King of Hearts 18 December 2019 Update


King of Hearts 18 December 2019 Update starts when Anya goes outside Sid’s house and sees Arav passed out on the ground. She holds him and starts crying. Sid and Roshni appear and Sid asks her why she’s crying when this was what she wanted. Anya regrets her actions and says she forgot Sid would always love Roshni and she hurt Arav who had done nothing to her.She begs Arav to forgive her because she never meant to hurt him and she can’t live without him. (Read Last Episode)

Sid calls Arav and Arav stands up. Anya is relieved.She hugs him and tells him that she loves him.Sid tells her that Arav loves her very much.She begs Sid to forgive her.He tells her to start a new beginning with Arav if she really wants to do something for him and Roshni.She apologises to Roshni too.Roshni says it’s in the past.

Anya says she made another mistake they don’t know about.Sid asks her what happened.She tells them about the blackmail from Mittul and Ranjeet and how she helped them get Roshni and Neil to sign away their properties.

They all rush to Naina’s house where Roshni confronts Mittul.Mittul doesn’t show any sign of remorse.Naina asks what’s going on.Roshni tells her everything. Naina asks Mittul if it’s true.Mittul says nobody ever gave her anything to do and she was just like a piece of furniture.

Naina breaks down.Sid consoles her and asks for all the documents she has so he can take them to a lawyer. He goes to her wardrobe and takes out all the files.He tells Roshni that he is going to the lawyer.Mittul tells him that the documents he has are useless.He vows to deal with her.

The lawyer says there may be next to nothing he can do.He looks through the files and finds the unapproved divorce request.He gives it to Sid.Sid gets a call from Roshni as he’s leaving the lawyer’s office.He laughs and cries as he says everything will be okay and he will see her soon.

Some men enter Naina’s house with suitcases. Roshni asks who they are. They tell her their madam has arrived. Roshni and Naina go outside to look and they see Ria coming in. Naina almost faints. Ria tells them to get out of her way so she can go into her house.Naina begs her not to go in. Ria pushes her out of the way. Naina falls down and begs Roshni not to allow Ria to see Neil.

Neil is in his room. He hears Ria’s voice and he stands up. She walks in and tells him that she has come to ruin him because he ruined her life by promising to marry her but he went off with someone else. He says she was the one who left him.Mittul is watching them and laughing.

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Ria hits Neil. Roshni runs in and drags her out of the house then shuts the door. Ria tells Roshni that she will regret her actions. Mittul tells Roshni that she has no idea what Ria is capable of doing to them. Naina slaps Mittul.

Sid and Anya go to see Simran. Sid shows her the document and tells her that he now knows he and Roshni are not divorced. Anya tells Sid that she’s happy for him but worried about Neil. Sid says he will only do what makes Roshni happy. Simran asks Anya why she’s now supporting Sid. Anya says nobody can separate Sid and Roshni. Simran says she will make sure Sid and Roshni never get back together. Sid says mothers are supposed to be after their children’s happiness but his mother is doing the opposite. He says he and Roshni are one and nobody can separate them.

Roshni tells Naina to take things easy. Some policemen walk in and tell Roshni they have a warrant for her arrest. Roshni and Naina are in shock. Mittul is rejoicing.The police take Roshni away.

Sid arrives Naina’s place with a bouquet of flowers for Roshni. Naina tells him she has been arrested. The blood drains from his face and the flowers fall out of his hands. He looks at Mittul who says the whole Sengupta family and anyone associated with them will be destroyed. Sid asks what the charges against Roshni are. Naina tells him about Ria. Sid asks if she knows what station the policemen came from. Naina is crying as she says she doesn’t know anything.

Sid leaves the house and Mittul picks up the flowers and plays with the petals as she praises herself. Sid calls his father to tell him what happened.Raj invites the police commissioner to the house. The commissioner says he has put a word out so his men can find out where Roshni is.Simran goes into the room.She speaks to someone on the phone and tells them to ensure that Roshni never sees Sid again. Sid walks in and says he can’t believe what lengths she would go to just to keep him away from Roshni.

Raj walks in and Sid tells him that his mother is responsible for what happened to Roshni.Raj warns her that if anything happens to Roshni, she would lose her son and her husband. The police commissioner calls Raj and Sid back into the living room. He tells them that Roshni was arrested for attempted murder.Even Simran looks shocked.

Neil is sleeping and dreaming of Ria. He wakes up and threatens to kill her. Naina tries to calm him down but he pushes her out of the way and starts destroying the room.He repeats over and over again that will kill Ria.Mittul records everything and sends the video to Ria.

Raj and Sid are at the police station. Sid tells the inspector that Roshni can never attempt murder. Raj asks if they can see her.The inspector says the case is very sensitive so they can’t see her. Raj asks who is in charge of the case. The inspector says the home affairs minister.Sid asks what’s going on. He says he’s going to see Ria.

Mittul and Ranjeet are in a room watching the video of Neil going crazy.Ranjeet says they need to ask for a bonus for the video.Naina enters the room and asks why she’s doing this.The news comes on and they announce that the CEO of Mauve magazine has been arrested and the owner of the company, Neil is struggling with mental illness.It is also announced that a new company has bought the company over and the head is Payal Valia.

Sid saw the news.Raj gets off the phone with the home affairs officer and tells Sid that the person who got Roshni arrested is Payal Valia.Sid vows to make her pay.

King of Hearts 18 December 2019 Update ends when Raj gets a call from the police commissioner. He tells the commissioner that Roshni is innocent.The commissioner says they will release her. Sid comes to see Payal Valia but her guards don’t allow him to enter her office.He looks through the window and sees her talking rudely to her employees, firing one of them on the spot.