Kindred Hearts 28 October 2019 Update


Kindred Hearts 28 October 2019 Update starts when Someone comes to Rano’s room at night and checks everything. A net falls on him. Its Akash. She says you thought you could come in my room. I knew you would try to get to my locker. He says get me out. She says you can’t separate me and arjun. He says no I want to see you both together. She takes him out of the trap. He says my heart is on the right track now.

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I love Jia. She says you hid my book? he says you want to kill Jia? stay away from her. Don’t dare harming her again. Better burn this book before Arjun sees it. If you and Arjun are together I and Jia will be together. Rano says we are in same boat now. He says better stay away from Jia. She says shake hand with me. He says I keep her happy. Arjun never deserved her. He doesn’t trust or respect her. She says you can keep her.

Jia says to Akash come and help me with my eyeliner. he says I am not makeup artist but I can try. He tries it. Arjun sees them together. He leaves. Akash comes out. Rano gives him tissues. She says love brings tears. Rano says shake hand with me before ajrun and jia are one. We have to make Jia believe that you love her. She says I can bring happiness in your life. She will always be yours. He shakes hand with her.

Jia comes to Arjun’s room and looks for something. Arjun comes in. She says looking for phone diary. he says let me help. She sneezes. He says you are allergic to perfumes. I stopped wearing them because of you. She says now we are not together so you use them? He takes off his jacket. She says do you still care? He says I always did. Jia’s phone rings. She leaves.

Jia comes to kitchen. Rano says too happy? She says Ajrun still loves me. You will see. Rano says he is my husband and stay away from him. Rano brings arti to ambika. She says sorry was waiting for Jia. She wasn’t anywhere. Jia comes to store. Arjun comes in. He says ma and rano have left for temple. She says i have to go to.

She trips and falls on Arjun. Arjun says the door is locked. She says what I have to go and go with ma to temple. She tries to open it but falls. She says you did all this. Ma will be mad at me. He says stop there is glass there. She is about to step on it. He puts his hand on it. She syas are you crazy your hand bleeds. He says you weren’t listening. She dresses his wound.

Arjun caresses her face. He says you have phone? She says no. He says me neither. we have to wait till they come back home. There is an old tape recorder. Jia plays music. Arjun holds her hand and they dance together. Jia hugs him. She saus i love you. Do you love me? He says a lot.

Jia and Arjun dance together. Jia hugs him and says I love you. Arjun says i always loved you. Arjun was imagining all this. Jia says to Arjun what did you say? He says I said nothing. She says I heard please say it again. Arjun says I love.. Rano comes in. She says you two here. Arjun says we got locked here. Jia leaves. Arjun holds her hand.

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Jia leaves. Arjun says Rano I can’t do all this. I don’t care about all this. I can’t do all this drama. I will tell ma that this marriage is fake. I can’t make you my wife. She says you are joking right? He says no i will tell ma I only love Jia. she will understand. If Jia accepts me then okay if not I will live alone. I can’t live this lie anymore. I can only love Jia. He leaves. Arjun comes downstairs. Rano says I have to do something.

Rano stops Arjun. she says please talk to Jia first. If she is not convinced whays the point of telling ma? She is angry. she is Akash’s wife. Please talk to her about this first. He says you are right. Rano says thank God. But I have to do something before arjun opens his mouth.

Next morning, rano meets akash and tells him everything. They make a plan. He says are you made. I can’t do all this. She says you have to. Everything is fair in love and war or forget her.

Arjun sees Jia. She sees flowers and says only Arjun knows I like these. She sees Arjun. Jia smiles. Rano comes to Arjun and saays gas is leaking. He comes with her and Jia faints. Akash comes and takes Jia to room. He caresses her face. Arjun placed those flowers there and Rano and akash sprayed something on them. Akash says I am sorry Jia I had to do this. i had no option. I can’t see you with Arjun. I want to make you happy. I really love you. We have to get married in real.

Arjun says why didn’t Jia eat this? Should I talk to her? Rano says to Arjun where are you going? Please eat something. He says I have to talk to Jia. Rano says she isn’t in her room. Rano says she went out with Akash. They were going on a date. He says what.. She saays akash was telling someone on phone. He says why didn’t you tell me? She says I didn’t know. Jia was looking happy.

Arjun calls Akash. Akash cuts his call. Arjun says why aren’t they picking phones? Are they too busy with each other? Akash says I am sorry Arjun. I can’t let you be with Jia. Jia deserves someone who keeps her happy.

Rano says to Arjun I think jia loves Akash too now. he says I think Jia was right about you. You dont’ want us to come together. She says what are you saying.

You don’t trust me after all this time I helped you and Jia. I will leave this house. Arjun says I am sorry. He says I am sorry I trust you completely. I was out of my mind. Arjun says maybe Jia doesn’t know she is on a date. Rano says I wont lie to you. I think AKash and jia are happy together.

Ambika says where are akahs and jia. Arjun says their phones aren’t off either. Ambika says that Jia doesn’t know anything about time. Go to akash’s room and bring his photo. We have to complain to police its too late now. Rano is worried. She says we should wait a little more. Ambika says arjun bring his photo. He goes towards the room. rano goes after him.

Kindred Hearts 28 October 2019 Update ends as Arjun enters the room and is dazed to see them sleeping together. They are both nude in bed. Arjun is shocked. He drops his phone. Akash wakes up. He says you here.. Rano comes in too. Rano says you both are home. We were worried. He says we felt asleep. Arjun says meet me outside. Rano makes Jia wear her clothes while she is faint. Arjun says to Akash why dont’ you pick your phone? You don’t care about others at all