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The episode starts when Jalal says in past many kings and enemies changed their getup to become a look alike of someone and this time it was with bari ami and to get one more prove I asked this lady to make food for him she said i will make spicy food for you whereas maham knows I don eat spicy food.

He says then I decided to tell this to maham FB-maham is shocked to know about her look alike and pretends that it is unbelievable somebody is doing all this wearing her face. Jalal puts sword on look alike and ask why you wore bari ami’s face and why you killed my child?

the look alike is been taken to prison. Jalal comes to maham and says i am happy you are saved from this conspiracy hamida says you have taken mughal justice to new level jalal says no little justice remains and says whatever i did with jodha and her innocent brother was required at that time and it was wrong so i am sorry for whatever happened with them jodha is stunned. Bhagwan das no you are a king and you have the right , whatever you did was the requirement of that moment you dont need to say sorry. And you have raised your dignity by saying sorry as a king.

Scene 2maham in her room is laughing continuously when resham says have to say you are great in playing family politics and nobody can reach to your mind maham says never talk about this topic again everything is finished and laughs. Jalal and hamida comes to her room .

Maham says you could have asked me i would have come Jalal says not to embarrass me and that the real culprit is caught why are you now in tension maham says i didnt got to know about that look alike and she was conspiracing against you that gives me tension i could have saved your son but couldnt, when you were child i saved you from roof but i didnt save your heir. Jalal i am sad that i lost my child but it would have hurt me more if i lost you thank god you are out of doubt. He hugs her. Hamida says jalal is right you have done so much for him maham says i have done what a mother should do and i can do anything for my child jalal takes the blessing and leaves resham says god you said you can do anything for adham and he didnt get a single clue, have to say you can change yourself at anytime. You dont have a double face but dual nature also. Salute to you.

Scene 3Jodha is sitting when servant brings haldi paste for jodha as she didnt take do any beauty tips in past few days but she denies saying i am in no mood. jalal comes to jodha and says i have a good news for you jodha says i know you have done preparations for me to go to amer jodha says i am very i am going back to amer there will be peace, here peace word doesnt exist and you have tortured me a lot . As a divorcee i will go back but my father will accept me and it is extreme bad news for them they will be hurt when they will that their daughter was being tortured here and will be a divorcee but i will be happy living a life of divorcee. For a married women her deadbody should be taken out from in laws place. But i am happy that my deadbody will taken out from the place where i born because i cant die here as i die here daily sometime my emotions are killed sometime dignity,respect. Jodha says there must be some order thats why you are here i am your wife so i will listen to your every order tell me jalal says stop you keep saying amer amer dont forget you are in agra still jodha says how can i forget i am here dieing inside jalal flinches his palm jodha says angry on me so take it out i will be happy that i have satisfied you by taking your anger out jalal says yes i am very angry but leave it what to say to a person who is guest for 2 days he leaves jodha is shattered.

Scene 4 Javeda comes to maham, maham says god she is here again javeda says i dint liked when jalal threw you on ground maham says it was not me she says people think it was you as she was same as you. Javeda says think if she succeeded in her evil plan she would have behead you and hinge the throne. maham says donot think else brain will ache then says she doesnt have the brain so how will it ache. javeda says jodha is stucked everytime because of you and leaves. Resham says she is right jodha get in prey everytime because of you maham says she did foolish act by doubting in front of everyone resham ask will her doubt be finished maham says that it is to be known from her only .

Maham is on her way going to jodha when she sees Rahim is playing, maham grabs him and says you stole that box rahim gets afraid and comes to jodha and hugs her jodha ask what happened he says maham is behind me. maham comes and says how are you to rahim he says i am fine maham says you got very much attached to jodha do you remember the story which i told you he says no she says this is good thing avout kids they dont remember things much. maham says good you stole that box else how I would be proved innocent rahim leaves.

Jodha ask the reason for her visit Maham says i am here to congratulate you that we are proved innocent maham says i want to make that kheer that you were preparing that day. Jodha remembers when she asked maham this is how you mixed dathura in kesar she is shocked and says whatever was said was by you not your look alike. jodha says means you were present in kitchen that day not a look alike maham gives a wicked smile and says Jalal had conducted the investigations everything is over culprit is caught I am out of suspicion all believe that I am innocent then Why i think you still doubt on me and how to remove this doubt?

Jodha Akbar 1 April 2020 Update: Jodha looks at Maham doubtfully. Maham says lets go to jalal again , he is expert in justice now ask him to investigate again jodha is disgusted. Maham says my mother used to say that if you believe that poison is in front of you and you taste it to prove your belief than you you will die but your belief will not be proved. She leaves saying will meet again.

A guard comes and gives a message to das & Company, they get agitated, worried,they meet Jalal and tell that some one has attacked Amer. bhagwan das says you can expect the situation and bharmal is alone there and the reason we were here is over as culprit is caught so allow us to leave jalal says i understand and offers his force to join them as they can need it.

das says its really great of you but bharmal has arranged his force and we brothers will fight with the situation jalal asks them to meet Jodha but they wanted to leave asap. Jalal says ok i will order to do preparations for your leave. Bhagwan thanks him and leaves. Jalal says i know you will not need my force, you brother alone can fight, i’ve seen it and appreciate their bravery. Jodha on the other hand says i wanted to leave with my brothers i dont understand jalal one side he wants me to go then why he allowed them to leave without me.

She comes out where jalal is practicing sword fighting and get the cut soldeir puts the sword down and ask forgiveness jalal says we will progress till soldiers like you are present. Jodha comes and says i want to talk with you he ask everybody jalal says it has become your hobby to interrupt me in everything jodha says you say something else and do other thing why you didnt send me with my brothers jalal says you always complain that i dont listen but its you who dont listen, bharmal asked them to urgently come so i allowed them to go while practicing he puts sword on her neck jodha says i cant breath here i want to go he says i am also not interested to stop you she sees a cut on his hand and puts mud from tulsi plant on it jalal says this much care why?

She says i saw cut so applied mud he says but I didnt ask you to do so jodha says you are only a injured person for me not a king and it is my risponsibility to treat a injured person jalal says great in lovey dovey words there is smell of hatred i like it and he cuts his other hand jodha is stunned he ask will you not apply mud on it jodha gives furious glance to him and leaves (ishq hai wo ehsas plays).

Scene 2 Maham is offering prayers when she sees adham he says first i behead the look alike then roam in agra with her head but i was remembering your face when i see her. Maham says it was your fear only i am here in front of you she was lakhi he ask who maham says i met her and remembers some past where she met lakhi in traditional dance he ask how you met her maham says when jalal was child enemies were searching to kill him when i saw a look alike and i was shocked.

To save jalal from enemies i asked her to become maham for some days to save heir of mughals and offers big amount to her she agreed and became maham enemies followed her thinking her maham and i saved jalal. Then after some days i met her and filled her house with gold as per promise and beared her daughter’s marriage expenses she promised me that she will always be there when i need hes. I almost forget her when few days back me and Hamida were discussing history and hamida says mulla bekham had a look alike and he used him.

Then i remember that lakhi and gone to her and ask its time to pay back she agreed and i put her in secret room jalal came and saw her . Maham says to her you are doing great job keep it up. Jalal doubts increased and after two days jalal showed me lakhi and said she is your look alike but not in doings and rahim saw her mixing dathura in kesar. Then i asked to never say a thing in court she did exactly same and got my punishment.

Maham says she beheaded herself only because of a promise given to me adham says strange you never appreciated me this much ever maham says she deserve this appreciation this is the special thing about this group of people as they can die but do not changes their tongue.

Scene 3 Ruks is playing ancient luddo when hoshiyar comes excited ruks says i think you’ve got the news about mela who is going to present what he says i also know who is not participating ruks who can be this foolish that will not participate as this is the only chance for all wives to get closer to jalal and only one will not participate that is jodha hoshiyar says i had same news,

Jalal comes suddenly and ask no hookah today for me ruks i have the news which has more addiction ruks says tomorrow is mena bazar jalal ask whats new ruks says i always present something special and will make stunned like always but someone is not participating jalal ask who will not be present ruks says jodha jalal says impossible she have as this is tradition of harem ruks says but its not necessory jalal says it is as its tradition and all should follow ruks says why take so much tension for her and you have only put these traditions aside for her only by allowing her to follow her religion, allowed her to do prayers in harem.

Jalal is about to leave when ruks where are going he says last order she has to follow ruks ask last? He says i have letter to bharmal to take jodha from here and she will leave soon she says she must leave as she dont respect you.

Jodha Akbar 1 April 2020 Update – Jalal comes to jodha and says yesterday you said you will follow all my orders till when you are here but what is this you are not paricioating in mela jodha retorts that you also said that you will not pressurize me as i am guest for 2 days jalal says till when you are here you have to follow traditions and you are mu wife here so must follow my orders jodha says I’ll leave in 2 days so why should follow traditions of this palace.

Jalal says to jodha that every wife participate in mela(festival) and you should be there also and remember till when you are here nobody should know about you going back to amer. and leaves. Jodha thinks that i will be leaving in two days but he is not leaving any chance to annoy me but this time I will not vow down and will show him what i can do.

jodha comes to hamida and greets her. Hamida is embroiding a suit jodha ask what is this hamida tells her and says every wife do something for their husband your mother do so also jodha nods hamida ask do you know the reason behind meena bazar jodha says to impress the king to get his attention hamida says when it was arranged first time the reason was big that was wives in palaces do not get to see the outside world so on this day they get the chance to see the sky actually wives buy their happiness on this day jodha is thoughtfull.

Scene 2

Javeda is writing something on paper when maham comes she hides it maham ask what are you hiding javeda says i have something very special for meena bazar you will expand like rice of biryani maham ask whats that idea javeda rejects to tell it as wall can listen maham ask to show she says when walls can listen they can see it too. Javeda says about jodha leaving Maham says yes jodha is leaving and it is good that she is leaving as she has no interest in amer and happenings here its better she leaves javeda says i will miss her maham says so go with her to amer javeda says i will not leave you who will make sweets for you and i will not leave you till we go to heaven i will be there with you as well. Maham is irritated.

Scene 3

Jodha comes out and servant ask what happened hoshiyar is behind her jodha says i have to take part in meena bazar for sake of hamida servant ask what you will present to impress jalal jodha thinks what should i present to irritate jalal and sees color on servant’s dupatta and says tomorrow is holi. she gets the idea and whispers something in her ear.

Scene 4

Hoshiyar is other wives and says not only ruks is compititaing with you this time jodha is also participating and she has long list of winning. One wife says one was not enough that one more is present. They ask for any idea but he denies telling it saying i work for ruks only.

Scene 5

Meena bazar is all set. Jalal enters and sees different stalls he comes to the stall of ruks. Ruks shows dupatta in her stall to jalal . He says they are very beautiful jalal ask for 3 dupattas she shows him jalal make her wear one she is very happy jalal ask for reason she says you gifted me first so its special jalal buys other two . Ruks says think before buying they are very expensive jalal says what to think for you i will buy how much expensive they are it will be paid from money of kingdom as it is your day to sell and make most out of it. And your stall will going to be most expensive one for me.

Scene 6

Maham and resham sees a stall and maham thinks that ruks has arranged something special thats why there are much people on her stall resham informs that it is stall of javeda not ruks maham is shocked and thinks what she has done now and its dangerous when monkey gets the sword. She comes to her stall and sees the painting of herself with smiling face. Maham says what nonsense is this. Javeda says nobody have seen you smiling so thats why all are stunned that you look like this when you smile. Maham says i dont want anybody to any of your painting as its for me so i will buy all please shut the stall. Javeda agrees happily.

Scene 7

salima shows jalal the perfume jalal likes it and says how do you know i will like it salima says it is duty of a wife to impress husband. Jalal gifts her one dupatta.

Scene 8

jalal comes to the stall of jodha and says its good you accepted the tradition of harem and ask the reason behind placing colors in her stall jodha says i am not liable to tell you jalal says if you have placed the stall here so you must tell divulge the reason behind showing color on your stall. She takes the white dupatta and says this is white showing peace but it will change if any other color is thrown on it and throws pink color on it. She say colors changes the life in minute and i have showed my emotion by showing colors in my stall but you will not understand jalal smiles and says i have nothing to do with emotion but rules and rule is i have to buy something from every stall jodha ask servant to give jalal colors he says i will buy all colors from your stall as you have told me many things about colors. Jodha Akbar 1 April 2020 Update

You know very much about colors but dont know their significance. I have bought 3 dupattas from ruks stall and the 3rd one was for you, a white one which shows the sign of peace but you have put the color on it and changes its emotion. I have no emotions but understand emotions of others i know tomorrow is holi but in palace it is not played but for a guest as her last wish i allow you to play it tomorrow. I am buying all colors and will gift you tomorrow. He leaves while jodha looks at him.

jalal is leaving the bazar when ruks comes and says you bought every color from jodha jalal says this is because to show her that her every color is under me. Maybe this is her last holi . Ruks laughs and says strange she sold colors to you. She gifts jalal a shawl and make him wear it. He thanks her and leaves.

Maham comes to ruks and tell her jalal bought all colors from jodha’s stall. ruks says to maham that the life of her is de colored by jalal so what will happen if jalal buys some colors from her.

Scene 2Hamida says to jodha i am proud of you , you took part in meena bazar for me and everybody liked your stall and ask about jalal jodha says he bought all colors hamida is happy that he liked your stall. Jodha says my intension was different behind putting colors in my stall and tell her about holi hamida says i know about holi. When jalal was child i hide in some hindu palace and there i played holi with them. Jodha is excited that she knows about it jodha says to hamida that i dont want to destroy the rules of the palace and dont want to play holi with very much fun, I will play with hindu womens here.

it is our religious festival i am attached to it and jalal has given me permission but You are my mother here so asking permission from you hamida allows her saying its your right and i am happy jalal is now understanding this. Jodha gifts her something when hamida ask are you leaving jodha thinks for a while and says i am your daughter so cant gift you randomly hamida blesses her.

Scene 3 maham is shouting on hindu servants what you think you will get off for today no you all will work. Nobody can deny my orders go and do your work. Other side in jodha’s room she sees colors and ask servant why these colors are here servant informs jalal has sent them here.she remembers holi in amer when suja said you will not remember us when you will play holi with your in-laws. Jodha comes out where all women are present. They are terrified to play because of maham jodha says maybe she doesnt know about jalal’s permission nothing will happen lets play all says because of you we can play holi for the 1st time here.

Jodha Akbar 1 April 2020 Update – Jodha applies colors on all womens . Reva applies color on her and runs jodha runs behind and throws color, suddenly maham comes and colors get thrown on her face. Jodha is shocked and says i didnt do it intensionally maham smears her face , gives a angry look to jodha and leaves. All are tensed as maham didnt said a word and left in anger.

Scene 4 Maham is looking herself in mirror. When resham comes with new suit maham throws it and says this color will remain like this go and tell that jodha intensionally did it. Outside jalal is with priest. He explains the importance of being a king to jalal that he should do justic according to his religion. Resham comes and informs that jodha put color on maham. He comes to her and is shocked to see her like this. Maham says jodha did this jalal says i allowed her because it was her right maham says then she should have played in her area why she was throwing colors in garden.

She cries and says she did this intensionally, you know after my husband’s death i am wearing white color only but jodha spoiled my simplicity by putting this color on me. I would have killed myself there only but i couldnt as my loyalities are with you and kingdom but she disrespected me, my simplicity and my religion priest agrees with her jalal fumes and leaves. Maham wipes her tears.

Scene 5 Hamida is with other ladies who says this is wrong this shouldnt have done hamida says i know she did unintensionally lady says but she disrespected maham and our religion. Hamida says even unintensionally yes she did a big mistake.

Scene 6 in jodha’s room. women says to jodha we shouldnt have holi in garden mistake was our. Jodha says its not your mistake. It was mine i should have seen before throwing color. Jalal comes to jodha all are tensed , all leaves jalal is very much angry and throw all colors on ground jodha is stunned. Jalal says i allowed you to play holi because i thought it was your right and what you did made fun and disrespect of my religion.

You hurted bari ami a lot. Jodha says i will deny anything and i am ready for any punishment. Jalal says punishment will be decided after talking with priest but in my point of view your biggest punishment will be that you go back to amer tomorrow itself he leaves jodha is saddened.

Scene 7Maham comes to jodha . Jodha folds her hands and ask forgiveness from maham. Maham ask jalal forgave you? Jodha says no and i am ready for any punishment maham says menavati has to announce your punishment jodha is stunned. Maham informs that jalal had sent a letter to amer so your mother has to take you from here.

Jodha Akbar 1 April 2020 Update on Zee World