Gangaa 21 November 2020 Update


Gangaa 21 November 2020 Update
Gangaa 21 November 2020 Update on Zee World

Gangaa 21 November 2020 Update starts with Prabha eyes ganga and sagar coming in with ragini, and gets tensed and frustrated and goes inside the room. sagar introduces them all to ragini, who are eager and happy to see her, as she seeks everyone’s blessings. ammaji retires saying that she wishes to rest. Sagar is tensed.

Ganga understands whats the matter, and decides to go after her and complies. sagar is asked by his mother, about rudra, and he tells her that she seems to have escaped, and rudra doesnt know about it. she asks him to find out the number, maybe from his father’s study. he rushes to seek it.

Later, Prabha dials the number of the jailor, where yash is locked up and expresses the desire to talk to her son. the jailor agrees after much conviction from her side. yash finally receives the call. he isnt interested while she goes on a rant as to how he is, and when shall he come. she says that her life is similar to his, and they are both tormented for 14 years. she talks to her son, Yash, that they both are in jail, he is in an actual one, while she is captive in the Chaturvedi Mansion.

she says that this time she has come with a very big motive and thats to ruin this family, and wont spare them at all, after having won their trust over, as she has to seek revenge for him and his father. while talking she realises, that someone is calling out to her from behind. she hastily cancels the call. Prabha gives an excuse when sagar asks who was she talking to. then she hastily leaves, while he is tensed. he gets to searching for rudra’s number in the diary, and wonders how is this possible.

In her room, ammaji is gathering money, wondering how she shall manage to pay up the entire money. sagar and ganga come in and discuss this problem with her. they present in their contribution, but even after collecting everything, they still fall short of the entire amount. sagar asks her not to refuse, as they can do this much for her atleast. he says that he cant help her anymore, as yash took away all the money from his account.

They are tensed to find that prabha stands in the doorway with a bag in her hand. ganga says that they still have almost 20000 to go. Just then, prabha comes from behind, with her bag of money, saying that only she shall penance for the son’s crimes, and if these fall short, then she shall pay anyhow, since she neednt be attarcted to these jewellery anymore, being a widow. ganga asks prabha not to think like that, as she didnt mean wrongly.

Prabha says that she shall give all her jewellery and then they can get rid of the loan, but ganga says that even if they take it, which they cant, they still would fall short of the complete payment. ammaji says that ganga is right, and that they cant accept money from her, as they havent stooped so low, that they have to ask for financial help from their bahu’s sister in law. she asks her to keep her jewellery to herself. ganga too asks her not to take it otheriwse, but these are hers and she should keep them. Prabhu says that she is always with them, and even after dying, she shall come to her use, if thats possible. she says that she is merely trying to help them, and that if they dont wish to take it, its fine, but she shall keep them with her now as their precious treasure, and whenever they need these, they merely ask for it, and she shall give them to her.

After she leaves, ammaji says that she doesnt trust her one bit, still. they try to make her realise that prabha has changed and that now she wouldnt harbour anything against them, but ammaji is clearly unconvinced, and says that she wont ever be able to trust this lady, who changes her colour like a chameleon. all are tensed.

In the wee hours of the night, prabhu wakes up, and then finding ammaji asleep, she takes out the keys from under her pillow, and gets a scare as she turns around just then. she successfully retrives it, and then smiles evilly.

In her room, ganga is bothered about how to arrange the remaining money and wonders how they shall arrange it. sagar gets her a milk shake, saying that she needs strength. she is tensed for the money and denies, but he insists. they discuss as to how they can solve the problem. he asks her to stop thinking so much now, and drink milk. she hesitates, but he forcibly makes her drink, somehow, clutching at her nose. she doesn’t realise that there is a moustache of milk, and smiles when she asks him to show the pic that he took. she fumes at him for having taken such a silly picture, while he rushes away, trying to save the pic from being deleted by ganga. they come closer in their tussle.

Sagar and ganga feel their physical intimacy, as they clutch at each other, and a romantic eyelock follows. he cups his hands around her waist, as she gets nervous at the slightests sensation, as she smiles and shyly looks down. while he leans in closer to her. While ganga and sagar are getting cosy, prabha drops in and coughs. they both part. she looks at ganga keenly. She says that she wishes to discuss something very important with her rightaway and takes her out. ganga asks whats the matter.

Prabhua asks if she thought anything about payment. ganga doesnt have an answer. prabhu tries to show concern for ammaji’s insults and humiliation that she shall have to see when he isnt able to pay. she says that she decided to sell the jewellery.

Ganga is shocked and prabha says that there is only one way left. she opens the box, and then reveals ganga’s lost preserved jewellery. she gives ganga the jewellery and asks her to sell it, since she revers ammaji so much, and can do anything for her. ganga says that these arent jewellery, but blessings, love and memories of her father, and that she wouldnt be able to do this. prabha lashes at her and asks her to get ready for a drama tomorrow morning in the house then and that she shall see how much ganga considers this as her home, or she just talks big. ganga is silenced.

She tries to say that she cant give this, as its the last memory of her father. prabha apologises for having said this, as she didnt know its easier said than done, and that the people are right, that ganga didnt sacrifice anything at all for anyone, and that she is highly selfish and self centred, and tris to emotionally blackmail her into thinking what this family did for her, and welcomed her in the family, and yet she got a chance to reciprocate that, but she isnt valuing it at all. she asks if its too much to ask for, for keeping ammaji’s respect.

Ganga starts eyeing her childhood stuff, and gets emotional, saying that she wouldnt be able to do what prabha wants her to do. Prabha lashes at her to keep it with her, as her attraction and attachment to these jewellery is far more important to her than anything else, and that she shall sell her own jewellery to save ammaji’s respect. she continues to lash at ganga for being so selfish, while ganga sits apalled. prabha continues to reprimand ganga. she tells her that she cant do anything. she walks out.

Sagar comes down and finds ganga in such an apalled state, and hurriedly reaches to her, while she is drawn into childhood memories.he asks her whats the matter and what prabha wanted from her. she doesnt disclose anything, and taking the box, she goes in. sagar is tensed.

In her room, ganga eyes the box, and then opens it back again, saying that people might say anything to her, but she cant distance these memories from her at any cost. just then, she hallucinates her father’s apparition, who says that he doesnt mind. she tries to talk about the importance of these, while he asks if she shall actually forget him, if she gets rid of these. he says that he doesnt reside in the jewellery but in his heart and asks ganga not to be attached to anything so much so, that her happiness depends on it. he asks her to let go, as even if the jewellery doesnt stay with ehr, he shall always be in her heart, her soul and her personality, everytime she sides with the truth. he kisses her on the forehead and she comes to the realisation of what she had to do.

Ammaji somehow manages to send them off, as the moneylenders land at their doorstep, and says that she shall pay them off. they resignedly leave. seeing no otyher option, she goes to prabha’s room, and asks for the jewellery that she promised yesterday. prabha is boggled and taken aback, and fumbles. Pabha pretends that she lost her keys so that she doesnt have to give. then they both start searching for it together. then ganga comes and gives the keys, but not to prabha’s box, but instead her own box. she asks ammaji, to either get a loan on them or sell it, but get rid of the loan anyhow right now. she hands her the jewellery.

Ammaji points out how they are her father’s memories. she narrates what her father’s apparition explained to her, and then asks her not to say no. ammaji is overwhelmed, and is about to talk to her lovingly, when she gets hollered by sagar to come downstairs. prabha watches them tensedly.

As everyone gathers downstairs, they find sagar on the phone, talking to rani, who invites them to a function, and he readily accepts. sagar’s mother comes and he tells her of it. she asks how can they all go. but ammaji says that there isnt anything wrong in going, as whats happened had to happen. she says that rani is extending her hand after a long time, and they shouldnt deny it. sagar asks them to go on then. ammaji asks supriya to stay back, as she is towards the end of the first trimester.

Sagar’s mother says that she shall stay back to take care of supriya, and asks ammaji to go with sagar. ragini expresses her desire to go. they tensedly comply. ammaji says that she shall take ganga. all are shocked. ammaji says that ganga shall take care of her. she asks them to start packing up soon, now that they have decided finally.

Ganga finds santoshi coming in and is super pleased, and rushes to hug her, while she doesnt recognise her. santoshi retorts back that she didnt. ragini asks why is she talking to ganga like that. santoshi retortfully talks to her back too. ganga identifies herself to the lady with santoshi, and explains their meeting. she stops ragini who is being pestering. santoshi pretends that she doesnt rememebr anything at all, since the head injury.

When santoshi sees sagar and then ragini, she asks ganga if she is his wife. she explains their friendship. they rushedly take her from there, to meet ammaji and sagar. the lady thinks that this is the reason, why her first plan failed, but today that wont happen at all.

Later, Santoshi grabs a food plate from the waiter, and hungrily starts gorging on food. ragini comes and finds her doing so, and asks for some food from her plate. santoshi silently complies. ragini takes one sweet for herself and one for sagar, and kisses it, saying that its more special now. santoshi is alarmed to see this. ragini then goes and feeds the dessert to sagar, while santoshi watches on. The lady emanwhile wonders why hasnt santoshi returned. ganga comes with ammaji, and assures her that santoshi would be around.

Ammaji and santoshi’s sister in law meet and echange introduction, while the festivities continue on. ammaji later takes ganga aside, and asks her to stay put, and not wander around, as she doesnt want unecessary drama regarding her family since they know her. she then points out lovingly at sagar, while ganga resignedly fumes. Santoshi meanwhile joins her sister, in line to wait to bless the woman and her child. they bear on, as all people give her gifts and bless her.

She then explains all th rituals to santoshi, who performs them all. then she tries to get ganga to perform, who is reluctant though. ragini intervenes and says that she shall do too. santishi denies. but ganga asks her to let her do it. santoshi resignedly agrees, and then takes ragini to do so. santoshi sits beside a lady, and compliments her earrings, while she finds it weird. ganga finds ragini almost toppling the gifts plate over, and rushes to grab it to prevent it from falling. one of the ladies stops her, asking how dare she commit this big omen. the other ladies start pointing out barbed accusations.

Santoshi’s sister wonders why are they referring to her as widow, when she is dressed in coloured clothes. she then confronts ganga saying that they wouldnt have allowed ganga to take part in the rituals. ragini lashes at them not to irritate ganga, as she isnt wrong. rani meanwhile lashes at ammaji for bringing ganga here, and look at what she has done to them and their function now. ganga asks her to talk to her, not to ammaji. but she still has to face retort. the ladies continue to reprimand and insult her, saying that she is the reason, people dont go to visit ammaji’s house. santoshi fumes. they say that they are modern but not to this extent.

Ammaji is tensed, that there might be accusations hurled at her, and she might have to face insults too. ladies too start gossiping, and finally one of them comments that its indeed true, that since they have kept this philandering girl in the house, and the son of the house is after her romantically, then they dont have a right to cast accusations at anyone else. sagar refuses to speak up, waiting for ammaji to take her stand, towards ganga once and for all. she starts pointing out that had she been in ganga’s place she wouldnt have ever done this, and god knows what harm she caused the unborn baby. he continues to apologise saying that today he cant do anything, as if he says anything, then ammaji would never stand up for her, and hopes that she says something to salvage ganga’s respect, as its now or never.

Meanwhile, santoshi lashes and starts reprimanding them for being so hard on a girl who became a widow, when she didnt even udnerstand the meaning of it. but she is shut by her sister, that a widow is a widow, irrespective of age. sagar thinks that he has had enough, and cant listen silently anymore. but before he can speak, ammaji lashes at her and asks her to stay shut, as they have spoken enough, and if anyoen says anything against ganga, noone shall be as hard as her. she asks what omen she talks about.

As ganga is so powerful that she can take away others’ taints, and she can never be a bad omen. then she turns to rani, and asks where were her family values, when she turned her back from her family, but when ganga was a stranger to them, she showered them with love, that rani too never did. she says that they are right that she has attitude, but what they find as attitude, is actually her self respect, that doesnt make her bow to anyone, but they wont understand it. he is overwhelmed.

She says that ganga speaks the truth, which people cant fathom, and that she must have done something nice in her previous birth, that she got ganga in this avatar. she tells ganga that she has always given her pain, but she converted in into happienss, and showered it on her and her family only. she says that she shall always pray that in some birth, she becomes ganga’s mother. santoshi is elated. ammaji gets overwhelmed while santoshi says that she indeed spoke right, and starts clapping along with ragini, while the other ladies fume. ammaji says that this isnt needed, and that she is a widow, and hence knows these rules arent made by the lord, but the society strips them of colours.

She says that they feel ganga is a widow and brings bad omen, to every ritual and function. she takes sagar by the hand and leads her to ganga, and then takes ganga’s hand in the other. both are boggled. she says that ganga isnt a widow from this day forth. she takes ganga’s hand, and gives it in sagar. ammaji tells everyone that from this day forth, she declares that ganga is a part of their family, as sagar’s would be wedded wife. they are shocked, while ganga and sagar are overwhelmed. she asks why are they silent.

As ganga is sagar’s fiancee now, and extends an invitation to them all for marriage, and announces ganga’s marriage with sagar. she says that now by this new status, she can perform all the rituals that are to be done. all are silenced. sagar proclaims that ganga is his would be wife, and if anyone says anything against her, it wouldnt be nice.

Gangaa 21 November 2020 Update ends as Santoshi praises his guts and indirectly lashes at rani and her own sister too. they resignedly comply. Ganga gets to performing the rituals with her.