King of Hearts 27 October 2019 Update


King of Hearts 27 October 2019 Update starts when Roshni tells DD she’s sorry and can’t imagine what she went through when she couldn’t recognise her. DD hugs her again and says it’s okay. She tells Sid that they need to call the Police. Sid says not now, they need to collect evidence first because they have none and they will need to gather enough evidence to ensure Bansi and her family spend the rest of their lives in jail, so for now, they will carry on as usual. Roshni says she won’t leave them! Shakun heads to the Pool area.

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Sid starts speaking like Jyoti again. He hugs Roshni seeing Shagun coming and says Roshni did right by taking everyone’s blessings. Shakun tells Roshni that everyone is waiting for her. Sid/Jyoti says Roshni has spoilt her make up, he will bring her after doing her Makeup.

Shabnam looks at herself in the mirror, talking to an imaginary Siddharth. She says now that Roshni will get married to Kunal, Sid will become available to her. She sees something and freezes. Kunal gets restless waiting for Roshni. He says he’s going to look for her. Bansi tells him it’s bad luck for him to leave the pavilion at the Wedding Ceremony.

Kunal ignores her and goes to Roshni’s room. He sees Jyoti holding Roshni, with her head completely covered in a veil. Jyoti tells him to go and he will bring her. Kunal returns to the living room. Roshni comes out of the bathroom where she was hiding. The person with Jyoti is an unconscious Shabnam.

FlashBack: Shabnam looking in the mirror and shocked to see Sid staring at her. He goes close and flirts with her. She lets down her guard and he covers her nose with a chloroform-filled handkerchief. She passes out and he takes her to Roshni’s room. Roshni helps to dress her up and says Shabnam being married to Kunal is a good match! Flashback ends.

In the present, Jyoti takes Shabnam to the Pavilion and sits behind her. Bansi tells the Priest to begin the Ceremony.

At the Khurana’s house, Simran tells Raj she’s grateful that Roshni regained her memory due to the antidote. She says the people responsible will be purnished for it! Raj says Sid had proven his love for Roshni again. Simran suggests they go to him. Raj says it’s not a good idea and they maybe putting the lives of Roshni and DD at risk.

Bansi says she hasn’t seen Shabnam. She tells Shakun to look for her. DD says she saw her going out. Bansi tries her number and it’s switched off. She decides to go and look for her.

Premal tells Sid/Jyoti that he wants to talk about something urgently. Sid/Jyoti says he has to stay with Roshni. Premal insists and Sid follows. DD supports Shabnam so she doesn’t fall forward.
Bansi is searching the house for Shabnam. Roshni goes into the storeroom to hide. She hits a barrel and the noise attracts Bansi.

DD comes to the rescue and tells Bansi that the Priest wants to see her. DD looks at Roshni and closes the door.

Premal tells Sid/Jyoti that they will have their own wedding after Roshni and Kunal are married. Jyoti says he wants to be a part of Kunal and Roshni’s wedding. Bansi tells him to go and they will look after Roshni.

The Priest tells the bride to place her hand in Kunal’s. No reaction. Kunal gets upset and DD puts Shabnam’s hand in his with the fear that Kunal will understand that she’s not Roshni. As he moves their hands, Kunal’s hand touches the fire and he shouts. He wants to leave to get ice cubes for the burn but the Priest tells him he can’t leave in the middle of the Ceremony. He sends DD to go and get the ice cubes. She has no choice but to obey.

Roshni is still in the store, on the phone with Simran, telling her their troubles will soon be over. She hears a sound and opens the door a little to peep. DD returns and asks where Kunal is?
Bansi says Kunal left to get the ice cubes since DD was taking too long and says Shabnam is also nowhere. DD leaves to look for him.

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Shabnam falls on her side. Shakun runs to her and opens the veil. They are shocked to see it’s Shabnam. Shakun says she is Shabnam, and asks where is Roshni then?

DD is in the storeroom with Sid. She gets a call from Kunal. He tells her that he has taken Roshni and they will be married! Roshni is unconscious in the boot of Kunal’s Car. Bansi comes to the storeroom and asks if they thought she and her family won’t figure it out! She raises her hand to slap DD but Sid/Jyoti stops her.

Premal grabs Jyoti’s hand forcefully, twisting it and says he loved Jyoti, but didn’t know he was being taken for a ride. Sid pushes him off, but still maintains his Jyoti voice and says he would never marry him! DD tells him to run and he runs away.

In the living room, he sees Shabnam’s veil is open and he runs out of the house. Shakun sprinkles water on Shabnam and she regains consciousness.

Kunal gets stuck in a traffic jam. Roshni regains consciousness in the boot. She’s able to free herself from the ropes he tied her hands and legs with and opens the boot. She runs out and Kunal sees her through his rear view mirror. He runs after her and drags her back into the boot, then he drives off. Sundari sees everything.

Raj calls Sid to tell him the location (Bindi Bazaar) Kunal called from as they traced the call. Sid wonders why he took her there? Raj says he will go and save DD.

Bansi, Shabnam and Premal tie DD up to a Chair. DD tells them they ought to be ashamed and they should know they failed because Roshni didn’t marry Kunal. Shabnam tells her Roshni is with Kunal who will marry her and have his way with her.

Roshni is tied up in a warehouse. Kunal takes off the gag from her mouth. She tells him not to come near her and warns that Sid would come for him! Kunal scoffs and says he has taken her far away from Sid. Roshni screams for Sid.

Kunal tells one of the 4 Men he has in the warehouse to untie Roshni. He lights a holy fire and says they will be getting married and nobody will stop them; he’s waiting for the Priest to arrive, then they would leave for good. He shows her their Passports and tickets.

Sid gets to the area Raj directed him to but doesn’t know where to go. Sundari calls him on the Phone from the front of the warehouse and says she saw a Man taking Roshni away to a glass factory in Bindi Bazaar. Sid tells her to wait there and he will meet her.

The Priest is carried into the warehouse against his wish. Kunal orders him to perform the Ceremony! Roshni protests but Kunal drags her forcefully. As they perform the nuptial rounds, Kunal sees Sid through the door.

Sid is in front of the warehouse with Sundari. He asks her where Roshni is? She points behind him. He goes in and finds the place empty. He breaks down and shouts Roshni!… and then Kunal… but gets hopeful when he sees Roshni’s stuff on the floor and some red powder on the floor. He says Kunal has to pay a big price!

King of Hearts 27 October 2019 Update ends when DD was tied up in a sack. Raj enters her house with some Policemen, telling them to search the house because DD is being held and tortured. Shabnam says it’s not true because DD and Roshni are out of town. The Inspector tells his Officers to check. DD rolls herself in the sack towards the living room. The Officers return and say they couldn’t find her and they searched everywhere. The Inspector tells Raj that they have to leave. Raj tries to protest but the Inspector insists they must leave. As soon as they walk out, DD rolls herself into the living room.