King of Hearts 16 December 2019 Update


King of Hearts 16 December 2019 Update begins when Ranjeet and Mittul are about to leave the warehouse when they hear a car pull up outside. They escape through a back door.Sid, Neil and some men enter the warehouse.Sid sees Roshni first but he tells Neil to help her instead.He goes in search of the people who abducted her. (Read Last Episode)

Neil sprinkles water on Roshni’s face and she wakes up.She hugs him tightly.Ranjeet and Mittul drive off in their van.Sid runs after the van till he falls down.

As Roshni and Neil come out of the warehouse, the van knocks Neil down.Mittul asks Ranjeet why he hit Neil.Ranjeet says it was an accident. Sid and Roshni bring Neil home.Roshni tells Naina that she didn’t see the people who abducted her and they were asking her to sign some papers.

A doctor comes to attend to Neil.He tells them that Neil needs surgery and won’t be able to walk for now. When the doctor leaves, Roshni tells Naina that Neil would be fine.Naina says things have gone wrong with Neil since he married Roshni and she wishes she didn’t allow him to marry her.

Ranjeet and Mittul arrive at the villain woman’s house.They argue about whom to give her the documents.The get into a tussle and the document gets torn in two halves.

The villain woman opens the door and gives them slaps.Her assistant calls them fools for not completing the task.Mittul gets on her knees to plead for another chance.The villain lady gives them two days or they get killed.Anya is getting ready for bed.She gets a call from Arav but she ignores it.

Ranjeet and Mittul return in the middle of the night and sneak into the house. Sid accosts them and asks why they were entering like thieves.He asks if they went to a pub.Ranjeet says he doesn’t take alcohol. Sid asks why they are sneaking in. Ranjeet says they didn’t want to wake anyone up.

Sid asks where they went when things were happening in the house and Neil had an accident.
Mittul cries that Neil had an accident and won’t be able to walk again. Sid says he never said Neil’s leg was injured. Mittul says he did. Sid warns that if they try to harm Roshni, he would deal with them but he would watch until the time comes when they need to confess their crimes.
He says he won’t let them rest till he gets the truth out of them.

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Roshni is taking care of Neil. Naina enters the room and tells her to leave. Roshni says she’s his wife and it’s her duty to look after him. Naina tells her she has crossed the line as a wife and needs to leave. She tries to pull her out and Sid enters the room. He says she’s a woman and should stop accusing another woman of things she hasn’t done. He says he knows she has lied too and committed a lot of fraud. Naina asks what he’s saying.

Sid says Neil is a good man but he is an alcoholic and has bipolar disorder which she knew about but hid from Roshni so that she would marry Neil. He says Roshni has been a good wife and daughter-in-law in spite of everything and as Neil’s wife, she has the right to take care of her husband. Roshni tells Sid that it’s her personal family matter so he should stay out of it. Naina is unable to speak. Sid says parents are often blinded about doing what they think is best for their children and don’t realise they are ruining their lives.

Naina is unable to say anything. He says his mother made the same mistake and he will suffer for it till his last breath and any mother who knows her child is paying for their own mistake will suffer for it, so she should think about it. Naina leaves the room crying.

Ranjeet asks Mittul what they should do.Anya enters the living room and her phone falls.Ranjeet picks it up and gives back to her.Anya warns him never to touch her phone again.When she leaves, Mittul asks Ranjeet if he saw who called Anya. He says it’s Arav.She says he was the same guy who came to see her the other day and made her nervous.

Ranjeet asks how they will get the documents signed.Mittul says she already thought of something. Sid is listening to them.Anya meets up with Arav and gives him a bag.He asks if she’s trying to bribe him and stop him from seeing his son She says she will tell everyone that he forced himself on her and she got pregnant.

Mittul and Ranjeet are recording them on a phone.As Mittul and Ranjeet turn to leave, two masked men stop them. They are Sid and Bunty.Sid acts like he wants to hit Bunty but he keeps hitting Ranjeet.Mittul tells him to stop. Sid asks Bunty if they didn’t Kidnap Roshni yesterday.Mittul and Ranjeet are shocked.

Sid asks Bunty if they didn’t force Roshni to get her thumbprint.Ranjeet admits that they did.Sid asks what documents they needed her to sign. Mittul uses pepper spray on them so she and Ranjeet escape.

Ranjeet and Mittul meet Anya and show her the documents.She asks how they got their hands on the documents belonging to her family.Ranjeet says they need her to get Roshni and Neil to sign otherwise they would reveal her secret.She asks what secret that is.They play the video for her.
Anya pleads with them.Mittul tells her that she has to do as they have asked.

Sid gets a call from the police and he tells them to keep him updated.Anya enters the room and he tells her that Arav’s phone was traced to Mumbai and they will catch him soon.She panics.

Roshni is taking care of Neil.Sid brings her food and she begs him to leave before someone sees him. Sid tells her that nobody is taking care of her and she needs to eat.Neil cries out in pain. Roshni gets out a pain killer but she’s too nervous to inject him.Sid takes it from her and injects him.

Neil begs Riya not to ever leave him because he can’t live without her. Roshni runs out of the room and Sid follows.They are both in the garden. Roshni blames herself for ruining her life and Sid’s life.Sid says he doesn’t blame her and she has to be strong for her husband and family; the Roshni he knows is stronger than this and she can’t cry anymore.He says the doctor who he spoke to told him that Neil’s past is responsible for his condition and they now know her name is Riya.He begs her to try and help Neil.

Next day, the doctor comes to see Neil and says he won’t need surgery anymore but physiotherapy. Roshni says she will arrange it. Neil thanks her for taking care of him. Roshni says it’s her duty but she doesn’t think he needs her.He asks why. She tells him that he was calling Riya’s name constantly.Neil loses it and says they are all lying to him.Roshni begs him to calm down.

Naina hears him shouting and runs into the room.Roshni is able to put Neil to sleep.Naina accuses her of hurting Neil again.She begs Roshni to leave her and her family in peace.Roshni leaves the room.

King of Hearts 16 December 2019 Update ends as Roshni meets up with Sid and says he was right because when she mentioned Riya’s name, he started reacting violently. Sid says Riya is the clue so they need to find her. Ranjeet and Mittul are watching them from the bush.