Gangaa 25 April 2020 Update


Gangaa 25 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts as Ganga and Sagar have fallen asleep in the courtyard only, holding hands. Niranjan paces worriedly in his study room. Madhvi notices him thus. Next morning, Ganga wakes up hearing the milkman’s voice. She realises that she might get late for the snan. She carefully keeps Sagar’s hand back in its place. Amma ji is not in her room. Ganga feels that she got late. She picks up her clothes but Amma ji comes there just then. Amma ji refuses to let her accompany to the ghaat. You will later complaint to my son that I torture you. I don’t want to be scolded by my son in this old age again.

Madhvi tells Maharaj ji not to wake up Niranjan as he did not sleep for the entire night. Drishti is waiting for the newspaper. Her father leaves to meet someone. Madhvi goes to call her kids downstairs for breakfast as they have to leave for school. Ganga has set Sagar’s bag. Pulkit is scared of results but Madhvi has full faith in both her sons. Eat breakfast and then I will feed you sweetened curd. Ganga is curious about the curd so they explain its significance to her.

Amma ji returns from her snan. She blesses her grandkids and gives them Prasad. Drishti greets them excitedly. She has topped in 12th class UP Board exams. Everyone congratulates her. She goes to share the news with Niranjan. Sagar and Pulkit sit down to eat breakfast. Amma ji notices Ganga hiding behind the stairs and then walks towards her room.

Drishti touches Niranjan’s feet. You motivated me to do this. He is very proud of her and her result. Amma ji brings sweets for him but he looks away. he eats it when Drishti offers it to him. Madhvi asks Drishti about her future plans. Babli’s father returns just then. Niranjan feeds him sweets. Babli’s father wonders about the good news that niranjan has and is celebrating. Niranjan asks him about his good news. Babli’s father replies that a prospective groom and his family will come over in the evening to see Babli. The wedding will happen in a month’s time if they like Babli.

Chaturvedi family is taken aback. Babli’s father says Babli is already 18 years old. She is in her 19th year now. Niranjan reasons that a father has lot many other responsibilities too other than marriage. You can think about her further studies. She is still young. Babli’s father sticks to his point. We both think differently. It will be better if you keep that outlook restricted to yourself.

Gangaa 25 April 2020 Update: Babli’s father tells Niranjan not to interfere in this matter (Babli’s marriage). I will take care of her future my way. He leaves. Amma ji finds his logic right. A father will worry for his motherless child for sure. It may be that Babli’s in-laws will allow her to study after marriage. This way their wishes will be fulfilled. Niranjan asks her what if Babli’s MIL is also an old school. There is no dearth for such people like some people think that widows have no right to study. I am saddened by their backward thinking. Yesterday it was Ganga, today it is Drishti and tomorrow it will be another innocent girl! If this continues then the future will not be saved.

Drishti cries in her room. Madhvi comes there and comforts her. your Mama ji is talking to your father. Everything will be fine. Drishti knows her father well. He wont listen to anyone if he has decided upon something. My engineering will remain a dream only. Madhvi comforts her as she cries.

Maharaj ji gives sweets to Ganga. Maid too wants some. He has already kept some for her in the kitchen.

Amma ji is talking to her SIL. You are right but the girl should be ready mentally too. It is good if she agrees happily. He says this is why I have come here. There is no elder back home so I have brought her here. Amma ji agrees to handle everything. I will make all the preps. He confirms that the groom is coming in the evening.

Amma ji orders Maharaj ji to get snacks for the guests. Maid excitedly asks for double sweets. Amma ji tells her to focus on her work first. Amma ji calls out for Madhvi. Ganga gets excited about Drishti’s wedding.

Madhvi talks to Drishti. You should not be upset. Maybe something good will happen. Amma ji calls out for Madhvi again. She makes Drishti smile before leaving from the room. Ganga comes running there. She happily tells Babli that this is a good news. You will get loads of new clothes, ornaments, bangles to wear. You must be happy! Babli starts crying which confuses Ganga. Are you sad that you are leaving your Bappa? I too had cried a lot. Babli shakes her head.

Ganga again asks her if she is worried about becoming a widow. Babli shushes her. Ganga tells her not to cry or be scared of anyone. Don’t go for Sankrant snan even if everyone tells you to. You wont become a widow then. Babli gets emotional again. She is very scared. Ganga thinks of Sagar’s words. Hold my hand and then you wont be scared anymore. She keeps Babli’s hand in hers. Babli smiles. Ganga finds her hand too cool. Babli calls her her friend.

Gangaa asks her if someone holds your hand in pain then does that make him our friend? Babli explains that if someone holds our hand in pain, troubles and sticks by our side, come what may then, he is our friend. Ganga happily thinks that Sagar is also his friend in that case. A good and best friend!

Amma ji selects a saree and matching jewellery for Babli to wear in the evening. Prabha comes there shouting on the top of her voice. She has brought something for them. Amma ji tells her to give it to Maharaj ji. Go home. We are very busy today. Prabha looks at the clothes and jewellery and is tempted. She wants to stay back to help them. Amma ji is alert again as she cannot trust Prabha fully. She also tells Madhvi to keep ganga away from the guests.

Gangaa 25 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Maid scolds Ganga for dirtying the clean floor again. Ganga is coming from Sagar’s room. Ganga refers to him as her friend. Maid tells her not to live in this misunderstanding. He would have just said it for the sake of it. Ask him again and you will find out the truth for yourself. They both bicker. Maharaj ji interrupts them. Sagar and Pulkit return home dead tired and hungry. Pulkit runs upstairs to his room to prepare for the next exam. Maid tells Ganga to confirm with Sagar. Ganga follows Sagar to his room.

Sagar is cross checking his answers. Ganga comes to talk to him but he tells her to talk later. He matches his answers. He counts his score to 96. Pulkit only hopes for passing marks. Niranjan calls out for both of them. Pulkit goes to hide in the washroom. He tells Sagar to tell papa the same. Sagar tells his papa about his small mistakes. He has left one question. Niranjan explains the answer (about moon revolves around earth) to him. Sagar calls them Ganga (moon) and Dadi (earth).

Dadi is heavy so Ganga revolves around her. She always wins as she is elder to Ganga. Ganga tries at times to make Dadi revolve around her sometimes but it never happens as she is young. Niranjanis amused by his interpretation. It maybe that they both bicker and fight all the time but maybe in future they both start understanding each other. Nothing is impossible. Sagar too hopes for the same. Ganga has been listening to everything with amusement. Sagar runs after his father.

Maid was almost about to collide with Ganga. Ganga tells her that I am no maid. Sagar calls me moon. Maid is not ready to buy her theory. She points out to the difference between their statuses. Ganga gives up as she knows it is no point explaining anything to her. Ganga takes milk for Sagar. I will do all his work from today onwards as he is my friend. Maharaj ji gives the tray to her hesitantly.

Madhvi readies Babli. Babli asks Amma ji if this marriage thing is really important. Amma ji nods. My eyes are waiting to see you dressed as a bride. She goes out to check the preps.

Sagar wonders why Dadi is shouting so much. She is disturbing him. Ganga tells him about groom coming to see Babli. Maid explains the ritual to him. Sagar calls it an exam. Ganga asks her if it isn’t an exam for guys. She declines. Sagar too calls it unfair. The guys too should give test. Maid tells Ganga to come out and not disturb Sagar. Sagar tells her to let Ganga stay here. She isn’t troubling me. Maid leaves. Sagar thinks about Babli’s groom. She is good so he should be good too. Ganga thinks how they will get to know that he is good too

Sagar wants to test the guy who is coming to see Drishti. They come to ask their mother and Drishti about how the groom should be. Madhvi says the guy should be such that he understands her. Maharaj ji says the guy should be well educated and matured. Amma ji wants him to be good mannered. Maid wants him to be smart enough in looks. Prabha hopes for a wealthy guy. Sagar notes down everything. Now I know how he should be. Let him come. We will take his test. They both share a high five.

Amma ji loves Babli’s appearance. She looks lovely. Only her smile is missing. Prabha comes there calling for Amma ji. We will tell the groom that girl knows how to cook, sew and do everything. Amma ji is impressed but Babli calls it a lie. Madhvi too feels the same way. What if they find out the truth tomorrow? How will they feel? Prabha says the marriage will be done by the time this truth will come out. The guy’s side wont be able to do anything. Amma ji jokes that Prabha must have trapped Ratan in a similar manner. It is but natural that everyone adds up a bit here and there. Madhvi wonders why they have to lie.

They must be looking for a good natured, homely girl and not some teacher type-studious girl. please remove your specs. Guys don’t like bespectacled girls at all. Babli reasons that she cannot see properly without specs. Amma ji removes it. Your eyes are so beautiful. You will manage. Prabha suggests making her wear lenses tomorrow. it is just a matter of today.

Akshay and his family comes to Chaturvedi House. Everyone greets / introduces one another. Niranjan’s BIL doesn’t like it when someone uses English while talking in Hindi. Amma ji too uses an English word while talking in his favour. He points out at the same. She corrects herself. Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to tell Madhvi to bring Babli with her. Niranjan asks Akshay about his job.

Ganga and Sagar observe everything from upstairs.

Babli brings tea for everyone. Akshay gets up to help her but his father stops him. Ganga compliments Babli on her beauty. She is wearing saree and new jewels. She is not wearing her specs though. Sagar cross checks the points in his diary. It isn’t important for the girl to look beautiful. It isn’t written here so they cannot say no. She might not be able to see properly as she isn’t wearing specs. Babli is about to keep the tea cup on the table but Prabha tells her to give it to Akshay only. Prabha lies to them about Babli’s skills.

Sagar is taken aback. Akshay’s mother compliments the food. It tastes exactly like the jalebi from Trivedi ji’s shop. Babli’s hands are shivering while she holds out the cup for Akshay. She leaves it before he can hold it. Everyone is taken aback.

She apologizes for the mistake. Madhvi takes her inside to change her saree. Ganga says this happened because she wasn’t wearing her specs. Amma ji and Prabha cover up for Babli. She is very shy. She gets nervous very easily. Akshay wipes the tea spilled on his pant. Amma ji talks about the pain Babli’s father has taken to raise Babli. She is a very calm girl. Akshay seeks their permission to talk to Drishti alone. Surprisingly, Babli’s father allows him. The bride’s family has to agree to everything that the groom’s family says. Pulkit takes Akshay upstairs. Sagar and Ganga decide to follow them.

Pulkit tells the kids not to go where Akshay and Babli are sitting. They both still go there. Sagar and Ganga come to the room where Akshay is waiting. Akshay smiles at them but they keenly look at him from top to toe. Akshay greets Sagar but Sagar keeps mum. He observes Akshay carefully. He discusses it with Ganga. The guy is fair. You get 6 out of 10. Sagar literally measures his height next with Ganga’s help. He gives scores to Akshay on every aspect. Ganga asks for Akshay’s wallet.

DO you have money or not or if Babli didi will be always upset like Prabha Mami after her wedding? Akshay agrees. They find lots on money in his wallet. Only last aspect is left – well mannered, learned guy. She asks him if he knows Ramcharitmanas or Gita. He declines. Akshay passes the test with very less marks though. Akshay asks Ganga about her opinion. Have you passed me or failed me? Ganga wants to know Babli’s opinion first.

Babli has changed her saree. Her father comes to talk to her so Madhvi excuses them. He blames Babli for dropping tea intentionally. She tells him the truth but he calls them her excuses. Don’t make any mistakes. The guy wants to meet you. He is waiting for you in Pulkit’s room. Only answer his questions. Don’t talk extra. I don’t want any complaint because of you. you will see me at my worst if this relation breaks. He leaves.

Gangaa 25 April 2020 Update ends as Ganga comes there but hides when she notices Babli’s father going out of the room. She only enters inside when the coast is clear. She finds Babli crying. What happened? why are you crying? Did your father scold you for dropping tea? Babli replies that she has grown up hearing her father scolding her always. I don’t feel bad when elders say something. They can scold me as much as they want but they should know what I want! I want to do engineering. I came first in boards still I will have to get married as my father wants it. Epi ends on Ganga’s thoughtful face.