King of Hearts 24 January 2020 Update


King of Hearts 24 January 2020 Update starts when Satya goes past Ria’s room. Fake Ria is in deep sleep. Satya didn’t see her mask and goes. Payal comes there and asks her to get up as her mask is not properly placed. Fake Ria asks her to let her sleep. Payal thinks she is trapped. Satya calls Kajal and asks her to give call to Aayi. Kajal says okay and asks Gangu Tai to talk to him, but she refuses.

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Satya says I understood and says he will call her later. Mahi hears him and thinks he is very worried. She promises to bring his mum in his life again. Next morning, neighbor asks Gangu Tai about Satya. Gangu Tai says there is no guarantee of today’s sons, one day he will bring a girl and tell that she is her wife.

Just then they see Mahi on the rooftop of a building, threatening to commit suicide. She tells that Gangu Tai is her saas and she is not accepting their marriage. She stages the drama in sholay style asking Gangu Tai to accept her as bahu. Gangu Tai refuses and asks her to come down. Mahi says I will get down only if you forgive Satya and me. She says I will count till three. Kajal asks Gangu Tai to agree, others also ask her to agree.

Mahi says I am not joking and is about to jump. Gangu Tai closes her eyes and agrees. Mahi comes down fast. Gangu Tai forgives her. Mahi says she has cancelled her suicide plan. She invited her to her home, and says Satya will be surprised to see her. Mahi and Gangu Tai hug each other happily.

Mahi is getting ready. Satya signs that the hair style is not good. Mahi changes her hair style. Satya comes to her and frees her hairs. He says why you are dressing up well today. Mahi says it is a surprise. Satya says if this is for me, then it is a surprise else shock. Mahi thanks him. Satya holds her pallu…..Mahi looks shy. Satya covers her with Pallu..Janam Janam Song plays…….He gets closer to her….Mahi closes her eyes. Satya is about to kiss her, she pushes him on bed and laughs. Satya holds her hand. Mahi asks him not to be mischievous. Satya jokes. He holds her closer and makes her fall on bed.

She asks what do you want? He signs kiss. She closes his eyes, and silently leaves. Satya calls her betrayal wife, and asks her not to complain if he goes to flirt neighbor, smiles.

Fake Ria thinks she is yearning for wine and gets an idea. She goes through the window. Payal calls lawyer and asks him to get the papers ready. He says he is standing in queue to make the stamp papers made, as they are not taking old notes. Payal asks him to give cheque. Satya hears her. Aleena is shooting near the house. She sees fake Ria going and wonders what is happening.

Aleena call Satya and asks him to come at the address which she will message him, says it is urgent. Satya comes there. Aleena and Satya are shocked to see fake Ria drinking wine at a cheap bar. Satya says she doesn’t seems to be Mahi’s mum. Bar owner woman kicks her out for not paying the bill. Satya pays her money. Fake Ria’s mask falls down in the water drum. Satya and Aleena are shocked to see the mask. Fake Ria falls unconscious due to heavy drinking. Satya says so this is your game, sasumummy.

Mahi is making food for Gangu Tai in the kitchen and instructs servant. Payal hears her and goes. Mahi calls Kajal and asks what Gangu Tai likes in sweets. Kajal says kheer. Mahi asks Ramu Kaka to make kheer. Payal thinks this has become dharam shala and thinks to kick everyone out. She thinks why Ria is sleeping till now and asks her to wake up. She pulls the blanket and sees pillows. She is shocked. She looks outside the window and sees Aleena and Satya bringing Fake Ria home.

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She gets shocked and thinks what to do now. Aleena asks Satya what he is thinking. Satya says truth will come out now. He says Ria’s truth will be out now, and Mahi’s hopes will be shattered. He hugs Aleena and thanks her for helping him. He thanks her. Aleena says I can do anything for my close friend and hugs him closely. He rings the bell.

Mahi thinks Aayi must have come, and is about to open the door. He gets Payal’s call and says it is upto you to decide now. Satya says I won’t back off. Payal says you loves your mum very much. Satya asks what do you mean? Payal says your mum is in my captivity now. Satya hears Gangu Tai calling him and saying that she is kidnapped by Payal. Payal asks him if he heard her truth. Satya tells Aleena that now they can’t tell Mahi about the truth. Mahi opens the door and finds Satya standing.

She tells him that she called his mum home and has managed to convinced her. She asks aren’t you happy? Satya says I am happy and excited. Aleena makes fake Ria wear mask again and takes her inside the house. Satya tells Mahi that he will come soon and goes. Mahi wonders what is happening. Payal thinks both mum and son are under her clutches. Payal sees Mitul coming and asks her to move. She calls lawyer and asks him to reach court.

Satya tells Aleena that he will go alone, but she insists to come with him. Mitul informs Satya that payal went to court. Satya goes on the bike. Aleena starts feeling for Satya. Mahi asks Ria to taste food and says she made it for Gangu Tai. She thinks she will get two mums in a day. Fake Ria thinks she is irritating her.

Payal sees Police standing and thinks to keep Gangu Tai in the car decky. She keeps her in car decky and goes to talk to lawyer. Aleena hugs Satya and smiles while he is driving bike. They reach court too. Satya says we have to search her. Lawyer gets the paper made. They check in every car. Aleena says she will check at other side and goes.

King of Hearts 24 January 2020 Update ends when Mahi calls Satya and thinks why he is disconnecting my calls. She gets tensed and hopes everything is fine. A biker is about to hit Aleena, but Satya saves her. Aleena falls in his embrace and looks at him. Satya asks are you fine. Aleena says yes. Lawyer gives papers to Payal. Payal thinks nobody can stop her from getting Mahi’s sign on the papers.