King of Hearts 28 October 2019 Update


King of Hearts 28 October 2019 Update starts when Kunal is driving. Roshni is in the back seat sitting between two of Kunal’s Men. She prays to God to save her from Kunal and help Sid find the clues she left. Kunal sees her looking at the idol hanging in the Car and tells her that God won’t save her because she’s with her real husband! She snatches the idol from him.

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Shakun and Shabnam retie the sack that DD is in, tightly. Shabnam tells Bansi and her family that they have to make sure they don’t make any mistakes.

Kesar suddenly appears and puts a knife to her neck. He says she won’t win because he’s alive. He orders them to untie DD! Roshni tells Kunal that he’s been running away for too long because he’s scared of what Sid will do to him. Kunal stops the Car and yells at everyone to get out!

Kesar tells them to untie DD! Shabnam gives Premal a signal and he uses his shawl to hit the knife out of Kesar’s hand. Shabnam orders them to tie him up as well!

Kunal is dragging Roshni towards a building site. He hears something fall and looks on the ground to see it’s Roshni’s ring. He asks if she’s leaving clues for Sid? He throws the ring far away.
Kesar begs to be untied so he can use the bathroom. Bansi tells him to shut up! Premal tries to hit him but Kesar puts out his leg and trips Premal. Premal falls to the ground.

Kunal lights a fire in the building and orders the Priest to start chanting the mantras. Roshni picks out a burning log from the fire and warns Kunal to stay away from her! He orders his Men to get her but she wards them off with the log.

Bansi takes a plier and says she would cut off Kesar’s tongue! As she gets close to his mouth, Simran and Kritika enter the house saying they will not be defeated! Roshni runs and the Men chase after her. She falls down outside the building and they catch her. Kunal takes her back inside.
Premal orders Simran and Kritika out! They bring out pepperspray and use it on him. He holds his eyes. They do the same to Bansi and Shakun, then they untie Kesar.

Sid drives to the area where Roshni is being held. He walks around, looking for her. He sees another clue she left behind, a piece or her Sari. He is right in front of the building but can’t see them. He soon sees a reflection of the idol Roshni took from the Car.

Kunal asks the Priest if the Ceremony is over? The Priest says Kunal has to apply vermillion on Roshni’s forehead. Roshni fights Kunal off as he tries to apply the vermillion on her forehead. She sees Sid and screams!!

Bansi and her family are now tied up. Raj returns with the Police. DD tells the Police all that Bansi and her family has done. Bansi tells DD that Roshni would never come back because Kunal has taken her away for good and no one can save her! DD gives her a spicy slap.

Sid and Kunal engage in a battle. Kunal falls down and Sid goes to hold Roshni. Sid tells Kunal that today, he will marry Roshni in front of him to clear up any misunderstanding! He applies Vermillion to her forehead as Kunal watches helplessly.

The Police take Bansi, Premal and Shakun away. DD suggests to Raj that they go and look for Roshni. Shabnam gets to the building site and yells for Kunal but gets no response. She tries to get Bansi on the Phone but no response either. She worries that Kunal might have botched their plan.
Kunal is searching for Sid and Roshni outside the building. He sees Jyoti and asks where Sid and Roshni are!

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Jyoti says she would never tell. They turn and see Roshni running away with someone who looks like Sid. Kunal tells his Men to take Jyoti upstairs! He and some other Men chase after Sid and Roshni.

Shabnam sees Kunal running and wonders what’s going on? Kunal catches up with the people he thought were Roshni and Sid but they turn out to be two strangers dressed exactly like Sid and Roshni.

Sid is with Roshni. He tells her to stay put while he goes to take care of Kunal. She begs him to stay but he says Jyoti’s game is not over yet. Kunal slaps Jyoti and asks where Sid and Roshni are! Sid/Jyoti slaps him back.

Shabnam walks into the building. She asks where Roshni is? Kunal says Jyoti will tell them where Sid and Roshni are otherwise, he would kill her! Jyoti says she’s not scared of him and the Police would arrive soon. Kunal puts a knife to her neck but Jyoti says she’s not scared. Shabnam tells Kunal to leave Jyoti so they can escape before the Police get here!

Kunal stabs Jyoti in the stomach and throws her from the buidling. Roshni runs to Jyoti, screaming. Kunal goes to her. Roshni screams at him, calling him a Murderer!

The Police arrive with DD and Sid’s Parents. They see Kunal with the bloody knife and arrest him. Roshni tells them that Kunal killed Jyoti. Kunal says she fell. They take Jyoti away in a stretcher. Roshni begs them not to take the body away because Sid promised her that no harm would come to him. Sid taps Roshni on her shoulder. He is not in disguise. Everyone is shocked. Roshni says she was scared. He asks why she didn’t listen to him when he asked her to stay put?

Raj asks why he had to put on an act? Sid says the game is not over yet because Shabnam is still alive and ran away from the Police. Raj asks how he managed to escape after the stab and fall? Sid says when Kunal stabbed him, it was fake blood which he had on him to trick Kunal and when he fell off the building, Pinto was waiting with a net so he didn’t land on the ground and the corpse was a doll.

Raj asks why he didn’t tell them about the plan? Sid says Shabnam keeps turning the table on them but now, they have to win! Roshni hugs him and begs him not to leave her again. Sid and everyone goes to the Police Station. Kunal and his family are in jail. Sid accuses him of killing Jyoti. He tells him he has only two options, to rot in jail or sign a paper that says he will never think of Roshni so that he can be taken out of prison.

Kunal says he doesn’t believe him! Sid takes his paper and turns to leave. Premal begs Sid to wait. He tells Kunal to sign the papers. Kunal agrees to sign. Sid gives him the papers and he reluctantly signs. Sid thanks him and turns to leave. Kunal asks when he would get them out of jail? Sid and his family walk out without saying a word. When they leave, Shabnam comes out from behind a wall where she was hiding and tells herself that Sid must be up to something because there is no way he can get Kunal and his family out of jail.

Sid is dressed as Jyoti again. Roshni flirts with him. He tells her he has to pretend to be Jyoti again till he can get Kunal out of jail. They hold themselves and stare into each other’s eyes.

Kesar gets home and says the business is back on track all thanks to Jyoti who sacrificed her life for them and he wished he could thank her. Sid/Jyoti and Roshni enter the living room. Sid/Jyoti says Kesar can thank him now. Kesar jumps back in fear and says he’s seen a ghost! Sid/Jyoti says he’s alive. Roshni goes to Sid/Jyoti who holds her. Kesar tells her to leave the ghost! Sid talks in his regular voice and Kesar begins to ask where Sid is? Sid talks like Jyoti again and Kesar cowers in fear again.

King of Hearts 28 October 2019 Update starts when Sid starts switching back and forth between both voices. Kesar runs out of the house. Shabnam is standing on the road. She blames Bansi and Kunal for not believing her when she said she didn’t trust Jyoti but now, Kunal has killed Jyoti! She sees Jyoti and Roshni walking along the road. She’s shocked that Jyoti is still alive. She says it must be a conspiracy but she will turn the tables on them!