Gangaa 23 February 2020 Update


In Gangaa 23 February 2020 Update, Shiv suggests about opening each other’s rope. He opens Ganga’s rope when they hear the criminals entering and sprinkle water over their face to wake them up. They then tape a video that if they don’t receive their passports by tomorrow, they will torn these two into pieces. After the video criminals leave.vRiya was trying Ganga’s number. Both wonder why their number goes switched off. Riya was worried if something happened in the district office. She asks to speak to Savitri.

Gangaa 23 February 2020 Update continues as Savitri tells Kushal that Shiv and Ganga must be wandering pointlessly. They must return home after done with shopping. Riya decides she would take Shiv and Ganga alone. Both Shiv and Ganga try to open the knots of each other’s hands. Ganga’s mangal sooter tied to Shiv’s button.

In the police station, inspector were not ready to report a complaint for Shiv and Ganga’s kidnapping. Riya was shocked to see the tape on media, Kushal recognizes Shiv and Ganga. The police leaves to get them at district court. Shiv and Ganga has succeeded in getting themselves freed. They hit some bottles in the corridor that gets the attention of the criminals who chase them.

Ganga and Shiv hide under a staircase on a side. As soon as the criminals run looking for them the other side Shiv and Ganga run across the corridor. One of the man hit a knife behind Shiv. Savitri, Pratab and Jhumki watches the news about Ganga and Shiv. The criminals had demanded 10 lacs along with visa and passport. Savitri also cheers about the news.

There, Shiv had been stabbed by a knife. He struggles to get up and says they must get out of here as soon as possible. Ganga was unable to walk and asks Shiv to leave, Shiv holds Ganga in his arms.Riya calls Savitri to inform her that Shiv and Ganga have been kidnapped. Savitri tells Riya to return home as police would help them. Riya says they are going towards the venue right now and will bring Shiv and Ganga along.

Shiv carries Ganga outside with much pain in his bruise. He fell over her lap and asks her to pull the knife outside as its much painful. Ganga couldn’t gather the courage. He says there is no time to think when one is at verge of life or death. Ganga finally gathers the courage and pulls the knife. Shiv screams out of pain. Ganga was worried at the bleeding. She tears her saree and ties it around his bruise. Shiv cried in pain.

The criminals had come looking for Ganga and Shiv. They had hidden behind a room and comes out when the men had left.Kushal and Riya had reached with police. They hear bullet shots inside. Riya was worried about Ganga and Shiv. The inspector calls from outside at the criminals to surrender.

In a room, Shiv cried badly out of pain. He spots police outside the window and asks Ganga to move on, their destiny is closer. The criminals now enter the room holding them at gun point. Ganga was shocked to see the man as he came to bear Shiv with an iron rod. Ganga was successful in snatching the gun off them, she fires a bullet in air and warns them to stay aside. She tries to hold Shiv up. The criminals get through the other way and approach them with an iron rod and hit Ganga’s hand. The gun fell down. They get hold of it.

Shiv was able to grab the rod and bear criminals. The criminals get out. Shiv and Ganga places a table to lock them outside. The criminals decide to put the room at fire and burn them alive.

The police had entered the building and had an encounter with the criminals. Shiv and Ganga watches the door burning. Shiv breaks the glass of the window and breaks it. He peeks through the window and comes to help Ganga outside. Ganga successfully steps outside the hole. She urges him to pass through it, Shiv says he can’t come out of this small hole. He tells Ganga if he can’t get out of here alone, he wants to share a truth with her about Krishna; Krishna is no more.

Gangaa 23 February 2020 Update ends with Gangaa taken aback. Shiv says he is aware Krishna is life for Ganga, he couldn’t have let her go as Ganga is his life. He says he has seen Parvati leave in front of him, he realizes the pain of it and never wanted her to bear the pain. He apologizes for hurting her and hiding this truth. He requests her to take care of Radhika if he can’t get out of here. He asks for a promise but Ganga doesn’t hold his hand. Shiv fell down.