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Kindred Hearts 4 August 2019 Update starts when Binni runs away from Nisha in school. She comes to Chinni and says mama is here, Chinni gets scared seeing her, she recalls Nisha putting knife on her throat, she takes Binni and runs away with her.

Adi says to Jhanvi that how can you live at your mom’s place for 10 days? its too much, Jhanvi says Maa has decided, Adi says you can give excuse like kids dont sleep without you, Jhanvi says excuses dont work with mom, Adi says are you sure to stay? she says yes, Adi gets sad, Jhanvi smiles slyly.

Kids come to principal’s office, Chinni says i will call papa. In Jhanvi’s house, Adi says it means you are not coming? Jhanvi says this is ritual. Adi gets Chinni’s call, she says to Adi that mama is here please come here soon.

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Nisha enters room and says to kids that dont be scared of me, Adi hears her voice on phone and says to Jhanvi that Nisha have reached kids school, we have to go there, Jhanvi says she can find truth, we have to stop her. They leave.

Adi and Jhanvi comes to school. Kids are hiding from her in office. Adi meets Nisha and asks why did she come here? Kids run to Jhanvi and hugs her. Nisha thinks that I cant tell truth to Adi that I am trying to get some information from kids. She says I was searching for my friend Simran, Adi says she has gone to US? Nisha says yes I got to knoe here. Nisha says to Adi that what are you doing with Jhanvi? Adi says she was searching for auto, I saw her on way so I brought her here, Jhanvi says yeah thank you Adi, she takes kids with her. Nisha thinks that they are behaving weirdly, I have to find out truth.

Adi, Nisha, Jhanvi and kids sit in car. Adi messages Jhanvi that sorry it happened on your pag phera ritual but I promise to make it up to you, Jhanvi smiles reading it, Adi looks at her from mirror, she smiles back from backseat.

Kindred Hearts 4 August 2019 Update

Adi brings Nisha home. Nisha says I lied to you, I didnt go there to meet Simran, I went to meet kids, Adi says why? Nisha says why Chinni and Binni called you papa? Adi says you are just overthinking, Nisha says no, I heard they calling you papa. Nisha says you know I lied to guard at school that I am their mother, Adi says why you are lying?

Nisha says I am telling you, when I said that I am their mother, they let me go inside, Adi says we are trustee of school so they let you in. Nisha says I met a kid and she said that I am Chinni and Binni’s mother, why she said it? Adi says you are reacting to kid’s talk? she must be confused between you and Jhanvi, she is just a kid.

Nisha says you are right, I dont care what people think, I just care about you.. why Jhanvi and her kids are here? you people told me that Jhanvi works here but she doesnt do any work, I dont have problem with you helping them but her kids have such strong bond with everyone, tell me whats the truth? what is Jhanvi and her kids’ truth? I am going mad.

Kaki doesnt tell me truth too, please tell me. Adi hugs her and says your possesive nature doesnt let me go away, I know you can go to any extent for this love. Nisha says just tell me truth, I am going mad.. Adi hugs her and says truth is that you are ill and I dont want to worry you.

Kindred Hearts 4 August 2019 Update – Zee World

Jhanvi comes there and sees Adi hugging Nisha. Adi looks at her and says I promise you that I wont let anyone inbetween me and my wife, I wont allow anyone to come inbetween us, Jhanvi nods and leave. Nisha thinks that Adi was talking about her as his wife. Adi asks Nisha to not worry, he goes to bring medicine.

Jhanvi comes to her room, she is tensed. Adi comes there. She says Nisha can see, please leave. Adi holds her hand and says sorry, I had to do it, Nisha had ksome doubt about kids, she heard kids calling me papa, I handled her but I cant do it anymore, I cant see you in more pain, I will tell truth to Nisha. Jhanvi says no dont say anything to her, her stress will increase, I know you must have handled her.. it just that.. I felt bad seeing you with her because.. Adi says because?

Jhanvi says because I feel bad seeing you with her, I have married you.. Adi cups her face and says we have sworn to be married for lives, I will not leave you that easily, we will be together for a long time, you are my best friend and I love you. Jhanvi smiles and hugs him, miley ho tum humko plays.

Kindred Hearts 4 August 2019 Update – Jhanvi serves food to family, kids say we want pancakes. Courier man brings courier for Jhanvi. Nisha says what have come for Jhanvi? Adi says Jhanvi’s husband have sent something for her, there is note too, Nisha says read it. Adi says I can read it, Nisha says I wonder what her husband wants.

Adi reads letter, it reads “Jhanvi forgive me, I didnt want to stay away from my family but trust me I am doing everything for our coming life, I miss my kids and crave to hear them calling me papa, tell them that I will be with them soon, one day we will live like a happy family and no one will be able to separate us, I promise you that, I just want some time and everything will be fine, I miss you, Chinni and Binni – Yours.”

Nisha says atleast he tried to send some gifts, Adi lovingly looks at Jhanvi after reading letter. Kids see toys in gifts, Jhanvi finds ring for her, she smiles and leaves. Nisha says I feel bad for Jhanvi, she is so sweet and kids are so nice so how can he leave them? Adi says I am sure soon her husband will be with her, Nisha says yes I want everyone to be happy.

Jhanvi is working in kitchen, Adi hugs Jhanvi from behind, Jhanvi says I am married, Adi says your husband left you alone, Jhanvi says me and my husband trust and love each other. Adi says your husband doesnt know how to take advantage of situation, jhanvi says excuse me.. my husband is very nice and he knows how to make me feel special, he cares about me and makes me happy with small things. Adi smiles at her taking his side. Jhanvi says you were trying to be smart but when you read the letter, I knew you did all that.

Adi says I want my return gift, I made Nisha forget her doubt, I made her believe that your husband still exists, Jhanvi says why didnt you tell me about your plan? Adi says everything was wrong since morning, after letter, Nisha’s doubt about me and kids are gone, Jhanvi says how did you get gift couriered here? Adi says I asked Nisha to do it. Adi makes Jhanvi wear ring, he says now give me my gift, Jhanvi playfully glares at him. Nisha is passingby there and sees them together, they dont see her. Adi cups Jhanvi’s face and leans in, about to kiss Jhanvi, Nisha looks on shocked

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