King of Hearts 1 October 2019 Update


King of Hearts 1 October 2019 Update starts when it’s morning and DD is having breakfast with DD and Roshni. Mona is serving them.

The Police comes in and the Inspector tells Sid that he’s under arrest for taking advantage of his Sister-in-law, Shabnam. Sid whispers to Roshni to make sure he is out of jail otherwise he will take others down with him!

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Shabnam is with DD’s former lawyer, Tiwari in his Office. Roshni comes in to accuse her of making Sid go to jail! Shabnam says if Roshni proves he’s Sid, then he will remain in jail for molestation, but if she can’t prove it, then DD will go to jail. Roshni says neither Sid or her Mother will remain in jail as she’ll protect the both of them!

At the Khurana’s home, Simran complains about the Patels not allowing them see their Son! Raj says they need to get a lawyer. They open the door and are surprised to see Sundari. At the Police Station, the lawyer Roshni hired informs her that it will be difficult to get Sid out due to the nature of the charges.

Sid is in a cell. He gets angry and says what is this molestation charges? He tells Roshni and DD that they need to get him out otherwise, he would let people know he’s not Sid! They hear Simran and Sundari talking in another room. Sid tells them to go and handle his Mother.
Sundari shows the Police and Sid’s Parents the photo album she showed in Court and tells them that the Man is not Sid but her own Son, Raghu.

Roshni and DD enter the room.
Simran accuses DD of using Sundaris’s Son after killing Siddharth!
Roshni is in tears. She tries to explain but Simran says she doesn’t want to hear anything and says Roshni is dead to her when her Mum shot at her Son. She says her Son was a good Son-in-law and she doesn’t deserve him! She says they used her Son and killed him and now, they are using another Woman’s S on!

Shabnam enters with her lawyer and claps saying DD and Roshni are bad players. She says Simran is telling the truth. She shows fake sympathy towards Simran and says Simran is the only one who can tell if he’s Sid or an impostor. Simran says she is a Mum and will unveil this secret. She tells the Inspector that she would like to see him. The Inspector asks the Constable to bring him. Roshni and DD are worried.

Sid is brought in. Sundari gets happy seeing him. Simran says Sid had a bad fall when he was a Child and they took him to the hospital to get stitches behind his ear but not even Sid remembers it, so she wants to look for the scar. Raj has tears in his eyes. Simran checks behind Sid’s ear and she’s shocked.

She tells the Inspector that he’s not her Son, Siddharth. Roshni is shocked.
Sid apologises to his Parents in his heart and says he knew about the scar and told the doctors to get rid of it. He says it’s taking all of the fibre in him not to hug her but he has to keep acting so that Shabnam doesn’t suspect anything.

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Simran places Sid’s hand on Sundari’s head and tells him to swear by her and say she’s his Mother. She says a Son will never swear by his Mother and tell a lie. Sid says ‘I swear by you. You are my Mum’. He is not looking at Sundari as he says it. Roshni closes her eyes tensedly. Sid says he’s not Siddharth, but Raghu.

Simran gives him a slap and calls him a phony! She says no matter how hard he tries, he can never take her Son’s place! Shabnam smirks.

Pinto is with Sid who has now been released from jail. He asks why he’s doing all this? Sid says he wants to beat Shabnam at he r game.

DD and Roshni are back home. Mona tells them that they are wrong and the guy must be Siddharth because only Sid could have brought Sam and Yash back together like that. Roshni says he is not Siddharth. DD gives Roshni her jewelry and says the Police would be coming to arrest her soon.
Sid enters the room and says he came to thank them and apologise if he caused any problems for them but he was put in a difficult position and waa told to swear by his Mother. He tells them that he tried his best to help and things would have gone well if not for Roshni’s husband’s misdeeds. He says Sid was a bad Man who had to go after his Sister-in-law. He says their Son-in-law had a beautiful wife, then why did he look at his Sister-in-law? He says if Sid was alive, he would have killed him. Roshni gives him a tight slap. She says she has told him so many times not to say anything against her Sid!

Sid grabs her hand and tells her she didn’t buy him! He says once Raghu the Mechanic holds someone’s hand, then he will not leave so easily.

The doorbell rings. The Police comes for DD. Roshni is in tears. Shabnam says if DD and Roshni had not planned to fool everyone, DD’s prison sentence would have been reduced! Roshni sits on the floor, crying. Sid stands in a corner, watching.

DD begs Roshni not to cry and asks Mona and Roshni’s GrandAunt to take care of home. Shabnam says they’ve both played a master game plan, and says they said so much… that their Son-in-law is back; what will happen now Roshni? Roshni cries. DD asks her to be strong. Shabnam taunts them and tells them to wait till she throws them all out of the house! She calls the Servant and orders him to clean DD’s room! She says the room would now belong to her and there won’t be any more ghosts! She looks at Roshni as she says it. She smirks.

As DD is leaving, she tells Sid that she doesn’t know who he is but she’s starting to think her Son-in-law is no longer alive. She says for some reason her family trusts him, so he shouldn’t break their trust. King of Hearts 1 October 2019 Update

Kritika enters and tells the Policemen that they can’t take DD to jail because Siddharth is alive. She shows them photos and says they were taken recently. They look at the photos of Sid dressed as himself and the dates are on the Photos. Kritika says DD can’t even be arrested for the same offence twice because the Court already acquited her.

The Inspector says she is right, they can’t arrest DD. He orders his Men to take the cuffs off DD!
Shabnam tries to protest and says they can’t listen to her and leave DD, but the Inspector warns that if she interferes with Police work again, she will be arrested! Roshni tells Shabnam that the Almighty will always save his people. DD looks at Shabnam. Shabnam gets annoyed and goes.

The Police leave and Roshni thanks Kritika with a hug. Kritika and Sid exchange looks but Sid gives nothing away. Kritika tells herself that she knows he’s her brother and he’s up to something. Roshni tells DD that Sid is alive and nothing will happen to her.

Roshni goes to Sid and tells him to leave if he wants to because her husband is coming back. She tells DD that they should celebrate. Sid thinks he can’t even attend his own party, and thinks he has sent those photos. He says the truth will be out once Shabnam is exposed.

Later in the day, a musical band enters the house with Sid dancing in. He is dressed as Raghu. He tells that his Mother-in-law is back home from jail and says that counts for celebration. He asks will you marry me? DD asks what? Sid bends down on his knees and asks Roshni why she’s suddenly shy now? He says she isn’t shy to touch him when they are alone. He says when a girl says no, then it means yes. He holds the garland and tells Roshni to marry him. Roshni throws the garland away. Sid says you have thrown away 25 Rs garland and adds the amount to the money that she still has to pay him. He says everyone here is oldies, so let’s go to the room and marry. We will take elders’ blessings and then…

Roshni slaps him hard on his face and asks what he thinks of her! She says she only tolerated him because she thought it was a joke, after trying his luck with Shabnam, he now wants to woo her? She says they no longer need him for what she hired him for, so he should leave. She pushes him asking him to leave!

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Sid/Raghu says Roshni loves to touch him and that’s why she keeps slapping him and she’s secretly in love with him and that’s why she keeps touching him. He asks why did she bring him here if he is illiterate? He says if he is illiterate, then why did she let him touch her and brought him to this point that he came with the garland here? He says the truth is that Roshni loves him in her heart and wants to touch his cheeks. He says his cheeks are so smooth… He says today, she has broken his heart for good. He gives a cue and the band starts playing a sad music. He pretends to be hurt by the heartbreak.

He sees Shabnam coming in and asks Roshni if this is how she repays his love; he did all he could for them and even went to jail. He says he will leave the house and they should know he’s now their biggest enemy and someone needs to teach them a lesson!

He moves towards the door and they hear Roshni’s Grandmother fall down. They all run into the living room to see her. DD asks her to give her hand, but Grandmother doesn’t let her touch her. Sid comes there and she hugs him and speaks for the first time begging him not to go calling him Sid. Everyone is shocked. Sid gets teary-eyed. They’re all happy she’s talking again.

DD says he’s not Siddharth but Raghu. Roshni’s Grandmother tells her to keep quiet because he’s Siddharth. She asks why he was so worried when she fell? Sid has tears in his eyes. He tells Mona to hold Roshni’s Grandmother and pulls away. He says he’s not Siddharth and he’s only human because he met Grandmother when she was unwell so he got emotional seeing her well-being. He says he is happy that she can stand on her feet and got well.

He says it is enough of Sid’s acting and says he can’t act anymore. He says his Mum needs him and Roshni’s family has taken him for granted and Roshni is even impossible to live with and tells that Roshni used to slap him whenever she likes so he’s leaving and they shouldn’t try to contact him again… and says he is Raghu. He walks out. Roshni’s Grandmother cries and says Sid… Roshni says he has misbehaved with you and went. DD says he is not our Son-in-law, Siddharth and says her Son-in-law wasn’t like him. Roshni’s Grandmother tells them to be quiet because she knows he’s her Siddharth!

Roshni is in her room looking at the photos Kritika brought of Siddharth. She cries as she kisses the photos and asks why he hasn’t come to them?

DD enters the room and Roshni says she doesn’t understand why Siddharth hasn’t come to them? She asks why he’s not returning to his Roshni; he knows how much she loves him… and she gets scared thinking if he is trapped in any trouble? She wonders and asks how did Kritika got a hold of the photos and says something isn’t right and cries. DD asks her to calm down and says she has her Men looking for Sid. King of Hearts 1 October 2019 Update

Roshni says she can’t sit idle and wait for him to come. DD asks where she would go and says her heart says they will find him and she’s sure Shabnam is also looking for him, so they need to get to him first. She says they won’t let Sid fall into Shabnam’s trap. Roshni cries and hugs her.

Sid is with Pinto in Sundari’s house. Sid says Shabnam will be trapped now. Pinto asks what he is planning and says Sid proposed to Shabnam first and then Roshni. Sid says he had proposed to Shabnam with the plan and tells that he proposed to Roshni to see her angry look. Pinto asks what would happen next? Sid says Roshni slapped him in front of Shabnam, so he’s sure Shabnam will come to him. He bets with him. Pinto and Sid see Shabnam coming. Sid asks him to get 1000 Rs ready and asks him to hide. Pinto hides.

Sid opens the door. Shabnam comes inside and says he did a good drama. Sid asks what does she mean and stares at her.

Shabnam asks him not to stare at her else, he will fall in love with her even more. She tells Sid that they have common enemies so they should be friends. She stretches her hand towards him and says she has come to accept his proposal. He takes her hand and says she has done well to come to him and if they join hands, they will crush their enemies. Sid thinks she did a big mistake, and says she will accept her crimes with her own mouth!

King of Hearts 1 October 2019 Update ends as Shabnam says she has a reason for wanting to destroy the Patels but she’s not sure about him. She asks why he’s doing it and asks if it isn’t strange that all of a sudden he has started loving her again?