Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019 Update – Zee World


Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019 Update – Zee World

Today’s episode starts when Jhanvi gets angry and fumes hearing Nisha putting her down. Samar stares at Jhanvi’s emotional face. Nisha says she is in shock and doesnt accept his death, poor girl. Jhanvi cant take it and leaves from there. Nisha looks on. Jhanvi starts leaving, Adi comes there and sees her going to her room sadly. Adi glares at Nisha.

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Jhanvi comes to her room. Adi comes there too. Jhanvi says Nisha can see, please leave. Adi hugs her tightly. Jhanvi sobs. Adi says not anymore, you have bear enough, Nisha has done so much with you still you are doing good for her? I feel my blood boil when Nisha insults you, I am going to tell her now, Jhanvi says please.

Adi gets a call from inspector, inspector says we got to know who morphed that photo, I have sent his photo to you, Adi says okay and puts call on hold. He opens his phone to check photo of man trapping them, Jhanvi looks on. They see some unknown man’s photo.

Adi says I dont know this man, inspector says we are investigating him, he said someone gave him money to morph photo, Adi says find out who gave him money, inspector says its difficult to find out that, I dont want to give you false hope, this case is closed from our side, he ends call. Jhanvi says how we will find out who gave this man money? Adi says if not Nisha then who is behind all this?

Kaki brings tea for Kaka and sees him lost in thoughts, she asks what are you thinking? he says about our family problems, Kaki says dont worry, whoever is trapping us will be caught, criminal always leave trails behind, Kaka gets tensed. Samar comes there, Kaki asks him to join, Samar says I dont want to interrupt your date with Kaka, she laughs and asks him to join.

Kaki says you should get married to go on dates too, Samar says I am working hard for business, so I can have a wife too, you do my work, find me a nice girl, I also want to have a nice sweet girl to sit in car with me, just find me a girl that is cute like you and can cook like you, Kaki says sure. Jhanvi comes there and says I am going to pick up kids from school, Kaki says ask Raj or Adi to pick them, Jhanvi says they are busy.

Samar says I will go with her, Jhanvi says no, Samar says let me see another landmark, kids’ school, Kaki says okay, Samar and Jhanvi leaves. Kaka says Samar is nice, he isnt like his father. Kaki says you are Baba are not same too. Kaka gets angry and says what are you trying to say? why you keep taunting me, you are stressing me with these taunts, Kaki says I just said that you are different from baba, no need to get hyper, she leaves. Kaka is angry.

Samar and Jhanvi are in car, Samar says rhyme and says kids must know rhymes too, Jhanvi says yes. Samar says Miss. Jhanvi? I mean Mrs. Jhanvi? sorry just Jhanvi, your husband.. Jhanvi says I dont like to talk about my personal life. Samar says I am sorry, people are not friendly in US so I get friendly in India but your husband is a fool to leave you, sorry for crossing the line.

Samar says you should do a job, its important to work in this era. Jhanvi says I am doing a work of raising my kids, once they are stable then I will think about my career. Samar says you are right, you look so young, you must have gotten married early in life, Jhanvi glares at him, he says sorry again. He shows her band coming out from behind and says sorry, I saw you sad and thought to do this stupid magic. Jhanvi laughs at his antics, he says atleast you laughed.

Driver stops car, he says car brokedown, its not going to drive more, Jhanvi says kids will get an off from school, we have to reach school. Samar says dont worry, we will get a cab.

Kids get off from school. They wait for Jhanvi Maa. Samar and Jhanvi gets rickshaw from road and goes to school. Jhanvi is worried about being late to school. Kids are waiting for Jhanvi outside school. One man comes to them and says your mummy is waiting in car there, go to it. Kids get happy, they reach car but doesnt find anyone inside.

Binni asks where is Maa? Chinni says Maa is not in car. Chinni and Binni are outside school. Some kidnappers come on bikes there. They start to grab kids and try to kidnap them. Jhanvi and Samar arrives outside school. Jhanvi says dont know where kids are, Samar asks her to go and check while he pays to driver. Jhanvi walks on school street. She sees some goons attacking kids and kids struggling against goons, she runs to them and is shouting to leave them, she pushes goons away from kids, goons runaway.

Samar comes there but goons have already left.Kids are crying, Jhanvi hugs him. Samar asks kids if they are fine? they nod. Samar and Jhanvi comes to house with kids. Kids tell everything to family, Chinni says they were bad people. Samar says they were attacking kids, I tried to catch them but they left. Adi comes there and asks kids if they are safe? they nod, he asks how this happened?

Nisha says I think Jhanvi is stressed and didnt reach school on time, Kaki says she left house on time, Nisha says she must have gotten stuck in traffic, goons must have seen two kids outside school alone and tried to kidnap them, kids are a big responsibility and for that I have called broker, he told me about a nice house near kids’ school, Jhanvi can shift there with her kids and this way she will be able to reach school in time.

All are stunned to hear it. Adi says you want Jhanvi to live alone with kids? what if anything happens there? Nisha says there is tight security there, she will be safe there, she can look over school from her house, Kaki says but.. Nisha says you wanted to find a good house before Jhanvi can shift, its a very nice house, modern kitchen and everything.

Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019 Update

Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019 Update – Adi says its not important right now, we have to find out who attacked kids, Nisha says obviously but kids’ safety is important too and they will be safe when Jhanvi shifts from here, Jhanvi should move on in life too. Adi says home is a home, I dont think she should shift.

Nisha says I know but she need to move on and create her life again, she doesnt have any life here, she needs privacy which she will get there. Jhanvi says Nisha is right, me and kids should shift to house near their school, its best for us, all look on. Nisha says glad you agree with me, I will help you to shift. Jhanvi says no you have already done enough, I will shift soon.

Jhanvi is packing in her room. Adi comes there and says what are you doing? how can you think of leaving me? how will I live without you and kids? Jhanvi says I wont let anything happen to you and kids, Adi says you are doing what Nisha wants.

Jhanvi says you saw what happened with kids, Nisha keep talking about Avi, if I dont leave then we will become joke, I have to leave for some days. Adi says you are doing what she wants. Jhanvi says dont forget that Nisha is a mother too, what if anything happens to kids? I wont be able to bear it. Adi pushes her luggage away and says you are not going anywhere.

Jhanvi says it was about Jhanvi’s health till now but now its about kids’ safety, I know its difficult but we have to think about kids, you promised to be with me in every decision, will you not be with in this difficult time? Adi kicks away stool in anger.

Jhanvi makes him look at her, he looks at her in tears, she gets emotional seeing him sad, she caresses his face lovingly, Jhanvi hugs him tightly, both silently cry, aa dil hai mushkil plays as Jhanvi and Adi embrace each other tightly.

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