King of Hearts 17 December 2019 Update


King of Hearts 17 December 2019 Update starts when Mittul tells Anya that she cannot give any conditions.Anya says Sid has been searching for Arav so when he finds him, her game will be up so if they want her to help them, then they need to ensure that Sid never finds Arav so she can move to London with him.She threatens to reveal everything if they don’t help her. (Read Last Episode)

Roshni goes to Naina’s room and says she wants to talk to her.Naina says they have nothing to talk about.Roshni says they need to find a way to help Neil.Naina blames Roshni for making him remember his past and causing him nothing but pain. She says she even found him a girl from London but it also didn’t work out.

Sid is with Raj.Roshni calls him to tell him all that Naina said.Sid begs his father to help with his contacts in London to find the person Neil was supposed to get married to.

Sid goes to the office to meet Roshni. He says his dad was able to trace Neil’s ex-girlfriend in London.He makes a video call on his tablet and they see the girl whose name is Tricia.She says she was supposed to get married to Neil but the wedding got called off because Neil fell ill.She asks Roshni why she’s just finding out about Neil now that she’s already married.

Roshni says they just want to know everything.Tricia says Neil was supposed to marry someone else, Riya but it didn’t work out and they wanted her to now marry him.Sid asks if she ever met Riya. She says she met her once and Riya was very happy to be marrying Neil. Someone in the background calls Tricia and she tells them that she has to go.

Roshni tells Sid that she doesn’t understand what’s going on.Sid says some things don’t add up so they need to look for Riya.Roshni says she has to take Neil for physiotherapy.Sid assures her that he will not let anything happen to her.She thanks him and says if not for him being in the same house, she would have lost her confidence a long time ago.

Ranjeet and Mittul come to see the villain lady who turns out to be Riya.Mittul says they have come to her for help.Ria asks why she should help them when they are not even loyal to their family.Mittul says they have a common goal.Ria says she wants Neil’s family’s destruction because of what they did to her.

In the morning, Mittul tells Anya that she will have to convince Naina to come to the temple. At the breakfast table, Mittul invites Naina to the temple but Naina says she’s not going.Anya tells Naina that they gave to go so that they can pray for Neil.Anya, Naina and Mittul leave for the temple.

Sid remains at the table.Roshni brings Neil who is now using crutches, to the table then she excuses herself.She enters the room and sees gifts of jewelry and a dress. There is also a note of apology and a request that she should wear the dress.

Outside the house, Mittul tells Naina and Anya she forgot her phone and needs to go back for it.Roshni comes to the table wearing the dress.Neil yells at her to stop. He grabs her forcefully and asks why she’s doing that to him.Sid tells him to stop. Neil ignores him and continues to assault Roshni.Sid shoves him against the wall and raises his hand to throw a punch.Naina tells him to stop.Anya and Mittul go to Neil.

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Naina tells Anya to take Neil to his room. Sid and Roshni try to explain what happened but Naina refuses to believe them.She tells Anya to take her husband and leave the house.Roshni begs Sid to comply.

Sid and Anya move to the Khurana house. Simran is only too happy to receive them.Naina is with Neil in the room. Neil says Roshni was dressed like Ria and made him remember Ria.He asks who told her to wear the dress.Naina calms him down.Roshni is shocked as she overheard everything.

Anya gets a threat from Mittul that she needs to do something else.Simran asks if Sid wants to eat.Sid is in a bad mood. He tells her to ask.Anya.Mittul and Ranjeet are in the room making fun of the way Neil was acting.Roshni walks in and says she should have known that it was them behind the trick.Ranjeet asks what she would about it.She gives him a slap.Mittul warns her to know her place after all she’s not innocent herself and lied about who she was.

Roshni vows to expose them and make sure they end up in jail.Mittul warns her not to do anything that will make her lose the only thing she has left.At the Khurana house, Sid asks Anya if she’s fine.
Anya says she’s fine.Bunty brings some documents to Sid to get them signed by Roshni.Anya says she can get them signed.

She brings the documents to Roshni at Naina’s house.Roshni is going through the documents.Anya starts moaning loudly about stomach pains.Roshni rushes to get her water.Anya adds some more documents.When Roshni returns, Anya tells her to sign fast as she needs to leave.
Roshni signs and gives her the documents.

Anya goes to Neil crying.He panics and asks what’s wrong.She says Sid hasn’t accepted her fully and she’s worried about her child because she wants him to be happy.He asks what he can do.She gives him documents to sign so as to transfer half of the property in her child’s name.
He says it’s not a problem.He signs without reading the documents.

Anya takes the documents to Mittul. Mittul says she has done well.Anya asks why she made her do it.Mittul tells her to go to her new house.Anya begs her not to hurt her mother or Neil.Mittul makes a promise not to hurt them.

In the middle of the night, Roshni sees Arav in Anya’s room.He grabs her and covers her mouth. When he runs out, Roshni screams. Anya, Mittul and Naina enter the room. Roshni tells them that there was a man there.

Sid is driving Roshni.They see a group of men beating a guy up along the road. Sid stops the car and Roshni says the man they are beating up is Arav and he was at the house the night before.Sid gets out or the car to chase Arav.He stops him and Arav asks who he is.Sid asks if he’s Arav, the one who has made Anya miserable. He warns him to stay away from her. Arav says he can’t stay away from his unborn child.Roshni is shocked.

Sid asks Arav why he wanted Anya to terminate the pregnancy. Arav says he never told her that because he wants the baby even though Anya tried to bribe him.  When he walks away, Roshni asks Sid if he’s not the father of the child and if he’s not really married to Anya Sid doesn’t respond. Roshni gasps and says she can’t believe he lied to her and made her get married to Neil.

Sid gets upset and reminds her that he told her the truth several times but she never believed him; she chose to believe what she wanted. He admits he’s not Anya’s husband or the father of the child.Roshni says she didn’t marry Neil because she loves him but because she wanted Sid and the baby to be happy.She says Simran convinced her that it was his baby and now she is not even happy because she doesn’t love Neil. She holds him and cries.She says she’s sorry.Sid asks why she believed others over him.

King of Hearts 17 December 2019 Update – He says he doesn’t know what to do now because she has another life. He says maybe this is what destiny has in store for them so they shouldn’t let others suffer. Roshni says she’s sorry. Anya gets a call from Arav. She asks why he’s calling her.He says he’s standing in front of her house.She tells him to leave. He tells her to see him one last time. She tells him to get lost. Arav has a knife with him. Anya hears a noise and asks him what’s going on. He doesn’t respond.