King of Heart 3 September 2019 Update on Zee World


King of Heart 3 September 2019 Update starts when the leader of the Kidnappers gives his Man instructions to kill Roshni after collecting the ransom and to kill her Mother too! He says they shouldn’t be trapped as they are from a big family. The female says it’s time for prayers, so she has to go to the Mosque.

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Sid is still at the Dargah and ties the holy thread. Hakim Saheb says let’s go. Sid prays for Roshni’s safety and says he didn’t know how to pray. He prays for Roshni and the Child’s safety. He asks God to make him meet Roshni today.
The female Kidnapper is behind him.
He sees her and recognises her from the dance competition.
He runs after her but a Man stops him.
The Doctor (Hakim Saheb) walks up to him and asks who are you and why are you chasing ‘Nafisa’?

Sid says he was following her as he knows his Wife and a little girl are with her.
He shows him a Photo of Roshni and Aisha and introduces himself as Sid Khurana.
Hakim Saheb identifies Aisha and says he saw Ayesha and she was very ill but he didn’t see Roshni.

Sid begs him to take him there.
Nafisa comes back and takes Roshni and Aisha with the goons in the Car.
The Kidnappers put Roshni and Aisha in their Car.
Sid sees them and runs after the Car but they get away.
He gets a call from Yash who says DD has gone to meet the Kidnappers with the ransom money.

Sid asks if he knows where?
Yash gives him the address (Naigaon).
The Kidnappers are waiting for DD in an abandoned warehouse.
The other goon is targetting Roshni with the pistol.
DD arrives with the Money.

King of Heart 3 September 2019 Update on Zee World

The Kidnappers tell her to drop the suitcase and go back to her Car!
She tells them she wants to see Roshni first.
Roshni wants to run to her Mother but they stop her and tell DD to hand over the Money.

They release Roshni but didn’t allow her to go with Aisha.
Roshni struggles with them to take Aisha with her. DD gets tensed.
Sid appears and holds the hand of the Man who tries to hit Roshni.
Sid engages the Men in a fight while DD and Roshni attack the female.
The Police soon arrive.

Sid goes to Roshni.
He hugs her as DD looks on.
She remembers the promise Sid made that he won’t let anyone harm Roshni!
Sid asks are you fine Roshni? Roshni nods in a yes.
Sid hugs Aisha too. They leave.

Sam tells Yash to call DD’s Phone, as She’s not yet back.
He says he has been trying but can’t get through.
Roshni, Sid, Aisha and DD arrive home.
Everyone is happy and emotional. DD asks her to come in.

Raj hugs Roshni asking is she fine? Sid’s Grandmother cries and hugs her. Simran cries happily. Roshni’s Grandmother hugs Roshni and cries happily. Roshni hugs Mona.
As Simran is about to hug Roshni, DD stops her by saying Roshni is very tired and needs to rest!

Roshni protests but DD takes her away to sit on the Couch.
Simran is hurt. She says it’s okay.
Mona asks Roshni if she would like to eat some food?
She goes to the kitchen to get some.

Simran approaches Roshni again but DD says she needs to rest and surrounding her won’t be good! Sid’s Grandmother signals to Simran not to feel bad.
She tells Kesar to call the Doctor, as she wants to get Roshni’s check up done.
Roshni is served food and drink.

Aisha is salivating as she watches Roshni.
She runs to the Kitchen to look for food.
She tries to reach a basket of fruits and Sid comes in. He lifts her asking if she would like to have Chocolate? Aisha says yes. Sid asks her to give him a hug and makes her have the Chocolate. He gives her a bar of Chocolate.

King of Heart 3 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Aisha says she was so hungry but nobody gave her anything to eat, and not even DD, and she thinks DD doesn’t like her.
Sid laughs and says DD doesn’t like him either but he likes Aisha.
Aisha asks why nobody loves her?
He says he just told her that he loves her so very much.
He gives her a milkshake.

Aisha refuses. Sid says he will get sad if she doesn’t drink it. Aisha asks him not to get sad and asks him to take one sip. They drink milk shake and take a selfie.
Sid is at the Police Station. Heasks the Inspector who are the kidnappers and what do they want?

The Inspector tells that the Kidnappers says they don’t know who their boss is because they have never seen him and it was Aisha they were after, not Roshni. He says she was kidnapped from Malgaon. He says they were getting instruction from some Man in Dubai.

Sid says he wants to know their motive and wants to know Aisha’s address.
Sid gets home and shows the address to Roshni.
He tells Aisha he will get her some story books but she will need to answer some questions.

He mentions her neighbourhood and asks if she has heard of it before?
She says she visited Malgaon with her Mum and they went on a train.

Roshni tells Sid to take Aisha to Malgaon to enquire about her Parents there.
Sid says he doesn’t want to leave her again.
Roshni says she will be fine and it is their small responsibility, and they need to help Aisha find her Parents so she can be happy.
Aisha is asleep in bed.

Roshni tucks her in.
She tells Sid that she hopes Aisha will always be happy.
Sid says he hopes so too. Sid and Roshni cuddle. Mere Khuda plays…

In the Morning, Sid and Aisha are ready to leave.
DD goes off on him for wanting to leave his Pregnant Wife again! DD telling her Mother that Sid is leaving his Pregnant Wife to drop a Stranger girl to Malegaon! She asks Sid, if he knows how far it is from Mumbai!
Roshni says it was her own idea besides, you people are here to take care of me. DD says nobody cares for Roshni like me! Aisha gets sad.

DD’s Mother says Aisha’s Parents will be looking for her, so what Sid is doing is right.
Roshni asks Aisha why she is sad?She tries to cheer her up and tells her she’s not going far away from her. She asks her to close her eyes and gives her a gift. Aisha sees a Chocolate box and gets happy. She hugs her.
Roshni says I miss you.

King of Heart 3 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Aisha says she will come and visit when her baby brother is born.
She asks if it will be a boy or a girl?
Roshni says she has to come and visit to find out.
Aisha tries to say goodbye to DD but DD is cold. She takes DD’s blessings. DD says it is okay, bye!
She says goodbye to the rest of the family and waves bye to Roshni. Roshni gets emotional
and sad.

Aisha gets to the door, then runs back in to hug Roshni.
She tells Roshni that she loves her.
Roshni says she loves her too.
Aisha and Sid leave.

Roshni’s GrandAunt asks why they are all sad!
She says Sid’s intelligence has gone, and tells DD to remember that Aisha is bad news for the family!
Roshni’s Grandmother ask her Sister to stop it!

Sid and Aisha get to her old neighborhood, Malegaon.
Aisha shows him around some familiar places she used to play.
He asks for her house?
Aisha sees a lady and calls her Aunt Surekha. Surekha gets happy and asks where did you go? Sid says he found her in Mumbai.

Sid introduces himself and asks for Aisha’s Parents? Surekha tells that it’s a good thing she is fine, Aisha doesn’t have a father since he’s late, and her Mum went to the nearby Village.
Sid stays he will wait till her Mother returns.
Surekha says it won’t be necessary, as she will keep Aisha with her and hand her over to her Mum tomorrow once she returns.

Sid bends down to say good bye to Aisha with tears in her eyes. Sid asks her not to cry as she came to her house. They hug each other.
Surekha gives them a funny look.

Sid asks Surekha to take care of Aisha and hands her over to her Aunt and looks at them as they leave.
He calls Roshni to let her know he has dropped Aisha off but he doesn’t feel good.

Roshni asks if he met her Mum? Sid says no, and tells about meeting her Aunt instead.
She tells him to stay the night and hand her over to her Mother before leaving. Sid agrees and says he will come back after uniting Aisha with her Mum.
Sid goes about asking if anyone knows the Woman’s house (Surekha)?
He is directed to the house. King of Heart 3 September 2019 Update on Zee World

As he’s about to knock, he hears Aisha screaming for them to let go of her!
He breaks down the door and sees some Men holding Aisha.
He sees the so-called ‘Aunt’ standing in a corner, holding bundle of Money the Men must have paid her for Aisha.

Aisha calls Sid Uncle and runs towards him. Sid gets angry.
Sid engages all the Men in a battle.
He defeats all of them, then sees the Woman trying to sneak away.
He tells her to stop and asks if she’s not ashamed of herself!

Surekha starts acting and asks him to let her go and says the truth is that Aisha doesn’t have a family and she’s sorry she got greedy being poor. She then falls on Sid’s feet, apologizing.

King of Heart 3 September 2019 Update ends when Sid says if she wasn’t a Woman and a relative of Aisha, he would have made sure she gets purnished by putting her in jail!
Aisha begs Sid to carry her.
He carries her on his back then asks if anyone knows her home?
A Man offers to take them there.