King of Hearts 29 December 2019 Update


King of Hearts 29 December 2019 Update starts when Koel looks at her clothes and says in these clothes. Mahi says yes, and says you have to dance, not me. Koel says you sticky lizard….and asks her to drive fast. They sit in car. Mahi drives the car. Satya comes to work there. Manager explains him work. Someone comes in car and asks him to park his car. Satya refuses and says I am not valet. Man says sorry and goes. Koel finally comes there and thanks Mahi. Poor kids come there and ask to give 10 Rs. Mahi signs them to come to her side, and give them money asking to have food. Kids get happy and go.

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Satya sees a car coming and gets keys from that person. He looks at the car excitedly. First man says you said you are not valet. Koel asks Mahi to call valet. Mahi gets down the car. Satya sits in car and drives off. Mahi looks for valet and comes infront of car which Satya is driving. Satya gets shocked and gets down the car to see her. Just then Mahi looks at him. Satya looks at her. Mahi forwards her hand to take his help.

Satya looks at her and gives his hand, takes it back and then gives tissue. Mahi is surprised. Satya asks why you are surprised and asks her to clean her face. He asks did you get this car to die. Mahi says excuse me. Satya says what I would have done if anything happens to you. He calls her Mardani’s Rani Mukherji. Mahi says then you are villain. Koel comes there. Satya thinks she is the same English bottle coming towards me. Mahi sees Satya staring Koel. Koel asks is this your car. Satya says yes. He says I have a meeting nearby and asks my driver to take rest. He says I have many cars. Mahi says liar.

Koel says we are searching for valet here. Satya says I will park your car. Koel gets happy and thanks him. Satya takes keys from her and thinks Deepu, get ready to sit on donkey…I will win this challenge. Koel goes. Mahi follows her and says we can’t give keys to him. He is looking like thief. Koel says his car is more expensive than us. He calls aunty to Mahi, and says Koel is modern looking girl with broad thinking. He asks her to give specs to Mahi, and says you will see richness and class in me then. Mahi is surprised and angry.

Koel waves him bye and goes with Mahi. Satya thinks my work will be done before Ganesh Chaturthi. Mahi cleans her dress and thinks what does he think about himself. Satya also comes to the washroom. Mahi is shocked and asks you. She says I know you very well, you are arrogant, mannerless, and a thug. Satya calls her witch. Mahi holds the stick to beat him. Satya comes out and tells that she came to men washroom. Mahi reads Men washroom. Koel laughs and says you was saved today. She is so dangerous and laughs. Mahi goes from there. Koel moves her hairs on his face and goes. Satya gets happy.

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Koel comes to the dance class. Satya follows her. Koel signs him. Satya thinks she is my destiny ticket. Satya hears a girl scolding her boyfriend for not coming to the dance class and is in New York. Satya thinks this is a good chance and thinks this is destiny. Koel signs him. Satya tries to get inside the dance class. Mahi asks where are you going? Satya says inside. Mahi asks if your name is there. Satya says yes, my name is written and confirms that his name is Sats. Mahi thinks he has changed his name from Satya to Sats.

Dance teacher asks him where is his dance partner. Satya says I don’t need any dance partner. I am a superstar. Everyone claps for him. Koel insists to become his partner. Mahi thinks he is sticking to Koel. Dance teacher asks Mahi to select a dance partner else she can go. Mahi insists to dance with teacher and starts dancing. She stares Satya. Satya asks her not to stare at him. He says this dance is hard to learn. Mahi says you don’t know this dance form. Koel says this dance is simple, asks him to twirl and hold her.

Mahi falls on him while dancing. Satya says you don’t know any dance. Teacher asks him to work hard. Satya irriatates Mahi and calls her Bai. Mahi gets irked and calls him loafer. Satya says there is something wrong with her mind. Mahi looks on.

Payal instructing her servants saying Shom baba have much work and he don’t like any noise. Door bell rings. Payal opens the door. Shom is on call with a girl and asks her to come on date. Seeing Payal, he acts to talk to his client. Payal greets him and brings him to room. She says we have renovated your room as per your liking.

Shom says you are the best mom. He tells that he had travelled in economy class as he couldn’t get business class ticket. Payal says oh my son must be tired and asks if he took rest or work while on the way. Shom says I have to work and can’t be dependent on your fake daughter. Payal says I will handle her. Shom asks where is she? He says we will get property after a year and says magazine is not working well. She says lawyer gave a good suggestion. She says lets go to party now. Shom asks if koel will come, and says I don’t think she will agree. Payal laughs and says she has an idea.

Gangu Tai is fed up as the light is off. She talks to someone. Electricity repairing guys say that they have to talk to Mr. Tulaskar Saheb. Gangu Tai gets angry. Satya comes and asks what happened? Gangu says you must be tired naa and asks him to come. Payal comes to koel and asks her to have food. Koel says no. Payal asks her to attend Tulaskar party. Koel refuses. Payal shows the dress, but Koel refuses to come. Payal returns her credit card. Koel gets happy on a condition that Mahi shouldn’t come. Payal says I will do something.

Mahi tells Naina about Satya and their meeting. She shows her dress. Naina says good. Mahi says it is so bright. She tells Naina that Satya reached dance class also. Satya tells Kajal that he danced well. Sunil hears them. Satya asks him to sleep. Kajal asks him to continue. Satya says that chipkali was staring at me as if she will hypnotize me. Mahi tells Naina that she will expose him. Naina coughs. Mahi asks what happened. Payal recalls Mitul putting some medicine on Naina’s towel. She looks in their room.

Naina asks did you like him. Mahi says no. Satya says he will press her neck. Kajal asks if you are interested in Koel or that chipkali. Satya says only Koel has style and is suitable for him. Electricity goes again. Gangu Tai says I will check and goes. She shouts. Everyone run to check her, and see her fallen down. Gangu Tai tells that she felt current. Satya takes her inside. Gangu Tai says she kept her leg on open wire.

Sunil says these electricity board people are useless. Satya asks who is the head of electricity board. Sunil says Tulaskar. Satya says I will go and play his band. Gangu Tai refuses to let him go. Satya goes.

Payal, Koel and Shom get ready for the party. Mahi also comes. Payal says you are looking beautiful in this dress. Mahi says you are looking good in this dress. Payal says this dress is not in my destiny, and tells that Naina is unwell, so she will stay with her. Koel says I am not going with Shom and will not stay with Dida. I will go out. Mahi tells Payal that Mr. Tulaskar is her associate and she shall go. She says I will stay with Dida. Payal says she is very understanding and hugs her. She tells her kids, lets go.

Payal and her kids come to the party. Payal greets Mr. Tulaskar and introduces her kids to him. Mr. Tulaskar meets them and goes to attend other guests. Payal asks Shom to take care of her and goes. Shom also gets busy on call. Mahi gives medicines to Naina. Landline rings. Mahi picks the call. Mr. Agarwal says Payal isn’t picking my call and if I don’t talk to her then it will be a loss of crores. Mahi finds Payal’s phone there in the house, and tells Naina that she will give Payal’s phone and come back home.

Satya and kids come to Tulaskar’s house. Guard asks them to get appointment and come. Satya and Kids insist to meet him. Guard says he can’t come as today is his birthday. Satya asks kids to use light from his house, as it belongs to people. Tulaskar comes out and asks what nonsense?

King of Hearts 29 December 2019 Update ends when Satya tells him that his locality is not having electricity. He tells that his mum felt short circuit so he came there. He says you are public servant, but not free for us as you are busy with cake cutting. He says lets cut the cake here. Payal, Shom and Koel are coming towards there.