King of Hearts 2 October 2019 Update


King of Hearts 2 October 2019 Update starts as Sid moves close to Shabnam and holds her. He tells her it would have been strange if he hasn’t fallen for her. He says the first day he laid eyes on her, he fell for her and he even told Roshni he couldn’t make such a beautiful person an enemy. He says he wanted to propose to her then, but stopped as he had given his word to Roshni, but with all he did for Roshni and DD, they showed him no respect and he needs her support to help him ruin them. He says he can’t tell her how badly his heart craves for her; all he needs to succeed is for her to show her support in helping to make the Mother and daughter suffer. Shabnam is liking what she’s hearing.

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Sid says he is very eager to unite with her and says their enemy is one and they are riding on a single boat. He says let’s do romance, dance and then everything and says as long as he’s around, there is no way Siddharth will find his way back home! Shabnam pulls him closer and gives him a hug. She says she yearned for Sid. Raghu says she has changed his life. Shabnam tells herself that she may not have been able to get Siddharth but she can get his look alike. She tells him that they will tell everyone about their alliance tomorrow.

When she leaves, Siddharth is upset with himself for playing the game with Shabnam. He feels bad hugging her and says he wants to run to Roshni and hug her. He says he can’t let anything happen to Roshni. He says they are fighting with a fire and says he will fight alone; he has to hug this evil person for his family, and says he will ruin her! He says he wishes he could just go to Roshni and tell her everything.

Pinto tells him to just tell Roshni. Sid says he doesn’t want to involve Roshni because it’s a dangerous game. He vows to get rid of Shabnam once and for all!
In the morning, Roshni asks DD if her people has found Siddharth?

The doorbell rings and a lady walks in. She introduces herself as the wedding planner. DD asks whose wedding it is? Shabnam says it’s her wedding. She begs DD to take her invitation cards to the Temple. DD opens one of the cards and she’s surprised to see the person Shabnam is marrying, it’s Raghu. Roshni is shocked. Shabnam smirks.

At the Khurana’s house, Simran tells Bunty to sit down. He sits. She tells him that they value relationships as a family and they used to be happy but now, it feels like they’ve been cursed. She says she knows he and Kritika didn’t get married under the right circumstances but after spending time with him, she can tell he is kind at heart. He says he wants to mend his ways and do right by the people he cares about. She tells him he will get there and she will support him. He says he never had a Mother but now, he feels he does and will not disappoint her and promises to be a good Son-in-law. He says he will prove himself.

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Raj enters and says it’s easy to talk but Bunty needs to do something of worth and asks him to do 10% of Sid’s duties, but before that, he should prove himself worthy and deserving of Kritika! Simran cries and tells that Raj misses Sid very much. Bunty asks her to have faith and says good thing will happen for sure. They smile .

DD is at the temple. She shows the priest a photo of Sid and asks if anyone has seen him around because he has been missing for months. The Priest sees Sid and points to him. DD runs after him, calling his name. Sid walks away really fast, then hides in a shop. DD wonders where did he go and asks the passersbys, if they saw him but nobody did.

Sid talks to himself. He apologises to DD and says he wants to hug her and take her blessings, but it’s not yet time, he just wants them to know he’s still alive and not to give up.

Shabnam is discussing wedding plans with the Planner. Sid comes in dressed as Raghu and Shabnam hugs him. He tells her to close her eye. He then shows her a ring. She gets happy and tells him it’s so pretty and he should put it on her finger. He says not now… He says he has to wait for the ceremony so everyone can see. She introduces him to the wedding planner, and talks about her marriage functions.

Roshni enters the pool area and sees them. Roshni gets irked. She walks away but stops to listen. Sid sees her and starts to play up the drama. Sid says the environment will be like heaven on their Marriage day. Shabnam hugs him. He tells Shabnam that he can’t wait for their wedding day to come. Shabnam is happy with Raghu. She moves close to him and tries to kiss him.

King of Hearts 2 October 2019 Update

Roshni pushes Shabnam in the pool and drags Sid to her room. He tells her that he belongs to someone else now. Roshni stares at him with anger and tears in her eyes. He says he can smell something, her jealousy. Shabnam calls for Raghu. He says they both want him. Roshni asks what he thinks of himself? She says she knows he doesn’t have any feelings for Shabnam! Raghu asks how did she know so much about him and asks if she changed his nappy in his childhood? Roshni asks why is he doing this? He says if she wants to know, then she should come close. She moves close to him. He says he wants her so close that even air can’t pass through them. He gets romantic.

They are about to kiss. Shabnam bangs on the door asking them to open the door.
Sid says he called her, but she came as if she loves him. He tells Roshni that it’s as if she has feelings for him but she lost her chance. Roshni says the day Sid comes back, he will leave the house! Sid says this is not a film and says dead people don’t come back and only Raghu can take Sid’s place. Roshni leaves the room ang rily.

Shabnam enters the room and asks what happened in the room? She asks if he’s really Raghu? She tells herself that she hopes he’s not Siddharth but Raghu. Sid says he’s Raghu. She tells him to prove it by kissing her. He panics and says they have to wait for the right time. She says he loves her truly, besides, it’s a beautiful girl asking him to kiss her. She tells him to just kiss her. Sid gets tensed and says he’s never been intimate with a Woman before.

Shabnam says he’s getting shy, but not her. Sid says once they marry, they… Shabnam says she will kiss him then. She moves close to him and before their lips could touch, a hand separates them.
It is Sundari.

She berates Sid/Raghu for wanting to get married without informing her and says Roshni will never be her daughter-in-law! Sid says it’s not Roshni but Shabnam and praises Shabnam. He says she is very good. Sundari says if she is having values, then what was she doing here with him?

Sundari berates Shabnam for wanting to get intimate with Raghu before marriage! She tells her to take her blessings. Shabnam tries to touch her feet but Sundari says she has to cover her head before doing it! Shabnam unwillingly obeys. Sundari tells Shabnam to pay the money to the taxi and to bring her suitcase inside. Shabnam goes angrily to drag the suitcase in. Sid thinks he will make Shabnam cry.

Shabnam meets Sundari at the pool area and says it is very heavy. Sundari tells her to open it and take out the dirty clothes so she can wash them in the pond. Shabnam says it’s a swimming pool. Sundari tells her to get the items (Detergent, brush, etc) to wash with. Shabnam gets them. Sundari tells her to get water from the pond and start washing! Shabnam takes some water out of the pool and starts washing.

Sid joins them and says it’s looking like ancestral work. He tells Shabnam that his Mother will make things more difficult for her because she saw her trying to kiss him. Sundari asks him to go. Raghu/Sid says he will be marrying her, so she should try to understand. Sundari says she understands everythi ng.

Roshni is walking past, she stops in surprise when she sees Shabnam battling with the clothes and smiles. Sundari says she has taught Raghu everything. Raghu says she had beaten him when she taught him this. Sundari asks if she should beat her as well? Shabnam gets tensed. Sundari says she will not beat her and asks to wash the clothes.

DD returns home looking for Roshni. She is shocked to see Raghu’s Mother and amused that she’s making Shabnam work for her. Roshni goes to her Mother. King of Hearts 2 October 2019 Update

Shabnam asks Sundari what to do with the clothes? Sundari tells her to dry them. Shabnam goes to dry them. Sundari says she and Raghu are very hungry. Shabnam says they should go and eat. Sundari says they can’t eat when Shabnam hasn’t made anything.

DD and Roshni are talking. Raghu enters and burps. DD tells him it’s disgusting! Raghu says it’s a good thing Sid is not in the house. Roshni is about to go and attack him but DD tells her it’s not worth it. They go into the room and DD tells her she saw Siddharth but he got away and she’s sure he will return soon.

Roshni hugs her and cries. Sid hears them and thinks this hope gave peace to their heart, and says hope can make a person win in the world. He says his Mother-in-law said the right thing- just few day s more.

At night Raghu is sitting on the Chair, lost in his thoughts while Sundari sleeps on the bed.
Roshni sees him and taps on the door. He invites her in. He asks what she has come for? Roshni asks him not to misunderstand her and says she saw him awake, so she came. She says she just wants him to know that she doesn’t think he’s a bad person and she wants to give him some advise; Shabnam is not good for him. He says he suspects as much and he liked Roshni first but she rejected him and slapped him and he knows Roshni’s not a bad person but she’s stubborn. She asks if it was a compliment or an insult? He tells her to take it however she wants. She tells him he deserves so much better than Shabnam. He asks why she’s telling him?

Shabnam sees them and thinks what is Roshni doing at this time in her Raghu’s room and wonders if Raghu is Siddharth and only playing a game? She tells herself that if he’s Siddharth, he should have a bullet wound where she shot him.

In the morning, she enters his room and thinks to take off his shirt to see the bullet mark. She comes to him and gives him a hug from behind. He asks what she’s doing? She tries to take off his shirt and says she wants to embrace him, feel him, and so on. He pleads with her to wait till after they are married in a few days.

King of Hearts 2 October 2019 Update ends as Shabnam says Marriage will happen, but… Raghu asks her to understand and wait till marriage. She continues to take off his shirt while he resists and just before she exposes his chest, Sundari pours a bucket of water over her head.
Shabnam is shocked.