Jodha Akbar 27 April 2020 Update


Jodha Akbar 27 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode begins as hamida says to humayun that i wish you did be here as hakim is coming, jiji says he is very sweet boy.Soldier meets benazir and ask in which langauge you write letter, benazir ask what? He reads letter’s first letters and it become that ‘work is not done yet’. He ask what work? Benazir says what if i write letter in poetry, soldier warns her that if she didnt tell him what she is upto otherwise i will show letter to jalal, benazir says i am his special so he wont listen to you, he says i am mughal soldier he will listen, he says i have one deal for you, just spend one night with me then i will not show this letter to jalal. Benazir is tensed. He says i will wait for you.

Salima comes to jodha and ask have you seen rahim, jodha says no he has become very naughty. Jodha ask dasi to find him. Salima sits and says you are great, you gifted jalal the best thing in meena bazar, jodha says but he doesnt think like this thats why he announced benazir as winner. Salima ask her not to think like that and you will see this cradle blessing will become true one day, and i will pray that you two become three one day, jodha says for that two have to become one first, salima says right and its responsibility of a wife to bind love, relation, respect between hubby wife, jodha says i love listening your thoughts, salima goes to find rahim, jodha is thoughtful.

Jalal calls zakira, she comes tensed thinking whether maqsood(soldier) told anything to jalal, jalal ask whether benazir will come to welcome mirza hakim, zakira says she is having fever, jalal says she was fine in morning, zakira says she wasnt but she came to see you as you were hurt, jalal ask her to go and thinks so benazir have fever, if jodha can make remidy for me then…

Maham comes and scolds javedha for not coming to her when she was called .. Javehda has veil on her face, Javehda reveals that her face was full of allergic reaction due to use of wrong cream used by benazir …Maham advises her to go to hakim sahiba …Maham and resham are scared to see her discolored faceJavedha weeps over her predicament …maham calls her idiot ..Maham fakes her worry for her DIL .. But javeda is worried what will happen to the ladies who had bought the same cream from her at meena bazaar …Maham is scared now.

Jalal is jodha’s room, jodha says if you wanted remidy you could have asked dasi, why are you roaming when you are hurt, jalal says actually benazir has fever i want remidy for her, jodha murmurs that she was roaming in whole palace, jalal says that doesnt mean she is fine, look i am also roaming, he ask her to make remidy for her, jodha says there are many dasiz ask them. Jalal says you are expert. Jodha says ok go i will send it, jalal says no what if you mix something in it, jodha is irritated, she is making it in anger, jalal eyes kahna.

Jodha says you like gifting my things to her but this.. Jalal says i wont give this, this peacock feather and bansuri is not her interest, jalal ask her to prepare medicine fast, Jalal says to jodha that he will 1st go and give benazir remedy only then he will sleep, jodha is angry, jala; informs jodha that his special guest mirza hakim is arriving from Kabul ..

He then speaks in pure hindi mimicking Jodha … That she should be present as per traditions for welcoming his guest .. Her brother in law … Jodha smiles to herself. Jalal ask fast she must be waiting for me, she is making and he keeps looking at her and thinks i will not forgive for that cradle, jodha makes it and present him holding bowl fully in her hand, jalal doesnt take it as he might touch her hand, jodha understand and hold it from bottom so jalal take it from top.

In court, mirza hakim comes and greets hamida and maham and then jalal, jalal hugs him, mirza says we will go on hunt, jalal nods. He then greets ruks, then he goes jodha and touches her feet. Jodha ask what are you doing, he says i know in rajvanshis they touch feet of bhabi. Jodha thinks both brothers are so different.

Jodha Akbar 27 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Salima comes to jodha who is making medicine, salima ask for whom? Jodha blabbers for that special benazir of jalal, he can ask for it so i am making it beforehand. Salima says i use to have jealousy of rahim’s mother but when she was dying she gave me rahim and i asked that i am jealous of you then why are you doing this, she said that its not jealousy but your love for husband. Salima says many times there is love hidden behind jealousy, you can be angry with jalal but cant be jealous? Moti laughs, jodha ask whether you think i am jealous? Moti says no how you can be jealous as salima said those who love someone feel jealousy but you only hate jalal. Jodha is at loss of words. Moti salima smiles.

Mirza gifts rahim and says he is very cute to salima who ask where was he? He says i retured here to complete some mission, actually i got to know that abul mali has sent someone to conspire in palace, salima ask so lets tell jalal, mirza says not now because culprit must be around him.Benazir comes to soldier with zakira, soldier ask why zakira is with you? Benazir says i was afraid, he says now you are with me so no need to fear, he takes her inside dark room and tries to get closer to her but she stops him and says i was special of abul mali in kabul and now of jalal so its not right.

He gets angry and gets up to go to jalal and tell her truth but she stops him and says i was joking with you, i am here for you, she fills drink in his glass, and he gets closer to her, she says i am here so why are you in hurry? He again gets angry, benazir pacifies him saying i am here in your arm, he gets cosy with her, they have liplock and suddenly he falls on ground with some gree liquid coming out his mouth, benazir have green lips and says cunningly that this happens who ever tries to catch me, he wanted to spend night with me and see whats the result, zakira takes benazir away. Benazir is not in senses.

Moti bai and jodha are standing near the window they witness benazir vomiting badly and she appears very sick .. Also they notice the green colour on her face .. jodha says she must have eaten something bad, Jodha then thinks about something and orders moti to follow her .. In room, zakira says everytime this happens when you spit poison, now you have to rest, benazir ask her to give her medicine, zakira goes to find it. Otherside jodha prepares medicine for benazir and says i didnt want to but she was ill, moti says you have a big heart, moti says i will go and give her, jodha says no after what adham did, i will not allow you to go alone,

Jodha gets up to go alone but moti insists to go with her so they both come to benazir room where she is lying on bed thinking benazir has come with medicine and ask her to give it, jodha says i have come, benazir is stunned to see her and says jalal is not here. Jodha says i am not here for jalal but i saw you ill so made medicine for you, benazir why this much greatness for a dasi? Jodha says it was my duty, zakira comes with snake but seeing jodha she throws it, benazir thanks jodha and says i am fine, jodha says as wish if you dont wanna take it, fine.

Jodha Akbar 27 April 2020 Update: Jodha comes out with moti and snake follows them, jodha falls down seeing snake and he is about to hit her but benazir comes and throws it away, jodha is relieved and thanks her for saving her, benazir says you made medicine for a dasi so i can do this, jodha goes from there, benazir grabs snake again and lick its mouth with her tongue, she gets all fine, zakira smiles.

Mirza is practising sword fighting and sees soldier’s deadbody, he comes there, jalal and atga khan also comes there, hakim says he was bitten by snake, atga says we have regular check in garden to make sure there is no snake then how it can happen, jalal ask atga to recheck and be careful. Zakira says jalal also get to know about it, benazir says so what all will think that snake did it but dont know i have poison in my blood also.they leaves. Mirza says if he was bitten by snake then where is the mark, hakim shows him that its on lips. Jalal says that he was a good soldier so do his las rituals properly.

Mirza says it was strange how maqsood died and this is not good happening in palace, also abul mali is behind you, i listened him talking against you, jalal ask with whom? Mirza says i couldnt see but he is dangerous, jalal says when you are with me then i have no fear, mirza thinks whether there is some connection between mali and this killing.

Jodha comes out with moti and sees that there is no piegeon in garden, mirza comes and says what are you searching, she says piegoen, he murmurs some words like majician and shows piegoen in his turban, he says actually yesterday night snake bite soldier and he died so i asked servants to remove piegeons from here as it can be dangerous, jodha says yesterday night one snake attacked me also, mirza says maybe it was same who killed him. Jodha says nice to see you care for piegoen as otherside your brother love hunting, he says he hunt only wild animals, jodha says you are taking his side? He says yes he is like my god.

Jodha Akbar 27 April 2020 Update: Jodha says god are not human, mirza says you also says pati parmeshvar, jodha says you take his side, mirza says i can be on your side as bari ami told me you are good cook, and i love daal bhati churma, jodha says for food you will change your side? What if jalal get to know this? He says so what, you both are same whats the matter if i take one’s side, jodha is shy.

Maham comes in garden where soldiers captured one man, soldier says he was announcing in market that nobody can beat him in wrestling in palace, maham ask wrestler who are you? He says my name is imtiaz. He says my work is that i go each and every corner of india but nobody has beaten him, now i am in agra and challenges that nobody can beat him, maham shouts that i can behead you right now but i will not. Soldiers takes him away, maham thinks that this is my chance, my son adham can only beat terrace, atgah asks Permission to kill Abul mali for doing saazish against moghul sultanat .

Jalal says he is his sisters husband he could not make his sister a widow ..He laments his bad luck even as atgah warns him of the enemies getting fearlessMaham calls Jalal to harem, Jalal comes in harem where all ladies are present, maham says one man came and challenged you openly though this is wrong way but this is rule that everybody can put his views in palace, you need to answer him correctly.

Hamida cuts in their talk and says that if jalal answers his challenge then anybody will come and challenge king in future too, ruks says i am with maham as you should answer him once and for all so nobody will get courage to that again, jodha cuts in and says i am with ami jaan and it is written in books that king should take safe steps in his life, we dont know anything about him, maybe he is being sent from enemy, benazir interrupts and then says sorry, jalal ask her to complete her talk, she says i am with maham, you should answer him.

Jalal angerily says to hamida that to never call him here to discuss political matters as i have bari ami and ministers to discuss, he looks at jodha and says i dont like discussing these matters with wives, he warns benazir not to interfere in his matters again. He says tomorrow we will accept his challenge and will see him.

In court, Atgah khan then scolds imtiaz khan for challenging shehenshsh, Jalal asks him what he wants. He says that he wants to fight the strongest man .. And the rule be that I would fight three men .. And if he lost I would become jalal’s servant .. But if he won Shehenshsh would accept his defeat to him .. On hearing this the entire ministers shouts and attacks him, jalal stops them and accepts the challenge ..

Outside imtiaz and benazir comes to face each other, they are about to cross each other but stops and benazir just nods her head in no while he leaves.In Harem resham announces to the amused begums that some commoner had challenged the shehenshsh so all are invited to witness Wrestling …moti comes to jodha and informs that tomorrow there will be wrestling b/w imtiaz and mughal soldier and all wives are invited. Jodha says dont know what enjoyment jalal get by fighting, by seeing bloodshed. Moti says we rajvanshi also go on wars, battles jodha says yes but not for enjoyment. She says that it doesnt matter if i will be there or not as ruks will be there and also that benazir, servant comes and informs jodha that jalal has called you, she gets thoughtful.

Outside atga is discussing strategy with jalal when jodha comes. Atga leaves. Jodha sits and jalal says i thought to invite you personally, jodha says good but i will not come as i dont like fights and wrestling and also it doesnt matter whether i will be there or not as all family members will be there and and your special one. Jalal says you are one of my special wife, jodha says yes but i didnt use to attend it back then in amer also, jalal says there you were queen but here in agra you are my wife and my order is that all wives will be there. I think you didnt like when i preferred benazir’s idea over yours.

Jodha says i didnt uttered her name even and you are taunting me, jalal says i have learned this from you only, jodha says i will not come, i wanted to there in raam tanu jashn but you asked me to go out and now i dont wanna come but you are forcing. Jalal says you will come, he present her a medal and says hamida want you to tie it to winner’s hand. As we will witness his defeat.

Jodha says you decided your win even before game. Jalal ask what do mean? Jodha says he must not be stupid to challenge you in full court, he is not an idiot to come on his own to get killed by you, Jodha says i know you dont like my suggestions but still i will say that not to underestimate the power of his enemies .. Not to give his enemies another chance as it the first step towards destruction,.. Jalal is turning a deaf ear to what ever Jodha is telling him.

Mirza and atga discuss the strange way of the snake bite on the dead soldier .. The discuss they should be extra alertIn her room benazir wants to meet Imtiaaz . But zakira warns her that if jalal came to know Benazir and imtiaz were sent by abul mali then they would be in troublemirza and atgah khan discuss that during the wrestling match jalal should be guarded with extra care as Maqsood khan had died in a very strange manner .. He advises atga to search his room

Jodha says to rahim that you ask too many questions, i told you 3 stories but you are not sleeping. He says i am sleepy but i promised mirza chachu that i will play guessing game with him, he is not here so i will play with you. He says some question and ask her to answer. Jodha says when mirza will come we will ask him.

Jodha Akbar 27 April 2020 Update ends as Benazir comes imtiaz, he is stunned and why are you here? She ask whether there is message for me? Imtiaz says that abul mali is dissappointed with you, he sent you here to finish king but you are not doing it, he has done hard work on you but you are not able to go close to jalal, benazir says whenever i try some wall is created, he says to destroy it then.

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