King of Hearts 27 December 2019 Update


King of Hearts 27 December 2019 Update starts when Satya getting up, wears his shirt, comb his hairs in style, takes his mum’s blessings looking at her pic and jumps from the balcony to reach downstairs. He sees the flag rod about to fall down because of the goons, and holds it on time…..Hindustani naam hamara hai plays……….Everyone claps for him. His face is shown….he looks like Sid being his son Karanveer. Mahi cries.

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Naina consoles her. Mahi says I have hurt mamma a lot and she is very upset. Naina also cries and feels bad for her. She says no Shona…you haven’t done anything wrong. She says Payal taunts you always even for the small things, can’t she see you was busy in the arrangements since morning and that too hungry. She asks when you will see her truth. She asks where are her kids? Her own kids don’t bother to talk to her. She says Payal makes you do all the work, and says if your real mum Ria would had been alive then she would not do this.

Mahi takes Payal’s side and says mamma trusts me and that’s why gives me work to do. She says I have to do something and win her trust. Naina says I wonder why you couldn’t see her truth. Mahi says Mamma loves me truly…and goes. Naina thinks Payal have given her everything, but not freedom to live. She asks God to show some hope.

Satya sees tears in Gangu Tai’s eyes and beats the goons. He asks them not to make his mum cry and beats them. He asks if you was Hritik Roshan before, and asks him to go. Kajal says my brother makes heroic entry everytime. Satya beats the goons. Gangu Tai gets happy and thanks God. Satya asks the goons to stand there itself and celebrate independence day. He signs Gangu Tai to pull the thread She tries, but couldn’t.

Satya looks at the goons and understands that it is their work. He cuts the rope with knife. Everyone claps as the flag opens up. They sing Jana Gana mana….Satya says Bharat Mata Ki Jai…..Girls argue that they like Satya. Satya says he sees uniqueness in everyone face and says he will give time to everytime. Gangu Tai asks Sunil to give speech. Sunil is about to give speech.

Satya starts speaking about Independence day in tapori language. He says Independence means freedom to eat, rest, like and do whatever we like….Gangu says what is he talking about? Satya says men have no tension to take and asks them to come to him. He says women is not independent/safe in this world. He touches Gangu Tai’s feet and takes her blessings. He asks her not to be senti as his speech is remaining. He goes on stage again and says I am hero.

He says my story should be like it happens in films. He says my mum have done everything for me, and have washed others’ utensils. He says I worship her as my God and praises her a lot. He tells that women is made to stand with men and have equal rights. Kajal asks what did he eat today.

Gangu Tai says his favorite dish. Satya tells Deepu/goon to let girls do what they want and says we shall rest. He says rest have two advantages, and says dreams can be seen and will be fulfilled too. He tells about his dream to have a luxurious life and asks everyone to clap for him. He says I am going to end my speech, but before that I want to tell that women should give bedsheet, matress and freedom to rest and says we will give you freedom.

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He says I have a taken a decision that I will give fill freedom to my wife, will let her do whatever she wants. He says I will make my wife and saas sparkle. He says if she don’t want to come here, then I will go to her house. Goon asks if you will become ghar Jamai. Satya says no Jamai Raja. Gangu Tai is shocked.

Payal seeing her news on TV. Mitul acts to cry and says this Mahi has ruined everything and informs her that Mahi is coming. Payal asks Mitul to do party arrangements. Mahi thinks media is spoiling my mamma’s mood and blames herself. She goes to Payal and says mamma. Payal asks sweety…when did you come? Mahi says you are upset with me naa. Payal hugs her and says I am not angry with you. She asks her to enjoy her birthday and says I have explained everything to Mitul. Mahi asks where you are today?

Payal says I can’t handle media today, and going to the room. I don’t want them to joke about me, etc. She asks her to enjoy and goes. Mahi tells Mitul to cancel her birthday party and says there is nothing more than her mamma’s happiness. She says I have to do something to make her happy.

Gangu Tai takes Satya inside the house, and pulls his ears for his decision to become Jamai Raja. Satya asks her not to spoil his features else he can’t become jamai raja. Gangu Tai beats him with broom. Satya asks her to stop it and says why you are beating your son. Gangu Tai says you will become jamai raja and takes a heavy breathe. Satya makes her drink water and asks him not to scare him. He says I will not become Jamai.

A boy comes and says Deepu has ruined our cake. Satya says I will get a cake and asks Kajal to be with Tai. He asks Gangu Tai, if she is worried that he will leave her, and says wherever I will go, I will take you with me. Gangu Tai gets emotional. Satya says….Pushpa…I hate tears. Gangu tai says nautanki.

Mahi makes Payal’s favorite kheer and thinks she will not be upset with me. She tells Naina that she is going to give kheer to Payal. Naina asks until when you will work for them and get trapped by her. She says once again Payal is not keeping your birthday party. Mahi asks why you always blame my mamma. Naina says because of her only, you didn’t get your dad’s love.

Mahi says when he was alive also, I couldn’t get his love. She says I never felt his love and says Payal has fulfilled both parents’ place in her life. She says Payal was never step mum or her aunty, and says she will also be my mamma. She tells that she will convince her today, and says nobody can love her like I do.

Satya brings the kids to buy cake. Boy says we want that cake. Payal meets the lawyer and says just 1 more year. He says once she turns 21, then everything will be on her name, and then she will transfer everything on your name. Payal says she has made me fool on the TV and says I can’t wait for a year. Lawyer asks her to start plan B. Payal says we have to search a simple guy who can dance on our tune. Satya comes to the big cake shop and buys cake.

Payal says I have to search a guy who says yes to me every time, I don’t want any over smart guy. Satya asks about its price, and silently puts cockroach in it. He then threatens the cake shop owner and says I will call Police. Cake Owner gives two cake boxes. Satya then asks him to give pastries. He takes all the cakes and goes. Payal says I will control him. Mahi comes there. Payal hides the file. Mahi says I brought kheer for you, and says you will forgive me after eating it. Payal says I was in the meeting and says you shouldn’t have come just like that. She says okay and asks did you forgive me. Payal says yes.

Satya and kids taste the pastries. One of the boy open the box and sees happy birthday Mahi. Satya reads. Boy asks who is she? Satya jokes that she is your bhabhi. He then says I don’t know. He thinks cake was replaced. Boy says we shall cut the cake. Satya says I will return. Kids says we haven’t stolen it. Satya says okay, so lets celebrate her birthday.

King of Hearts 27 December 2019 Update ends when Payal looks at Ria and Neil’s pic. She thinks you died after giving birth to me, and that’s why dad always hated me all life. Satya asks them to bring candle and tells that we will pray for this girl. He prays for Mahi and says happy birthday Mahi….he cuts cake and makes all the kids eat. He then says be happy Mahi.