King of Hearts 25 December 2019 Update


King of Hearts 25 December 2019 Update starts when the police come to arrest Payal for financial fraud and attempted murder and also for conspiring to kill a pregnant woman.Payal says the culprits are Sid and Neil.She asks Ria if she has nothing to say, Ria tells the police to take Payal away. Payal is shocked. Sid tells her she was wrong to think he was weak.

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She vows to make him pay as soon as she’s released from jail.They take her awayRia has tears in her eyes.Payal vows to make Sid pay.8 Months Later.Simran and Raj beg Roshni to come downstairs.A nanny carrying a baby on her back brings some snacks.Roshni calls out from her room to ask if the food is ready.Sid tells the nanny not to give her the food as she’s getting fat.Simran takes the food to Roshni.Sid tells the nanny that he won’t let her come close to the child when he’s born.

Gangul says she will take care of the child.Raj and Simran tell Gangul to come with them to the market.Sid thanks Gangul for taking care of Roshni for the last 6 months especially with a little child of her own.She says he’s making her so emotional.She tells him to put a pillow under Roshni’s feet.They leave and Sid goes to the family temple to pray for God to look after his family.Roshni screams. He runs into the room and says he has to take her to the hospital.

Roshni is taken into the theatre.The doctor tells Sid that delivering a child at 8 months is delicate.Payal is shown in prison.A warden informs her that she has a visitor.Sid goes to the hospital temple to pray for his wife and unborn child to be safe and sound.Payal tells herself that before she leaves this world she won’t rest till her enemies pay.She vows that Sid will be the first to pay.A man comes to see her.The baby is born.

Gaffoor is the man who has come to see Payal.He tells her that Sid and his mother-in-law ruined him and separated his niece Shabnam from him and DD put him in jail.He says Sid needs to pay for what he did.A nurse tells Sid that he has a son.He turns and sees the baby.He is spellbound.Payal tells Gaffoor to make sure everyone related to Sid suffers.He says he will take care of it and he hopes she doesn’t forget what she also has to do as he’s in dire need of money.Ria and Neil come to the hospital.Raj, Simran and Bunty also arrive.

Sid tells Neil to name the baby.Neil says it’s a big task.He thinks about it and says Karanveer. Everyone likes it.Sid asks how they got there so fast.Neil says they have good news too as they are also expecting.Sid hugs him and congratulates him. He sees Ria looking worried and asks what the issue is.She says she is missing Payal and she will soon be released but each time she goes to see her, Payal has refused to see her.Neil tells her not to think about it.

Sid tells them to celebrate and eat the cupcakes Ria brought for Roshni.Payal is released from jail.Her lawyer comes to see her.He tells her that he has arranged for the money and it will be transferred to the person in a few days.Sid comes to see Roshni who is resting in the hospital ward.He congratulates her and tells her their son has been named Karanveer.He carries the baby out of the crib and calls him Karanveer.He says he won’t let anything happen to him and would even give his life for him.

Payal walks away from prison and says it will be fun to ruin Sid and take away everything from him.Sid is driving with Roshni, the baby, Ria and Gangul in the car.Ria complains that Neil was supposed to take her to an ultrasound but didn’ come.Roshni tells Ria that Neil must be working so hard because she hasn’t been going to work.They get to the hospital.The baby starts crying and Gangul takes him outside.

Sid, Roshni and Ria hear a doctor telling a woman that they can’t just buy kidneys from people.She begs them to help her.Ria sees it’s Payal.Payal tells her she regrets what she did.Ria has tears in her eyes.Payal says she has to go.Ria holds her hand and places it on her tummy then begs her to stay for her child.Payal hugs her and says she doesn’t want the child to be ruined because of her.

Sid tells Payal that if she wants to change then she should be given a chance.Neil arrives and says he can take care of Ria alone and not Payal.He apologises to Ria for getting caught up in the office.Sid tells him that Payal is a member of his family and family need to stay together.Ria begs him to forgive Payal.A few months later, Ria is heavily pregnant.

Payal organises a baby shower for her.Sid and Roshni arrive with their baby.As the celebration is going on, Payal gets a call from Gaffoor.She goes out to take the call.He reminds her of their plan.She tells him not to do anything drastic.He says he will only do what she told him to do in the past.He ends the call and she panics.She tries his number again but it is switched off.Ria calls her back to the party. King of Hearts 25 December 2019 Update

Sid tells Neil and Ria to have a daughter so that his son can have someone to flirt with.Ria asks how he knows she would have a daughter.Roshni says whatever he says comes true.Sid says he and Roshni will live together and die together.Payal panics.Neil tells him to stop so his baby doesn’t get influenced by him.Sid says Karanveer will be more dashing than he is and when Mahi meets him in the future, she will grow weak in the knees.

Neil says his child hasn’t been born, yet Sid has given it a name and gender.Sid says he also gave her a boyfriend.Ria laughs.Sid takes off his necklace and says it’s for Mahi.He says Roshni gave it to him and it has saved him and given him strength for all the danger that has come his way.He gives it to Ria and tells her to give it to Mahi when she grows up.He also gives her a letter and says he wants her to read it to Mahi.He says when Mahi will be born, he and Roshni won’t be there.Ria asks where they are going.

Roshni says the are going to London to meet Sid’s parents.Payal is relieved that Gaffoor won’t be able to do anything to them.Mittul suggests they party since they won’t see each other for a while.Sid and Roshni dance together.Neil and Ria dance together.Payal watches them with a smile on her face.At the end of the dance, Sid says it’s time to say goodbye.As they get to the door, Neil thanks them for coming into their lives and tells them to come back soon.Sid says they will come back as they will live and die there.He has tears in his eyes.They say goodbye to everybody and leave.Sid is driving.

Roshni is beside him.Gangul is carrying the baby in the back seat.A trailer rams into their car.Sid is on the side of the road, covered in blood.He is holding the baby who is unharmed.Gangul’s baby is dead.Roshni is barely breathing.Sid and Roshni give Karanveer to Gangul and tell her to take him to his grandparents.

King of Hearts 25 December 2019 Update ends when Roshni tells Sid that her mother is calling her.She asks if he will come with her as she can’t live without him.He says he will die with her. She tells him that she loves him.He says he loves her too. Roshni closes her eyes.Siddharth Khurana dies with his eyes open. Gangul tells Karanveer that he will be Satya from now on and she won’t give him to anyone because he is now her son.