Kindred Hearts 1 October 2019 Update on Zee World


Kindred Hearts 1 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Binni comes in pooja wearing a towel, all are stunned. Guests start gossiping that there is always some drama going on in their house. Jia tries to cover Binni with her dupatta, Binni throws it away and says you wanted me in pooja so I came.

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Jia asks her to stop insulting family. Guest says she has been gone far too much, she should have been stopped in childhood. Kaki asks priest to start pooja. Priest says I have been insulted, guest says we will not do pooja where all this filth happen, Kaki begs priest to do the peasce pooja, priest says the house where you peopledont respect women, I wont do pooja there, priest and guests leave. All glare at Binni.

Kaki says Binni this havan was for your Baba and your sister, you should have atleast thought about them. Binni says you should think, you are aged now old woman. Binni throws wine in havan and says see I paid my prayers to them. Kaki slaps her. Binni throws color at her in anger. Kaki cries.

Binni says so stop forcing me otherwise I will do drama more than I did today, dont force me to stayhere, give me my freedom and let me go. Arjun says I wont let you go like that, you will never get that freedom, remember that and say sorry to Kaki, say sorry otherwise I will not spare you, Binni says she raised hand on me so I wont say sorry, she leaves.

Arjun sadly looks at Kaki and says I am sorry on Binni’s behalf, are you alright? Kaki sobs. Chirag says you are elder, you know her, dont feel bad, I will talkto Binni. Kaki cries.
Binni throws things in her room and screams that I cant even breath in this house, they will force me and beat me? I will not spare anyone, she goes in hysterics.She takes out pills and take them, she tries to calm down and says Jia did all this, I will not spare her, I will not spare anyone.

Jia and Arjun cleans things in lounge. Jia gets dizzy. Arjun comes to her and asks if she fine? she says just stressed. Arjun says everything will be fine. Jia says I know you are with me, we will pacify Binni soon, he nods. Chirag comes there and says Kaki have been crying, she will get ill.

Arjun and Jia comes to Kaki’s room. Kaki is crying. Arjun tries to make her smile and says dont know in what bad moment Adi married Nisha, men are fools here but I know one fool that can make Kaki smile, Kaki sniffles. Arjun says all women of house are beautiful. Kaki sadly looks at Binni’s childhood picture.

Arjun says Binni is pretty but her nature is bad, I want to slap her. Kaki says no, I know what happened today has hurt us both but we are elders so we should show maturity. Jia says dont know where she lived, this must not be easy for her. They hear door bell, Arjun goes to check.

Kindred Hearts 1 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Arjun comes in lounge and opens door, police comes in house. All family comes there. Inspector says we have come to arrest Jia Mehra. Arjun says is this some misunderstanding? Inspector asks officers to search house, we have got information that someone has been kidnapped and forced to be locked here and Jia is responsible for that, we will search house.

Inspector comes to Binni’s room and finds her tied up in a corner. Binni has tied her hands and feet, she has tied cloth around her mouth too. Family comes there and is stunned. Jia asks Binni what is this? inspector asks her to remain away, he frees Binni. Arjun thinks Binni deliberately did this to leave from here, what to do.

Inspector says so our information was right? Binni cries and says they tied and locked me here, this is not house but jail, they treated so badly with me. Inspector says you people tortured her, we can see her state. Binni says yes, they cant even let me drink water, this Jia keeps following me, I cant even breath here. Kaki says she is our daughter, we cant do that. Chirag says Binni did this herself.

Binni says I am not crazy to make these stupid stories. She shows scar on her face and says they hurt me, Arjun says we didnt do anything. Binni says they beat me. Flashback shows how Binni applied makeup to make scars on her face and then tied herself, flashback ends. Binni says in morning, this Kaki slapped me so hard that my face swollen, you can ask guests because I woke up late.

Inspector says do you know punishment of torturing her like that? he asks officer to arrest them all. Officers arrest whole family. Binni smirks. Jia says she is our family member, she came after many years and cant mingle with us. Binni says they are not my family, they are forcing me to stay here, maybe they will make me maid.

Chirag says we have been treating you like princess, why you are doing this? Jia says let us talk to Binni for a minute, inspector allows. Arjun comes to Binni and says think about Kaki going to jail in this age, Jia says you could have talked to us, why did you call police on your family? Binni says its not my family.

Arjun says take your statement back. Binni says to Arjun that if you want to save your family from going to jail then listen to my one condition, Binni says to Arjun that if you give me my passport and let me go from here then I will not send your family to police, choice is yours. Arjun agrees. Binni asks police to leave. They leave.

Arjun gives Binni her passport, she packs her stuff to leave. Chirag comes to Binni and says I always wanted my sister to tie rakhi on my hand but didnt have sister, today is not rakhi day but you can tie today. Binni says you people are so emotional and drama queens, all family members are over dramatic. Jia says Binni you are leaving so you can tie it thinking its a band.

Binni ties rakhi on his hand. Kaki gives her family photo and says its from our side so you dont forget us, Binni gets a little sad and looks at Chinni and Baba’s photo. binni says I am leaving back to my old life, I am happy. Jia gives her pepper spray. Kaki asks her to take care, dont know when we will see you. Binni says never. binni asks Arjun if he will not gift her?

Arjun gives her bracelet and says this is Baba’s memory, giving it with prayer that you comeback. Binni says not even in dreams as I am going to fulfill my dreams, Binni leaves.
Kaki cries. Arjun asks her to not cry, I will bring Binni back, Jia asks her to not worry.

Kaki says you all tried but nobody can change fate. Chirag asks her to not be sad. Jia asks Kaki to take medicine but she doesnt take it. Arjun says remember Kaki used to give miseri to Arjun when he wouldnt eat medicine, he gives her miseri, Kaki takes medicine with it. Jia says you love him more? Arjun says he is my Kaki, Kaki ask them to stop fighting.

Chirag says no one loves me? Arjun says who would love you, they all laugh. They look up and are shocked to see Binni coming back, Kaki gets happy. Arjun asks if she returned? Binni asks if he has problem with it? Arjun smiles and says Kaki see she returned. Chirag says but she didnt want to live here. Kaki says I knew she would comeback to her home, I had faith in God, she tries to caress her face but Binni moves away, Binni thinks they are fools, I have comeback but now I will rule here, I saw bad times but now it will be their bad time.

Flashback shows Binni came out of house and called manager if he booked room for her? Manager says your family called and said you are busy so we booked room for another model and did shoot, you are late now. Arjun and Chirag hears it and smirks. Binni gets miffed, flashback ends. Jia says its good you returned. Kindred Hearts 1 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Arjun smirks. Binni thinks they are happy but now I will take their happiness, they finished my international career, I will destroy them now. Jia says you must be hungry,we can have lunch, Binni says I will tell you when I am hungry. Binni thinks they think me coming back is their victory but it will be so bad for them.

Chirag brings Binni to her room and says I decorated it, I am so happy you are back, Binni glares at him. Chirag asks if she want to go on drive? want to party? Binni pushes him out of room and locks door. Chirag says she has so many mood swings. Binni is angry in her room, she throws things and tries to find her calming medicines, she takes it and tries to calm down.

Jia comes to Binni and says I thought to spend time with you and help you unpack bags. Binni says I never say no to help, my things are messed so you can put them in cupboard. Jia starts folding clothes, Jia asks if she can touch parsad for pooja, it will be nice, Binni says okay, Jia thinks she agreed in one go.

Arjun sees it and thinks I know Jia is thinking how she agreed so soon, its good. Binni asks Jia if she can clean her room? I have many things in room that can be thrown out. Jia nods. Jia starts cleaning out mess. Binni says I know one useless thing that can be thrown out but I cant. Jia asks what? Binni says you. Arjun glares at her. Binni says but useless things can be helpful like you are helping me today, let me know when room is cleaned, she leaves, Jia is hurt, Arjun thinks Binni is crossing limits.

Jia cleans Binni’s room. Binni comes there and says wow nice, you can leave now, she leaves. binni looks at her clothes and calls her back, she asks where are my things? I know you know what we are talking about, did you throw my short tops? skirts and dresses? Jia says they were useless. Binni says how dare you, they were expansive. Jia says you asked me to throw things as I want, if you had problem then you could have done your work, I have cleaned dust, Binni asks her to leave, she leave. Binni takes another pill to calm her down.

Arjun is miffed. Jia comes to him. Arjun asks why she is coming in Binni’s talk? she cant take advantage of us, we cant be angry like her, its not bad that I cleaned a room in my house, she will do her work from now on, you will have to work after marriage too.

Kindred Hearts 1 October 2019 Update ends when Arjun says I am ready to work but Binni is not doing right. Jia says we dont know where she have been these years. Arjun says to Jia that dont come in Binni’s trap, she can say anything but you dont have to trust her. Jia says I know what is happening is hurting family, its hurting Binni too. Arjun says you can say anything.