GoodNews Daily Devotional 27 July 2022 – Follow The Script


GoodNews Daily Devotional 27 July 2022
GoodNews Daily Devotional 27 July 2022 | Wednesday Message By
Uebert and Bebe Angel

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TOPIC: Follow The Script

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 10:7 (KJV) Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.

GoodNews Daily Devotional 27 July 2022 MESSAGE

Before you see a movie coming out on Netflix or any other movie platform, there are several procedures to take your favourite piece to come out. It’s not only about actors gathered to play some roles but there are scripts written by producers and actors will do nothing more than to follow those scripts. If the script denotes you as a good or evil person, you just follow that to the dot for you to be the best movie actor in that role.

When Jesus came, He declared that in the volumes of the books it was written of Him. He was not just walking up and down, but He was following the script written concerning His ministry. Many a time the Bible would confirm that He did something to fulfil that which was spoken by the prophets. He was following a script about himself.

The Bible has the script of your life and the more you dig deeper into the word of God, you will understand the script and be the best actor in your own life. Go for the word and you shall know Him as you are known. You will understand your own script through the word of God. Don’t follow someone else’s script but your own script. It might look as if nothing is happening in your life but don’t worry your script has a glorious ending. Things are shifting as you grasp this word of God. Hallelujah!

The word of God is my script, and I shall follow it to the fullest. Greater and better things are mine. I am destined for power, strength, and influence in the name of Jesus!

John 18:37

GoodNews Daily Devotional 27 July 2022. With years of full time ministry between them, Uebert and BeBe Angel are Pioneering & Leading voices in proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of God’s grace (Euagellion) with a prophetic edge that has made them to be coined the leading forces of both the Good News movement and the modern day Prophetic Movement. GoodNews Daily Devotional 27 July