King of Hearts 16 January 2020 Update


King of Hearts 16 January 2020 Update starts with Satya talking to Dida and telling her that he had stuck bubble gum on Shom’s hand instead of giving money. Naina asks where is the money though? Satya says it is saved and will come at right time. Shom comes home late at night and is heavily drunk. He walks in silently. Payal comes to Shom’s room and thinks he didn’t come till now. Payal looks for Shom. Mahi takes him to room and asks him to think about Payal.

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Shom says my friends made me drunk. Mahi asks him to sleep there. Shom says you are the best…I love you. Mahi asks him to sleep. Satya sees them and thinks Shom is taking advantage of Mahi’s goodness. Mahi covers bedsheet on Shom and makes him sleep. She comes out and sees Payal. Payal says Shom didn’t come till now. Mahi says he is sleeping in guest room as his room AC was not working. Payal checks the room and sees Shom.

Next morning, Mahi makes arrangements for puja. Satya says he will do puja with her. Mahi tells him that today is bhai dooj and she do puja with her brother, and says you are my….stops. A flower falls down from her plate. Satya helps her pick it and their head collide. Mahi smiles.

She comes to Shom’s room and thinks my brother is sleeping today. She wakes him up and says good brother. Shom gets angry on her and asks how dare you wake me up. You came with puja thaali and asks her to get out. Mahi says today is bhai dooj, I have brought clothes for you. Shom asks her to stop nonsense, and says you are like a servant and be like servant only and throws thaali. Mahi cries. Shom asks her to stop crying and get out, don’t dare to wake me up again.

Payal hears everything and acts to scold Shom, asking him to apologize to Mahi. Mahi cries and says it is okay. Payal says it is not okay and asks Shom to say sorry. Shom goes. Payal looks on.

Mahi comes to her room and cries. Satya wipes her tears and asks what happened? He says I don’t like bad man. He says you have helped him yesterday night and saved him from Payal, but he misbehaved with you. He asks if you are wrong to bear wrong things. Mahi thinks Satya’s words is deep. Later Payal asks Koel to have breakfast. Koel says no, and says she is going with her friends. Satya comes and asks Koel to make him her brother, as she hugs him often.

Koel runs in the house and Satya follows him. She runs inside the room asking him to stay far and pulls the bedsheet. Everyone see notes on the bed and are shocked. Satya says so much money…Shom you are rich. Mahi asks Shom, from where did money come in his room. Shom says I don’t know. I was not in my room last night. He says I know it is Satya’s conspiracy and is about to slap him, but Mahi holds his hand and recalls Satya’s words. She slaps Shom.

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Everyone is shocked. Mahi says I have always saved you, so that you can steal in your own house. She asks why did you do this? Payal acts and says my upbringing was wrong. Mahi says he shall be punished so that he can think twice before doing anything. She holds his hand and starts walking. She then pushes him out of house. Shom is angry. Mahi says you don’t care for money, now earn money and know its value. She says this house door is closed for you. Payal and Koel are shocked. Satya waves him bye. Naina looks on. Satya signs Naina.

Payal comes to Satya’s room and throws his lolly pop. Satya asks why did you throw my lolly pop? Payal asks him not to act to be childish, and says nobody can betray me. She asks it is your act, you can fool Mahi, but not me. She threatens Satya and says she will make him child for forever. Satya says I am very scared and cries hugging his teddy. He tells teddy that bad aunty knows their secret now.

He then calls her sasu mummy and asks if she enjoyed his act. He says you called me street nautanki. He says I am a diamond and unfortunately your damad. He says you found kohinoor from mud. He says your dreams can’t stand infront of kohinoor and says I will make you taste dirt. Satya calls her termite and says your daughter is not aware of you, but I will expose you. I thought you have some emotions for Mahi, but you have strange. He says Mahi loves you so much and you…He says I am ashamed to stand under the same roof as you. He threatens to expose you. Payal says did you forget your status, and challenges him that she will throw him back into the gutter.

Payal angrily challenges Satya that she will send him back to the gutter within 24 hours. Satya warns her that he will expose her. Payal holds his neck and tries to suffocate him. Satya says Mahi…..see.. Payal gets shocked and leaves holding his neck. Satya laughs and says you got scared. He says I came from gutter, but it was clean, when you have stepped down to pull me out, it got dirty. He says I will expose you and then see who will support you. He says I am standing between you and my Mahi. I am a mountain and you can’t reach Mahi.

Payal asks him to stop it. Payal tells Shom that they have to do something fast. Shom says I can do anything to kick Satya out. Payal says we have to show Satya’s face behind a kid, and then Mahi will kick him out. Shom says how? He then sees a lady in the club and says your work is done. He eyes her. Satya is playing with car in the house.

Nagma comes and falls on him, shouts. Mahi comes and asks what happened? Payal says Nagma…you have come. Nagma says I came and was welcomed too. She smiles. Mahi asks who is she? Payal says she is Nagma. She says you gets tired after a day work. She says Doctor asked us to give special care for Satya, and that’s why I called her. Satya says I don’t like her and says I have my Mahi. Payal says no and asks him to go and play with Nagma. Nagma tells Mahi that she will feed food to Satya. Mahi says Satya eats with my hand and is about to feed him. Payal calls Mahi. Satya says he is hungry. Payal calls Mahi and asks her to apply balm, says she is having head ache. Mahi asks Satya to have food with Nagma’s hand and says she has to go. King of Hearts 16 January 2020 Update

Nagma tries to get close to him. Satya asks her to go far from him. He thinks this is Payal’s new conspiracy. He calls Kajal and asks her to enquire about Nagma. He sees smoke coming out from washroom. He knocks on the door thinking Mahi is inside.

Nagma comes out of washroom and falls on bed with him. She shouts for help and says he is an animal. She says he came inside the washroom when I was taking shower. Satya tells that he saw smoke coming out and knocked on the door, then she came half naked. Nagma recalls burning paper and flushing it. Mahi says 1 min, and asks what you are doing in my bathroom.

Nagma says you are doubting on me and acts to cry. Payal asks her to control herself and says Satya never lies, and he is a good man. She asks her to go and wear clothes. Nagma says you have done wrong with me.

Payal asks Mahi to check what is broken inside. Satya says I haven’t done anything. Mahi checks the bathroom and sees everything inplace. She says nothing is there. Satya says I saw smoke coming out and says he is innocent. Payal asks him to say the truth. She says there is no smoke here. Mahi tells Satya to keep quiet for sometime and tells that she don’t want any noise. Payal smirks seeing Mahi irked and asks Satya to count the reverse countdown. Satya is angry.

Mahi is in the kitchen, and thinks of hearing Nagma’s screams. She sees Satya on him and recalls the incident. She sees milk boiling and blows on it. Payal comes and says sometimes it gets late, just like milk have fallen out from bowl, we can’t put it back right? Mahi says I think I know Satya very well and understand him. She says she trusts him. She asks her to be careful. She says his mind may be of a child, but he is a man.

Mahi says Satya never misbehaved with me, how to make you believe. She says he didn’t touch me in wrong way. Payal says I hope your trust is right and my doubt is wrong.

Later in the night, Satya sees someone coming to his room and follows that person. That person goes in someone’s room. Satya follows her and goes in the room. That person is Nagma. Nagma closes the door and smiles. Satya says I will expose your truth. Nagma says she won’t let him do anything and will prove that he is guilty. She shouts asking for help.

Payal and Mahi gather outside her room and asks Nagma to open the door. Nagma tears her clothes and asks Payal to save her from devil. She says this devil haven’t left me. They get inside and see Satya standing. Nagma says I won’t leave him. He is not a kid and tells that she is going to file police complaint. Mahi says you are misunderstanding, Satya is a kid. Nagma says if this is done by a kid and says she will file police complaint.

Payal asks Mahi to take Satya from there and says she will handle Nagma. Satya tells Mahi that he didn’t do anything. He tells that she saw someone coming in their room and followed her, and went to her room. He says she was doing dirty things and shouted. Mahi says I trust you and says you would have woken me up.

King of Hearts 16 January 2020 Update ends as Satya says I can’t wake you up. You gets tired after working all day, I don’t want to trouble you so that’s why haven’t woken you up. Payal comes and tells that she made Nagma understand somehow, but she has a condition and tells that she asked us to send Satya to mental asylum till 9 am in the morning.