv to take care of Gangaa, she feels afraid of his wife’s mood. Shiv assures Gangaa won’t bring them any disgrace. Gangaa came there and heard the conversation. Savitri tells Jhumki and Pratab to go as well. Gangaa asks Shiv what’s the need for her to go with him. Shiv says he doesn’t care what she wants, he wants her to go.

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The next morning, everyone was ready. Jhumki asks Shiv about Gangaa and says she might not be in a mood. Shiv goes to look for Gangaa when she comes out ready to leave. Jhumki asks what kind of dress is she wearing and where is her jewelry. People would speak again them. Gangaa says no one told her how to get ready. Shiv says today Gangaa would go with him this way.

Shiv and Pratab reach there. Mami doesn’t recognize Gangaa and says she might live in Math, Savitri must have kept her. Pratab was about to tell her but Shiv stops him. Shiv agrees to Mami and qualifies he brought her for help. Jhumki also treats Gangaa as a maid. Gangaa thinks she won’t speak about being Shiv’s wife. Shiv says she didn’t want to be recognized as his wife, he is her side; but soon she herself would confess to be his wife. Gangaa replies it won’t happen again.

Mami calls Shiv inside and asks Jhumki for help. Shiv assures Mami that Gangaa would take care of all the work. He smiles as Gangaa goes with Mami. Shiv watches Mami pair up the gifts, and wish Shiv had also come in couple. She takes Gangaa to kitchen to look after the arrangements there.

Gangaa comes out to cooking area. A man tries to molest her, she was angry at his behavior. Shiv was hurt watching this all. The man comes to molest Gangaa again. Mami comes there, she sends Shiv to look for cooking arrangements the other way. She takes Gangaa along. Shiv takes a huge spoon and comes to the cook who had been molesting Gangaa, he takes him aside and stuffs spice into his mouth tying his hands and feet with a bed.

In the room, Gangaa serves everyone. A lady tells Gangaa to serve him well, he is a special relative of their’s. Shiv enjoys watching Gangaa. Another lady asks her to sit for dinner. Mami says she is a maid, how can she sit with Shiv. Mami now makes Gangaa serve sweet to everyone.

Later, Shiv insists on Mami to let them leave but Mami insists its late and they must stay. She sends Shiv upstairs into the room. She sends Jhumki and Pratab to another room and Gangaa to servant quarter. Jhumki smiles. Shiv says Gangaa would sleep there well. Mami asks if there’s some problem. Gangaa replies none.

Gangaa 20 February 2020 Update ends as Gangaa finds the room dirty and messed up, a lizard fell over her as she lay to sleep. She comes to wake Jhumki up and requests to sleep inside her room. Jhumki wasn’t ready and tells her to go into Shiv’s room. Gangaa turns around to see Shiv there. He offers her to stay in his room, only if she introduces herself as his wife. He warns Gangaa of lizard and the cook again. Gangaa complains Shiv didn’t take an action when the cook molested her. Shiv asks what he must have done.