Gangaa 25 December 2019 Update


Gangaa 25 December 2019 Update starts when Madhavi and ammaji are hopeful that niru shall come in time and stop sagar from going. but when they see sagar coming down, they get alert. they try and stop him. he says that there is something that isnt his, nor does it want to be. he begs them not to stop him. they are saddened.

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Krishna comes and holds his hand, and says that she hasnt come to make him stay back, as she has understood the matter, but has come to give him a krishna idol. they are tensed, while sagar gets emotional, hearing her explanation for the same. he takes it from her, and looks around searching for someone, while krishna tells him that she wont come. sagar is sure that he shall.

Ganga, while packing remembers her last conversation with sagar, about the anklets, and ganga remmebers this and rushes out animatedly, remembering his love for her, and then his betrayal. she thinks that she cant stop him nor forgive him. he hopes that she dares to forgive him just once, and try and stop him. krishna says that she knew he wont come. ganga rushes to see from the balcony, but hides behind a pillar, when he looks up. he eyes the pallu of her saree sticking out, and comments that now just ganga knows him, but he knows her well too.

Krishna asks where is she. he says that she wont be seen, as she doesnt want to be seen. he comments how some people who do love, never express. they are boggled and look around. he thinks that she couldnt stay without seeing him, then how would she live without him. he picks up his bags. they try hard to stop him but he leaves. ganga is apalled, as she eyes them going away.

Gangaa 25 December 2019 Update – In his room, pulkit tries to make surpiya understand, while she holers at him not to come close to her, and not touch her, and is uncontrollably enraged. he begs her to listen to her just once. she begs him to get lost as she doesnt wish to see him. he orders her to listen to him, but she asks him how can he justify this at all. he is silenced.

Downstairs, niru comes and asks them where is sagar. they both tensedly say that he went. niru reprimands madhavi, for not stopping him till he came. she says that she tried but he went. niru is angry and enraged, and says that he shall go to the airport immediately to get him. but they are distracted by loud noises coming from pulkit’s room. they rush and find things broken, while they are shouting at top voices. they look away when he comes, and asks them. she says that pulkit wont answer as he isnt ready to show anyone his face yet too, and that she is ashamed to call him her husband.

Niru asks supriya in front of everyone as to why so much hatred against him. she says that the rfeason for the same is because of his own son, pulkit who is about to become a father yet again. madhavi comments that this is wonderful then why are they upset. she responds that the reason is, that pulkit’s child is conceived by kashish and not her. they are apalled and aghast to hear this. madhavi slaps him while his hesitation confirms it. ammaji too laments it.

Madhavi and ammaji reprimand him, while niru slowly starts retreating. ammaji asks him not to get tensed as this is domestic life, and asks him not to bother himself and focus on working. he starts walking listlessly in the corridor, remembering everything about sagar and pulkit. he thinks that he has just two sons, and noone of them is at peace. he clutches at his heart in pain. ganga and krishna out with their suitcases, come to leave.

Ammaji is casually coming down. niru gets a heart attack, as he steps down the stairs, while ammji follows after him. she is aghast as he drops unconscious on the floor. ganga and krishna are apalled and aghast. they rush to his care. madhavi is distraught and apalled. ganga rushes to call the doctor, when ammaji tells her. ganga asks for an ambulance.

While all are tensedly eyeing niru, he is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. they finally reach.

Niru is rushed inside the hospital on a stretched while all rush down distraught. ganga is apalled to see her like this. they beg the doctor to take a look. he is rushed inside the examining room, while asking them too step out. they anxiously wait outside peeping through the glass hole. they wait in anticipation and despair.

Ganga comforts madhavi and makes her sit down, saying that both the children did this to him, as they both should have been here. ganga asks her to calm down, and then tries sagar’s number, but finds it switched off. krishna continuously assures madhavi.

Ganga thinks that this means he has gone and tells this to madhavi, who curses herself for having given birth to such worthless kids, who made their father go through this. ganga is tensed. madhavi has bitter words, while ganga asks her what good would that do, as niru would be okay soon. pulkit and supriya rush too. madhavi asks him not to think about even coming close or even see him, and asks why has he come, as he should go too like him. he tries to assure but she brands them as selfish, who brought niru to this. all are tensed. she asks him to get lost, while he is embarassed. he begs her but she is adamant and asks him to leave.

Gangaa 25 December 2019 Update ends as Supriya tries to talk, but madhavi stops them saying that its better that she died. the wardboy comesd and asks madhavi to control her temper. she asks ganga to tell them to go. she begs him in signals, and he complies and walks out, totally disheartened. madhavi rushes to see niru. The screen freezes on ganga’s distraught face.